Choosing the Right Shampoo Bottle Filling Machine

Choosing the Right Shampoo Bottle Filling Machine

Soaps and shampoos have a variety of cap types, including flat screw on caps and pump tops. Choosing the right equipment for these unique bottles requires a bit of research to find bottle filling machines, capping machinery, and labelers that create an airtight seal.

A servo motor-driven MAKWELL viscous liquid filling machine can fit different bottle sizes and shapes. This equipment has advanced features, including anti-drop and intelligent control. It also has a “no bottle, no filling” system and diving-style nozzles for foamy products.

Pump Filler

When it comes to shampoo bottle filling machines, the pump liquid filler offers flexibility for all viscosity products including products that foam. These positive displacement pumps are self priming and are designed to draw product directly from the bulk source whether that is a tank or drum. This allows for a high degree of accuracy and control.

This type of machine is ideal for applications that require a level, even fill that will produce esthetically pleasing results in clear bottles. The nozzles used on this style of machine will typically be specially designed to ensure an accurate, smooth product flow that can be delivered with precise control and accuracy.

This machine is available in a variety of configurations including single head tabletop models and 12 head inline automatic machines that will meet any volume and production needs. Options include a range of nozzles, pumps and hoses that can be tailored to each project on a case-by-case basis to ensure the best quality and performance. The system can be powered by either air or electricity and is made of all 304 stainless steel for added durability.

Semi-Automatic Pressure Overflow Filler

There are few bottles that do not have some small differences in their interior volume. These small differences can cause some bottles to “look” short in comparison with other bottles, even though they have the same amount of product in them. Liquid level fillers help to combat these inconsistencies by ensuring that every bottle is filled to the same cosmetic (cosmetic) level, regardless of their actual interior volume.

These machines use a unique method for filling bottles by using pressure-overflow technology that allows product to recirculate once it reaches a desired level in each bottle. shampoo bottle filling machine This helps to reduce the amount of product that is wasted, as well as preventing air from entering the bottles during the filling process.

This type of filler is also great for high-speed production environments and can be operated with minimal or no human input. It is important to keep in mind the amount of production your company will need when deciding on this machine. If you expect your production rates to increase in the future, consider buying a machine that is capable of handling larger volumes.

Anti-Foaming Nozzle Attachments

Some liquid products can create excessive foam when agitated or moved during the packaging process. This can lead to inconsistent product fills and less than ideal shelf conditions for your finished product. Thankfully, packagers can easily solve this issue with equipment from Liquid Packaging Solutions without sacrificing speed or accuracy.

A special anti-foam nozzle can be added to almost any bottle filling machine to help control foamy products during the fill process. The nozzle dives into the bottle and creates a seal on the bottle opening, then a port is opened to allow product to flow in until it reaches a specific level. This design helps control foam by forcing it out and returning excess back into a holding tank.

Another option is a foam spray nozzle which is designed to work with both alimentary and chemical foamy liquids. These nozzles generate a thick stream of medium expansion foam that can be used for car or tire fires, or any situation where a smothering foam blanket is required. The nozzle has one control on the top that can be rotated to adjust the amount of foam generated.

Capping Equipment

Capping equipment is another piece of machinery that may seem minor in terms of the overall operation, but can greatly improve productivity and ensure that the bottle or container you’re packaging will be secure and sanitary. Using a capper is one of the best ways to seal your bottles, and it can be done in a fraction of the time it would take to do so manually.

Rotary cappers are designed to give pre-threaded caps a tight, reliable seal. They are generally used for wine, beer, or other alcoholic beverages that require a tamper-evident seal to show that the product has not been tampered with or opened. They are also used for pharmaceutical and chemical products that need to be kept sealed indefinitely.

These machines are designed to work in synchrony with production lines, and they can be customized for different types of bottles and caps. Some cappers have sorters, which help to speed up the process by ensuring that the caps are properly oriented. A sorter can also eliminate the need for a cap hopper, and this can save you both time and money.

Labeling Equipment

Whether the shampoo you are packaging is thin and foamy or thick and stringy, Levapack can provide an shampoo bottle filling machine automatic capper, filler and labeling machine that will meet your business needs. With a variety of models, this equipment can handle bottles and jars of all shapes and sizes and even containers with particulates.

A piston filler is a great option for shampoo as it is compact and can accommodate a variety of bottle shapes. It works by measuring the free-flowing product with a cylinder and pumping it into the bottle using a set of pistons. Once the bottle is filled, it is topped with a nozzle suited to your product. The cylinder uses a switch to prevent overfilling and then proceeds to the next process.

Piston fillers also offer a number of automation benefits such as speed and precision. They also have a simple control panel and are easy to clean. Piston fillers can be customized with two to twelve fill heads, different conveyor speeds and a stainless steel frame. You can even add a sanitary pump and anti-drop, silk or auto-cut nozzle attachments.

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