Tension Fabric LED Displays

Tension Fabric LED Displays

Tension fabric displays are easy to assemble. First, lay out the pole frame on the floor and connect all of the poles together using a push-button locking mechanism. The pole frame sets come with metal ‘feet’ to help the display stand upright.

Then, slide the custom-printed tension fabric over the frame and velcro it shut. This creates a seamless presentation with no visible hardware shadows.

Easy to assemble

The Embrace backlit tension fabric display is easy to assemble and is a great solution for trade shows, conventions, photography backdrops, weddings, media events, and marketing exhibits. It includes two LED lights that are easily attached to the scissor arms and can be tethered to the fabric and plugged into an outlet.

The fabric is printed on a stretchable cotton/spandex material and slips over the frame like a pillowcase, making it a snap to set up without any tools. The frame uses a push-button locking mechanism tension fabric led display and an inner bungee cord to aid in the assembly process. Once assembled, the Embrace backlit tension fabric display can be lifted upright to stand on its own.

This backlit tension fabric display is available in six sizes: 6ft curved, 8ft curved, 10ft straight, and 20ft straight. Each size is a combination of four main poles and two L-shaped pole connectors. To assemble the display, lay out all of the poles on the ground in their basic shape and connect them using the numbered stickers and corresponding numbers on each pole part.

Then, simply attach the tension fabric to the frame and velcro it shut. Lastly, add the optional LED lights to enhance your display and plug them in. The lights can be tethered to the scissor arms or mounted on the top of the display and are easy to set up.


Tension fabric displays are the latest trend in trade show booths. These modular display systems use durable lightweight aluminum hardware and high quality full color dye sublimated printed fabrics. They are available in straight or curved frames and can be back lit for a more dramatic effect. They can be used as a backdrop for photography, media events and trade shows and can easily be updated with new graphics.

These displays are ideal for indoor use, but can be used outdoors in calm weather. However, they must be weighted down to prevent inclement weather from tearing the graphics or damaging the aluminum frame. This is especially true in windy weather.

Unlike traditional display stands, tension fabric displays are made of elastic polyester that can be stretched taut over the frame. The elasticity of the fabric allows for a smooth design surface. This makes them more visually appealing than standard polyester fabrics. They are also lighter and more durable than muslin fabrics.

These displays can be purchased with one or two LED lights for an additional cost. They are available in 6ft curved and 20ft straight formats, with single or double sided graphics. The curved versions are more visually striking and provide an immersive experience for visitors. They are easy to set up and take down, and can be machine washed for long-term durability.


Tension fabric trade show displays are becoming more and more popular among marketing agencies, promotional companies and tech startups due to their lightweight frames and ease of use. They are also ideal tension fabric led display for red carpets, photoshoots and media events and can be used as backdrops for your company booth or even for a complete backlit fabric popup wall. The frames are made of aluminum which gives them a sleek and modern look while being very lightweight. They can be folded and are small enough to check in as luggage on most airlines.

The fabric is printed using a dye sublimation process, which means that the design is infused into the fibers of the material. This is a great advantage over standard polyester fabrics, which do not offer the same degree of stretchability. You can choose between a straight or curved frame, and the fabric can be printed on one or both sides. You can also purchase additional graphics for different occasions.

These displays are easy to assemble and come with LED ladder lights, which help to illuminate your graphics and draw attention to your message. They are designed for use with anodized aluminum tube scissor truss popup frames that hold silicone edge graphic (SEG) channel bars that install on the top and bottom of your graphics. The channels install easily and the tension fabric fits tightly over the channel bars in a pillowcase-like fashion.


The fabric tension display is a modern alternative to the traditional trade show booth. The dye sublimation process provides a high-quality image and the aluminum frame is lightweight and easy to set up. This type of display is suitable for trade shows, conventions, backdrops for photography or any indoor event. The fabric is a stretch polyester that slides over the poles in a pillow-case-like design and zips closed to create a wrinkle free graphic. It is available in straight or curved designs and can be printed single or double-sided.

Pop-up displays are a favorite of trade show exhibitors. They are easy to transport, set up and take down and can be assembled without the use of tools. They are also great for step and repeat backdrops, stage backwalls and career and job fairs. Available in a wide range of sizes from 6ft curved to 20ft straight. They can be used as a stand alone exhibit or combined with counters and podiums for a complete exhibiting solution.

The anodized aluminum tube scissor truss pop-up display is light and easy to set up, and the silicone edge graphics (SEG) fabric graphics affix to the hardware with velcro and remain attached during shipping. The LED lights attach to the top and bottom of the frame and illuminate the graphics for a high-impact presentation. They can be plugged into any standard outlet.

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