Backlit Tension Fabric Displays

Backlit Tension Fabric Displays

Backlit tension fabric displays are the latest innovation in portable trade show booths. These lightweight frames and pillowcase style graphics are so easy to set up – no tools needed.

Simply lay out the poles that make up the frame or stand and connect them together using a push button locking system. Then slide the tension fabric over and velcro it shut.

Fabric Banners

Fabric banners are a popular choice for trade show displays, and they can easily be transported from one event to the next. They are also less expensive and lighter than vinyl. However, they aren’t as easy to hang and mount than other types of displays. The polyester material can be stretched tension fabric led display tightly over the frame of a tension stand, but it can also stretch and crease easily. It’s important to iron out any extra wrinkles before shipping or storing your fabric display.

A fabric banner can help you draw attention from afar. Whether you’re promoting a restaurant or a trade show, the photo quality print will draw people in and make your brand stand out from the competition. You can even use the fabric banner as a backdrop for a photo booth.

Fabric banners are made of a sturdy polyester material and are printed using dye-sublimation to create vibrant, photo quality color. They are scratch-resistant and can withstand the elements, but they should be kept indoors as the fabric is prone to stretching and ripping when exposed to moisture. If you’re planning to use your fabric banner for multiple events, consider purchasing a custom storage bag to protect it from damage during transportation.

Tube Displays

EZ Tube Displays feature a simply-assembled tubular frame and a seamless, full color, dye sublimation fabric print that simply slips over the frame and zips up. The frames are very lightweight and easy to transport, while the large prints provide a stunning visual presence at trade shows or in retail store merchandising settings. The frames snap together and lock into place with push button snaps, while the fabric print is securely attached with a zipper. The entire display comes packed in a canvas-carrying bag, making it a perfect solution for both portable trade show exhibits and retail environment displays.

Nixie tubes were superseded in the 1970s by light-emitting diodes and vacuum fluorescent displays (VFDs), but a recent surge of interest in vintage electronic components has revived demand for them as a cheap, reliable, and beautiful alternative to LEDs and LCDs for digital clocks and other applications. Many of the old unsold stock of Nixie tubes have been brought out of storage and are now used by electronics enthusiasts to build homemade digital clocks and other devices.

Like the more modern CRTs used in television sets, Nixie tubes have a control grid and a set of phosphor-coated anodes arranged to represent segments of a digit or pixels of a graphical display or complete letters, symbols, or words. They function using electrostatic plate deflection instead of electromagnetic coils, which makes them much more accurate than television screens.

Embrace Backlit

The Embrace Backlit is a sleek illuminated collapsible display that comes complete with internal LED lighting and push-fit backlit fabric graphic to create a powerful light box. It’s easy to set up and features a deluxe hard shipping case that converts into a podium, saving you space in your booth. Graphics are easily attached and come with end caps for a finished look, and single or double sided options are available. The Embrace graphics are printed with a dye sublimation process and can be machine washed, so they keep looking great over time.

Unlike most popups, which have velcro sewn around the edges that doesn’t allow light to pass through, the Embrace Backlit fabric SEG graphics attach with silicone edge technology. This ensures crisp, straight edges that won’t bunch or sag. The Embrace Backlit is also one of the lightest and most portable backlit displays on the market, making it ideal for trade shows and conventions. It includes an anodized aluminum tubular scissor truss frame, channel bars and LED lighting strips. It’s available in sizes from 3’ – 10’ and front graphic only or with end cap configurations.

The Embrace Backlit is easy to set up and requires no tools. It’s also a fraction of the price of other backlit fabric popups, and it comes with a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty on hardware. This kit is available in a variety of sizes to accommodate any exhibit size, from a small tabletop or backwall solution to a larger 20ft booth.

Hopup Backlit

Hopup backlit display is a lightweight trade show booth designed to present your custom dye-sublimation printed graphics in a beautiful back lit light. Illuminated LED lights are attached to the scissor truss frame behind the graphic to give it a dynamic and eye catching appearance that stands out from the crowd of other exhibitors at your trade show. The illuminated Hopup is easy to set up and collapsible in minutes. It is also lightweight, making it easy to transport between events.

The Hopup is a great solution for crowded trade shows that require fast set up and pack away times. It features a lightweight aluminum frame tension fabric led display that expands accordion style in minutes for the fastest trade show setup on the market. The frame requires no tools to assemble, and the tension fabric graphic remains pre-attached to the frame for expedited setup. The fabric graphic is also washable, so you can remove it and clean it between shows.

The Backlit Hopup adds illumination to the popular Hopup Tension Fabric Pop Up Display. It is the ideal solution for displaying your brand in a high-traffic area. The illuminated Hopup combines our class leading Hopup aluminum frame with a lighting system to create a stunning and eye catching backlit illuminated trade show exhibit or backdrop. The backlit Hopup is easily assembled by connecting the lights to the scissor arms, tethering the cords and plugging in. The backlit Hopup is also fully portable and comes complete with a rolling carry bag and protective molded case for storage and transportation.

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