Magnetic Light Box

Magnetic Light Box

Magnetic Light Box

Light up words, names and quotes with this super cute magnetic mini light box. Perfect as a fridge magnet or standing on the bookshelf as a cosy decoration detail.

Inside this box there are 17 wire holding locations. The dead-ended wire has a special connection method that keeps the magnetic current from returning back to generator and draining the box.

Easy to Change Graphics

Our magnetic light box is an ideal solution for businesses and brands that need to change their graphics on a regular basis. The poster clips are easily removed and the acrylic lens lifts up to reveal the poster below – simply slide the new poster into the clip, replace the lens and voila!

This 24×36 Illuminated display features a clear acrylic face with a black framed border and LED lighting strips to brightly showcase your posters. It’s a cost-effective choice for all kinds Magnetic Light Box of commercial, organizational and institutional presentations, as well as government agencies and military facilities.

Frameless LED light boxes are a popular alternative to snap frames. They’re easy to assemble and can be dismantled in a matter of minutes, making them perfect for trade shows or when you need to relocate.

Whether wall mounted, freestanding or ceiling suspended, these backlit fabric light boxes are sure to dazzle your audiences with their brightly illuminated graphics that grab attention from all directions. They’re the ideal solution for large scale signage applications in retail environments that want to create a more immersive experience for their audiences. These high-end solutions are the premier backlit fabric displays of choice for many of the world’s leading brands. They offer a sleek, luxury look that stands out from traditional rigid signage. Plus, the graphics are simple to switch out when it’s time to announce a sale or introduce a new product.

Bright White LED Illumination

The LED light panel on this display is situated in the back of the frame and illuminates your poster from behind. This gives a uniformly bright and even glow across the entire surface. It also eliminates glare and shadowing, making it the ideal choice for signage and advertising applications.

The illumination is controlled via a simple power button that can be switched on and off. There is also a smart memory function that retains the brightness level you set it to last time. This is a great feature to have if you have to repeatedly use the same setting.

This light box comes with a built-in white backdrop that can be removed if you want to change the background colour of your image. It also has a sturdy base and the ability to be angled for more comfort and flexibility. It’s not as lightweight as some of the other options on this list but it still weighs less than 1lb and is easy to transport.

This is a sleek and elegant lightbox that features an eye-catching silver or black aluminium profile. It is available in both single-sided and double-sided models and has a slender 13mm deep frame. The front of the panel is magnetic and lifts off for easy poster changes. The panel is backed by an anti-glare polycarbonate sheet with a 30mm wide black border around the edge of the face.

Durable Aluminum Frame

The aluminum frame on this light box is designed to be sturdy and durable. It’s also very lightweight, which makes it easy to transport and use. Additionally, it’s coated with an anti-corrosion layer to keep it looking great.

Another impressive feature of this light box is its brightness. It emits a nice, white light that is both bright and even. This helps to reduce eye strain, making it ideal for tracing and animation. The device is also rechargeable, which means that you don’t need to worry about running out of power.

This light box is perfect for anyone who needs to work on a lot of detailed artwork. It has a large working area and is equipped with a USB cable. This allows you to plug the light box into a computer or power bank for more freedom. It also has a multi-button layout, which prevents users from having to mash on one button for more than a few seconds.

This light box is very affordable and comes with a variety of accessories, including a power adapter and a set of tracing papers. It’s also one of the thinnest light boxes on the market, with a thickness of 3.5mm. It’s also very lightweight and comes with a long 11-foot USB cable. This makes it a great choice for any artist on the go.

Low Power Consumption

This LED Light Box requires a minimal amount of energy for its brilliant white illumination. This is a huge advantage over traditional fluorescent displays that require regular lamp replacement and consume more power, resulting in higher operating costs.

This frameless lightbox has a slim and attractive look that makes it perfect for any retail or restaurant setting. The framed design ensures that backlit fabric graphics are evenly illuminated and doesn’t create a shadowy center. The frameless design also means that this display can be mounted on walls without requiring additional hardware.

The LED lights in the frameless light box are powered by a single power supply unit that is built into the LED light bars. This reduces the overall weight of the display and helps to keep it stable on the ground or in a windy environment. The single power supply unit is also a great advantage Magnetic Light Box when it comes to maintenance and repairs, as it eliminates the need for replacing bulbs.

Another benefit of the frameless light box is that it is very easy to dismantle for transport or relocating. The corners of the frame are assembled using simple connector brackets that can be tightened with an allen wrench. Once disassembled, the lightbox can be flat packed for quick and efficient shipping. This is a great feature when you are relocating your retail or restaurant location frequently, or if you need to store your display away for long periods of time.

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