CCTV Kits For Home Or Business Security


CCTV Kits For Home Or Business Security

CCTV Kits are an ideal solution for enhancing your home or business security. They allow you to monitor your property with high-definition cameras, and they can even be controlled via voice commands.

This system offers eight different channels and 100 feet of night vision, making it a good choice for a large house. Plus, it’s easy to expand if you want more coverage.

High-Definition (HD) Cameras

HD cameras provide superior image quality, which is critical for many surveillance applications. The increased detail helps operators, police and prosecutors identify individuals and objects more easily. These high definition camera packages are also ideal for upgrading existing analog systems since they utilize your existing coax cable.

The line between camcorders (video cameras that shoot videos) and CCTV Kits DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) cameras has been blurring in recent years. Several of the newer HD video cameras also support xvYCC color, which claims to produce 1.8 times more reds, greens and blues than standard RGB.

Occasionally, customers want to display their CCTV security cameras directly on a TV monitor without recording the live feeds to a CCTV DVR. For these situations we have several solutions that work with cameras using BNC connectors.

Free Remote Viewing Client PC Software

The free remote viewing client PC software program from TeamViewer allows users to connect to their home or office camera from anywhere on the planet. It is highly compatible with iOS and Android smartphone and tablet devices as well as Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux computers.

When using this tool to remotely access a CCTV camera, the first step is to obtain the IP address of the camera. This can be done by looking through the status page of the camera device or by using a web browser on the computer that is connected to the network.

Once the IP address of the camera is known, the PC software can be launched and the connection is established via a peer-to-peer connection between the server and the client. This is accomplished through the use of external mediator servers that are owned by or run by Axis. This provides the security of direct communication between the camera and the client without the risk of malicious activity stealing the data over a public connection. This method also provides a backup in case direct communication is interrupted or fails.

Comprehensive Video Surveillance Software

As well as choosing your cameras, recording technology and monitors you’ll need to decide on the software that will manage the system. Using business-grade CCTV software is a crucial decision as it will allow you to track movement and activity in real-time. It also allows you to access the footage from anywhere, even remotely.

Ubiquiti offers a powerful network management solution called UniFi that works with their Protect line of products. The cloud-based platform is easy to use and gives you a central hub for all your devices. This includes security cameras, servers and other network equipment. You’ll be able to view live camera streams, download video recordings and customize detection-specific notifications.

Meraki offers a hardware-free cloud-based surveillance solution. They have a clean dashboard and include useful alerts for movement, faces, sensor events and unusual behavior. They integrate with a number of solutions including Kisi to create a full security infrastructure for your office. Another option is Rhombus, a cloud-based solution that has an integrated hardware suite of cameras. It has a wide range of features and is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses.

Power Over Ethernet (PoE)

Power over Ethernet (PoE) allows IP cameras and your NVR for CCTV recording to be powered by a single ethernet cable. This simplifies CCTV Kits installation and cuts costs by removing the need to run separate electrical wiring.

You can use a network switch that supports PoE or an active PoE injector/splitter to power your system. A smart PoE injector will include its own power source and will auto-negotiate the required voltage and power levels for each camera.

If you have a network switch that supports PoE, you can “daisy chain” it with other switches that also support PoE to add additional cameras. This saves even more money on materials and installation by eliminating the need for a power supply at each camera location.

You can extend the distance of your power over ethernet connections using ePOE, which is an enhanced version of standard PoE. Long-distance ePOE options let you extend the reach of your ethernet cables and allow your cameras to be located farther away from your NVR for CCTV recording. This can be useful for remote applications where electrical outlets are not readily available.


The latest security cameras can be wireless, which is ideal if you need to re-deploy them in a different area on a property. Wi-Fi networking can also help lower capital and ongoing costs, and it can enable mobile alerting via text or push notification beyond standard methods like email and desktop notifications to ensure the person in charge gets immediate action on any event.

Look for a CCTV kit that includes a monitor for local viewing. Modern CCTV displays are typically high-resolution and can feature pan/tilt adjustment, audio capability for talk CCTV, and zoom capability. Some can be viewed on smart phones, tablets and even through voice commands using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

A good quality CCTV system will have a built-in hard drive to store the data that is recorded. Look for a model with at least 1 TB of storage space. Some systems require a network connection and can save video recordings to the cloud or on a server in your home, but others do not need internet connectivity and can work with traditional power connections.

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