Reborn Twin Baby Girl Dolls

Reborn twin baby girl dolls

Reborn Twin Baby Girl Dolls

Reborn twin baby girl dolls look so real you won’t want to stop staring at them. Their soft RealTouch vinyl and hand-painted features make them one of a kind.

Reborn dolls are popular around the world and their popularity has given rise to societies, magazines, conventions and even television shows dedicated to them. Some people, like Magda, who owns the doll in this photo, use them for therapeutic purposes.

The Art of Reborning

The art of reborning breathes life into mass manufactured doll parts, transforming them into one of a kind (or OOAK) realistic looking human infants. Reborning is a popular trend in the doll industry that has gained popularity with artists worldwide. Reborning is a labor intensive process that can take weeks or even months to complete. It requires an immense amount of detail & patience to create the final result.

Typically, reborn dolls start off as a vinyl doll kit or a fully completed manufactured doll that is stripped of its original finish. The artist will soak the doll parts in a solution to remove the existing paint from each individual piece of vinyl. This process allows the doll to be completely transformed & painted with Genesis heat set paints which are designed for the reborning process.

The reborn doll is then stuffed with glass beads & poly-fil to achieve a real newborn baby weight and feel. Hair is then rooted using a felting gauge needle or mohair to achieve realistic baby hair growth patterns. The finished doll is then sealed to protect the paint & hair.

The Body

Our beautiful reborn twin baby girl dolls are weighted for a realistic feel, and their hand-rooted hair, wrinkled fingers and hand-set eyelashes are so lifelike they Reborn twin baby girl dolls look right into your eyes with that sweet “mom-gaze” you love so much. They are a joy to cuddle.

They have premium full vinyl limbs for sitting and they are so soft you will want to hold them forever. They can sit, lie down and stand easily, but cannot take a bath.

Each doll is custom dressed in her own adorable outfit that suits her personality. She comes in a gift box with camouflage-printed layette gowns, muslin swaddling blankets, striped hospital beanies, diapers and mini magnetic pacifiers. Each doll also has her own birth certificate. Safe for children ages 3+.

The Head

Reborn dolls have a very realistic appearance. They have a soft and cuddly body that is weighted and filled with micro glass beads and fiberfill. Their limbs and heads are also weighted to provide that realistic feel. They are usually human baby dolls but can be other types of babies as well. They are made by artists to look very lifelike. Some reborn dolls are even used as therapeutic tools for women suffering from issues such as infertility and miscarriage.

These cute twin babies are sure to steal your heart from the Reborn twin baby girl dolls very first time you meet them. They are crafted by Master Doll Artist Sherry Rawn and come dressed in extra cushy velour zip-up sleepers with deer-inspired print and hoods. Their tiny fingers and toes have been carefully sculpted and painted with realistic veining and detail. Their little hair and eyelashes are hand-applied.

Their faces are lovingly sculpted with delicate details, including the blush on their cheeks and their sweet little smiles. They have been scented with the smell of newborn baby powder and their bodies and limbs are floppy to add that real-baby feel.

The Eyes

A reborn doll can make for an incredible gift, whether for a birthday or Christmas or even just to treat yourself. This unique form of dollmaking breathes life into vinyl dolls and gives them realistic human features. The result is a beautiful collectible that can provide years of joy and companionship. These dolls are also a great therapeutic tool and can help promote responsibility, empathy and nurturing instincts in children and adults alike.

They can also serve as a comforting companion for those who suffer from anxiety and stress. They can be particularly helpful for women who have suffered through infertility and loss of a child. They can act as a way to memorialize the lost child and keep it with them at all times.

The reborn dolls we carry at Samantha are made from high-quality materials and feature a full body of soft vinyl that is gentle on the skin. They are fully posable and can be moved around in various poses. This allows the doll to be more lifelike, making it a more realistic playmate and comforting companion. They can also be dressed in a variety of different outfits, allowing you to customize the look and feel of your new baby.

The Hair

Unlike traditional dolls, reborn twin baby girl dolls have hair. This is usually hand-painted and makes the dolls more realistic. It also adds to their cuteness.

In fact, many reborn dolls are used as therapeutic aids for women suffering from infertility, miscarriage and other emotional challenges. For these reasons, they are incredibly popular. The process of reborning breathes life into ordinary vinyl dolls, giving them human features like skin tone, blusher and veins. The process is time-consuming and meticulous but ultimately worth it.

Whether you’re looking for a fun playmate for your little one or a companion for yourself, the perfect reborn twin doll is waiting for you. These beautiful babies will melt your heart with their innocent looks. They’re sure to make you feel good as you hold them and sing them a lullaby.

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