Why Should You Use a Face Towel Roll?

face towel roll

Why Should You Use a Face Towel Roll?

A face towel is a small piece of fabric used to wipe moisture from your face and neck after washing. These towels are typically soft and absorbent, perfect for a relaxing experience.

Keeping your face towels rolled elegantly will elevate any space they are stored or displayed in. Try these three simple folds to keep your face towels looking clean and neat: the welcome roll, square tuck, or pocket fold.

1. Make Your Bathroom Feel Like a Spa

While you may think it’s only a small detail, it’s one that can make a big difference in how your bathroom feels. Seeing your towels neatly rolled like they came straight from the spa is a simple touch that can add a sense of luxury to your space and enhance your daily bathing experience. Plus, it makes your guests feel welcomed and cared for when they enter your home bathroom.

A rolled towel is a great way to display your linens, especially if you have limited space in your bathroom. This folding method also minimizes wear along the crease, which makes it perfect for hand towels that see frequent use.

Start with a soft, absorbent face towel that’s suitable for bathing, such as this Turkish cotton one (from Amazon). Then, flip it over to the back side. Grab the corner with a flat edge and fold it atop the other end until you have a triangle shape. Then, take the pointed top and roll it up tightly. Voila!

Ladder towel storage is a good option for small bathrooms because it maximizes vertical space. Plus, you can use the tiers to display other items, such as candles, houseplants, and other decor. Displaying a green plant in your bathroom can also stimulate the senses, enhancing the spa feel. If you want to go a step further, add an essential oil diffuser and lighting with a dimmer switch for a more relaxing atmosphere.

2. Save Space

Face towels can take up a lot of space in a linen closet or bathroom drawer. Rolling them can save face towel roll you space and give your towel collection a neat, uniform look. This folding method is especially helpful when you have limited storage space and want to make your towels as accessible as possible.

Start with your face towel flat on a flat surface, brushing out any creases as you go. Then, fold the towel in half, aligning the long edges. Once the edges are even, fold one of the short ends to meet the other, creating a triangle of overlapped material. Continue to fold inward, over and under until your towel is completely rolled up. You’ll have a neat, compact towel bundle that looks like a small paper airplane.

If you’re looking for a more decorative style, try a pocket fold. This technique will create a pocket in your towel for you to tuck small items into, such as flowers or a small basket of soaps and shampoos for guests.

To make a pocket fold, begin with your face towel, facing the finished side down and then turning over to the tag side. From there, fold a small section of the bottom edge toward the middle, making sure it stays snug and tight. Next, fold the other long end into the center of the towel, tucking it in to form the pocket.

3. Keep Your Towels Clean

Towels that aren’t washed properly can become a breeding ground for bacteria, especially if they’re left wet. Towels are frequently touched by many people, so they can pick up grime and dirt from their hands. Dirty face towel roll towels can also spread germs to other surfaces, including tabletops and kitchen counters.

To keep your face towel roll clean and sanitary, be sure to wash them with hot water and drying heat. You can also add up to a half cup of white distilled vinegar or baking soda during the rinse cycle, which can help soften the fibers and get rid of musty odors. Baking soda is especially good for reducing the odor of older towels that have been used for a long time.

If you want to eliminate the hassle of washing and sorting towels for your business, consider getting a professional laundry service such as Alsco. They’ll deliver fresh, hygienic towels when you need them, so you can focus on your business. You can even choose a towel type that’s ideal for your space, such as non-woven face towels. These have a cloth-like feel and come in various sizes. They’re able to absorb liquid quickly without breaking, and their Select-a-size feature allows you to tear off just the right amount for your needs. They’re a favorite among GH lab pros, and they are available in bulk, so you can stock up and save.

4. Make Your Bathroom Look Better

In addition to saving space, rolling your towels instead of folding them will make them look nicer. Folded towels can be bulky and messy looking, especially if you have a lot of them. Rolling your face towels gives them a neater appearance and will help keep them looking nice and tidy when they’re stored in your linen closet or on your bathroom shelf.

To roll a towel, first spread it flat on a clean surface like the floor or table. Then, fold one of the corner diagonally in toward the center so that it lines up with the edge of the long side of the towel. Next, fold the other long edge in so that it meets the first folded edge in the middle (a tri-fold). Tightly roll the towel starting at the short end opposite the point and tucking the point into the roll as you go.

Once your face towels are rolled, they can be stored just about anywhere. You can place them in a basket on your bathroom shelf, or you can try this unique bathroom storage idea from The Everyday Home: place a stack of face towels inside an empty wine rack holder to add some extra luxury to your bathroom decor. You could also try putting your rolled towels in a decorative basket beside your freestanding tub, or you can even arrange them on a small stool beside your bath to create an attractive display.

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