Keep Your Attendees Cool With a Personalized Plastic Hand Fan

Plastic Hand Fan

Keep Your Attendees Cool With a Personalized Plastic Hand Fan

Plastic hand fans are a great asset to keep attendees cool at events like outdoor company and school functions, concerts and political rallies. They are also a great giveaway item and your price includes a one color imprint on the fan.

A woman holding a large oblong rigid fan with a Chinese painting and calligraphy, Qing dynasty. Drag queens often use hand fans to punctuate speech and as part of their performances.


A plastic hand fan is a handy accessory that can be used to cool down during hot weather. These fans are compact, lightweight, and easy to use. They can be held in one hand and moved quickly back and forth to create a breeze that will keep you comfortable. They are also a great choice for weddings, as they can be given to guests as a memorable souvenir.

The best thing about a plastic hand fan is that it Plastic Hand Fan can be easily stored in your bag or purse. It is also inexpensive and does not require any batteries or electricity to operate. This makes it an ideal option for people who are on a budget or want to reduce their energy usage.

Hand Fans also make great giveaway items at promotional events. They can be customized with your logo or message and offer a large printing area to maximize brand visibility. You can also choose from a variety of handle colors to match your brand’s unique aesthetic.

Plastic hand fans are a great way to stay cool during the summer, and they are also an excellent marketing tool. They are affordable and portable, and they can be used by people of all ages. These fans are a great way to promote your business and keep customers and clients happy.


Unlike disposable fans that crinkle, tear and come apart after a few flicks on a hot day, these customized hand fans are durable enough to hold up to the wear and tear of everyday use. They’re also a great way to promote your brand at events and in the community, especially when you add your full color custom logo or design on the main part of the fan where your recipients will see it repeatedly.

Folding hand fans have been around for centuries and have a variety of uses. They’re ideal for cooling off in the summer and are a great option to give away at promotional events, weddings, or political rallies. Their large printing area makes them perfect for advertising your company’s logo or message.

Personalized plastic hand fans are also great for keeping cool while doing sports or outdoor activities. They’re lightweight, durable, and easy to carry. They’re also a great way for your employees to keep cool during summertime office events or while they’re at the beach or a music festival.

In addition to their practical uses, hand fans are often used as a prop in performance arts. For example, they are often used in drag dance numbers to add flair to the routine and as a way to emphasize movements. They can also be used to make a point in a speech, with the sound of the folding fan being snapped open coinciding onomatopoeically with the phrase “throwing shade.” Besides their practicality, hand fans are a fun and affordable way to stay cool this summer.


The material of your hand fan is important because it affects its weight and how easy it is to carry around. The most common hand fans are made from plastic or paper, although there are also some that are metal or wood. Choosing a hand fan that is made from a sturdy and durable material will ensure that it is long-lasting.

The most popular use for hand fans is to Plastic Hand Fan keep cool in hot weather. They do this by increasing the evaporation of water on the surface of the skin, which has a cooling effect. They can also help to distribute body heat evenly, preventing the onset of heat stroke. They are also used to help with breathing during exercise, which can be helpful for people with respiratory problems.

In addition to their cooling functions, hand fans have been used as decorative and symbolic objects throughout history. The earliest fans were made from papyrus or thin slats of wood, but the introduction of paper gave them greater versatility and ease of use. Decorative fans were often used to show off a person’s social status and style. In Christian Europe, a fan was worn in church during services to keep insects away from the consecrated bread and wine.

In modern times, fans are also commonly used as a prop in performances, such as theater and dance numbers. For example, the popular drag comedy webshow UNHhhh has used large hand fans to create a snapping noise that punctuates an insult.

Imprint Area

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Keep your customers and guests cool at outdoor promotional events with this customized plastic hand fan. Featuring a large imprint area and sturdy handle in a solid color of your choice, this fan is ideal for political rallies, community events, outdoor school functions and company gatherings. Affix your custom logo to this hand fan and use it as a marketing tool that will be seen by a wide audience. With its convenient self-cooling features, this personalized fan can be handed out at tradeshows and other business functions to help your customers stay cool while also promoting your brand name and message to an audience of potential clients.

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