How to Make a Face Towel Roll

face towel roll

How to Make a Face Towel Roll

Feel like you’re at the spa every day, from the comfort of your own home. It’s a simple trick that will make a big difference.

Start with a clean hand towel. Lay it out flat and create a fold going lengthwise. Bring the far left and right edges together, making sure they align perfectly.

What is a face towel?

A face towel is a soft and absorbent washcloth designed to be gentle on skin while clearing blemish-causing impurities like blackheads, excess oil, dead skin cells, and leftover makeup and cleanser face towel roll residue. Face towels also offer antimicrobial properties that prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria and help your skin stay hydrated and clear.

Unlike bath towels, face towels are usually small and square-shaped, making them ideal for placing near sinks in hotels, spas, beauty or wellness centers, or even at home. They are often made from high-quality materials such as supima or pima cotton for superior softness, warmth, and quality.

Because face towels are used to dry one of the most sensitive parts of the body, they accumulate more substances than hand towels, such as dirt, skin oils, soap, and remnants of makeup or face products. As a result, it’s important to change and thoroughly clean your face towels more frequently than hand towels.

Face towels should be washed or changed at least every other day, while hand towels are typically washed or changed at least every two days. Having plenty of both types of towels on hand ensures that you always have a clean and fresh towel to use each time. Moreover, face towels can be infused with antimicrobial copper to further protect your skin from harmful germs and bacteria.

How to roll a face towel

Lay your face towel out on a flat surface, tag side up. Make a small fold from the bottom (the side closest to you), turning under a section about the width of your palm. Then, fold one long side inward until it reaches the end of the towel and does not cover the first section you folded.

Repeat this process on the other long edge of the towel. When finished, your towel should look long and skinny. Tightly roll the towel starting at the short side of the point and tuck it into the roll to keep it secure.

Once the roll is complete, you can use it to wipe away makeup or refresh your face. Just be sure to wash your towels regularly so they don’t become dingy or stained! Towels are a household staple that can be used throughout the day to clean up spills, clean dishes, and dry your hands. Towels are also an excellent way to keep your house looking tidy and organized. By following these simple tips, you can keep your face towel roll neat and organized in no time!

How often should I roll my face towel?

As soon as you’re done washing your face, gently pat dry with a clean towel. This helps to prevent water stains on your skin, and it also ensures that your towel is free of bacteria that could cause breakouts. Towels collect more than just dirt — they can also contain sweat, oil and dead skin cells. It’s important to wash your towels often (at least once every 24 hours), and to use hot temperatures to kill bacteria.

To roll your face towel, start by flattening face towel roll it and aligning the edges. Next, take one corner and fold it across until it lays parallel to the far edge. Finally, flip the towel over and begin to roll it tightly. Once you’re finished, tuck the pointed end into the towel to secure the roll.

For more information on how to roll your towel like a pro, check out this TikTok video from Kate Kerdi Interiors. It’s quick, easy and a great way to keep your towels organized!

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