Using a Sticker Cutting Machine

sticker cutting

Using a Sticker Cutting Machine

Creating a sticker requires the use of a cutting machine that can be expensive. Unlike regular printers these machines are specifically designed to cut sticker paper into the shape of your design.

Printastic includes white cut contour lines with every die-cut sticker order to ensure that your stickers will stand out and not blend in on any background. Advanced graphic designers can utilize these white lines in different colors to achieve various visual effects.


The size of a sticker is important because it determines how much space it will take up on a surface and how easily it can be applied. It is also a factor when choosing a sticker shape, as some shapes are better for certain applications than others. For example, circular stickers are often used on car windows, while ovals work well as labeling options for a variety of package sizes. The shape of a sticker can also make it stand out and get noticed more by viewers, which is important if you want to use the sticker for branding purposes.

Sticker sizes can range from small to large, depending on the purpose of the stickers and what they will be used for. For example, smaller stickers are good for creating wordmark logos and custom labels for products and bags. They can also be used on cars or trucks, although the sticker must be big enough to be seen in a busy environment and from a distance.

A common sticker size is 3.5×2 inches, which is similar in dimensions to a standard business card. This size is often used to create stickers that share the brand’s tagline and logo. It is also used for labels on products like jars, beer and wine bottles, and packaging. This type of sticker is usually sold as a sticker sheet, which contains kiss-cut stickers that are arranged in a circle or rectangle shape.


The shape of a sticker is important because it can have a huge impact on the sticker cutting way your customers see and interact with your product. It can help them remember it, make a statement, or even make a joke. There are several standard shapes, including round stickers, ovals, rectangles, and squares. You can also create custom-shaped stickers to fit your specific needs.

Die cut stickers are a type of sticker that is produced using a steel die, which can cut the sticker into any shape that is desired. These stickers are often more expensive than other types of stickers, but they offer a high-quality and professional appearance.

Stickers can be used on a variety of surfaces, including laptops, phones, and cars. They can be applied by hand or with a machine, depending on the sticker’s material and intended use. Stickers can be made of paper, vinyl, or plastic and come in a wide range of colors and designs.

A sticker’s shape can affect its process of cutting, particularly if it contains a transparent background. This can cause the machine to cut around stray pixels, leaving white or transparent space where it doesn’t belong. To prevent this, make sure that your file has a transparent background and is saved in PNG format. Our Slice 00200 Safety Cutter is designed to handle these kinds of cuts, with its micro-ceramic blade and finger-friendly blade edge that’s less likely to slip and cause a laceration.


A sticker is a self-adhesive material with a pressure sensitive adhesive that is used for sticker cutting decoration or to identify an item. It is typically printed with text or images and can be applied to smooth surfaces, such as windows, walls, or products. Stickers can be made of paper, vinyl, or fabric.

A sheet of stickers may be cut into a specific shape using a cutting machine or by hand. This process usually involves applying a backing to the sticker, which protects the adhesive and helps the stickers adhere to surfaces. It also prevents one side of the sticker from peeling before the other has had a chance to bond with the surface.

There are two common types of sticker cuts: die cut and kiss cut. Die-cut stickers are cut through both the sticker layer and the paper backing, while kiss cut stickers only cut through the sticker layer and leave a border around the sticker. The extra border on kiss-cut stickers makes them easy to peel and can also be used as a nifty frame for logos and other important information.

Choosing the right type of sticker for your needs depends on the intended destination and how long you’re planning to use it. Paper stickers are cheaper and suitable for short-term uses, while vinyl stickers are more durable and can withstand the elements. They’re also easier to apply than decals, which require a professional application process.

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