5 Trendy Printed Dresses to Wear With Neutrals

Printed Dress

5 Trendy Printed Dresses to Wear With Neutrals

Printed dresses are the perfect way to add a touch of style to your wardrobe. These pieces look great when paired with neutral shoes and bags.

If you’re looking for a print to wear to work, choose one that has smaller motifs, such as pinstripes or small polka dots. Wide stripes or dark floral prints are also fashionable and business-appropriate options for spring summer 2023.

Floral Print

The season of spring has arrived and there is nothing more cheerful and fresh than a pretty floral print dress. Whether you are shopping for a casual dress to wear out to a concert or a formal dress to attend a wedding, you can find a floral dress that suits your style and occasion.

Floral prints are very popular for summer dresses but can be worn throughout autumn and winter as well. The colors used in the flower print can vary from light to dark, which can Printed Dress give your look a different feel depending on the season.

Some floral prints are more stylized and therefore more dramatic, while others are more natural looking and more feminine and flirty. The size of the flowers also makes a difference in how they look. A larger flower print will have higher contrast and is often trickier to wear, whereas smaller flowers can be more forgiving since they won’t appear as high in contrast.

Designers are constantly creating fresh takes on floral prints for pretty dresses. For example, Rodarte’s Spring 2023 collection featured psychedelic swirled floral prints, while Jason Wu and Emilio Pucci leaned into floral patterns for their Fall collections. There are also many types of floral dresses available, including long maxi dresses, mini dresses with skinny straps, and off-the-shoulder styles.

Geometric Print

Geometric prints are a great way to showcase your personality and stand out in the crowd. They come in many different colors, trendy motifs and have a trippy vibe. Check out this Addy Cutout Geometric Print A-Shape Dress from 1stDibs that features a mid-front and waist twist design and abdominal cutouts for added style. Pair it with simple slingback sandals and a small clutch for a casual weekend outing or a weekday office outfit.

Choosing the right geometric print is all about analyzing its quality. This means looking at the contrast level, if it is organic or not, and clarity of edge. The roundness of the print also plays a role. The quality of this piece is quite good, but if you have an angular face, then a pattern with sharp angles might be too much for you.

To avoid the risk of overwhelming your look, try pairing a geometric print top with a neutral colored pant or skirt. This outfit would be perfect for a dinner date with your loved one. For a more casual appearance, you can also opt for a black and white geometric print crop top with mom jeans. Just be sure to avoid any chunky accessories and keep the rest of your look minimal. This will make you look fresh and beautiful.


A pattern of parallel lines that do not cross. While not as bold as checks, striped patterns can be equally challenging to wear well, since they require precise coordination between colors and widths. In general, narrow stripes are favored in shirts and broader ones in suits, though some suit fabrics with wider stripes (often called rope stripes) may be appropriate for white-collar professionals, depending on how much attention you want to draw.

The term “seersucker” refers to a fabric with vertical stripes that pucker, an effect produced by the weaving process. The yarns in seersucker are pulled tightly for some parts of the garment and left loose for others, giving it a distinct texture that masks wrinkles and requires little ironing. Seersucker is often made of cotton, which launders easily and quickly and resists shrinking, making it ideal for summer garments.

Shirt fabrics with wide, equal-width stripes of a color and white are known as Bengal stripes. This is a balanced stripe and was common in the era when the British East India Company shipped goods to world markets from Calcutta.

A stripe in the color of a specific English military regiment and found in the neckwear worn by its officers in civilian dress. The stripes range between 0.33 and 1.5 inches wide.

Animal Print

Whether you’re heading to the savanna or just Printed Dress want to add a little wild whimsy to your closet, animal print is the way to go. From leopard spots to tiger stripes and python motifs, these prints can make your outfits stand out. The key to mastering the style is to pair it with casual neutrals, like blacks, whites, and beiges. This will keep your outfit from becoming over-the-top or tacky, and allow the bold print to really shine.

Unlike other fashion trends, which tend to fall in and out of popularity, animal print is more of an evergreen staple. You can find animal-print dresses in almost any style, from bohemian to classic and sophisticated. If you’re still unsure of how to wear this trend, start small with a patterned accessory, such as a scarf or bracelet. Then, work this pattern into your wardrobe gradually with clothes and shoes until you’re ready to rock a full-on animal print dress.

Animal print was once considered to be a statement style, worn by royalty or hunters as a sign of status and power. It has since become a fashion favorite and is widely used in room decoration, handbags, and footwear. Today, the most popular animal print is the leopard pattern, which consists of rosette-shaped dots with a clean lighter-colored center. Other popular options include cheetah, peacock, snake, and cow patterns.

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