CCTV Kits – Everything You Need to Know

CCTV Kits – Everything You Need to Know

CCTV has proven to reduce crime and is an affordable way to monitor a business or home. Look for a kit that includes high-definition security cameras. These allow for clear images and even night vision so you can read license plates or identify faces.

Camera housings and brackets are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit a wide range of applications. Select ones that are vandal-proof or weatherproof to protect them from potential damage.


The cameras included in a CCTV kit will work to capture images of the area they are situated within. They are then transmitted via cable or wirelessly and over a network (depending on the chosen system type) to a monitor, which enables security personnel to view the footage and respond appropriately.

The monitors used for CCTV are typically large and high-resolution, enabling security personnel to zoom in on an image and track movement with ease. Some modern CCTV systems also include features such as PTZ auto-tracking, which tracks an object and automatically moves the camera to keep it in view. CCTV systems with this capability can be ideal for monitoring incarcerated inmates in prisons or potentially dangerous patients in hospitals.

There are several different types of cameras available, ranging from analogue CCTV systems to high-definition IP CCTV systems. All of these types have their advantages and disadvantages, so you will need to decide which is best for your site and budget before purchasing.

Some CCTV systems, known as simple systems, operate using a single coax cable that connects the camera and monitor. This means that the camera gains power from the monitor, which is great for scalability and reliability. Alternatively, a mains-powered CCTV system can be used, which allows both the camera and monitor to source power independently from the mains, which is ideal for sites that are looking to scale up in the future without having to invest in extra mains wiring.


A monitor is a vital part of any CCTV system. The monitor takes the video image captured by the camera and displays it on a screen. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can be used for home or business monitoring applications. For example, a hardware store can use monitors to make sure customers are handling expensive tools correctly.

You can also hook up more than one monitor to a security system. This is a great option for CCTV Kits larger properties with multiple cameras. The monitors allow you to see live footage and playback recorded videos from all of your cameras at once. It is important to choose a monitor that has a high refresh rate to avoid screen tearing or blurring. Many models feature AMD FreeSync technology to deliver a smoother viewing experience.

The monitors in a CCTV kit can be connected to a network video recorder (NVR) or a digital video recorder (DVR). The NVR is the heart of a high-quality CCTV system. It provides access to the live or recorded surveillance footage from any PC, tablet, or mobile phone. The NVR in a CCTV kit offers crystal clear, user-friendly video viewing over the Internet and on mobile devices at no additional cost. The DVR in a CCTV kit comes with a built-in hard drive for recording and storage of the surveillance footage.


The cables included in CCTV kits transmit data and video signals between cameras and monitors. The types of wire used will vary by camera type and system configuration.

Coaxial siamese cables, like RG59, are designed to carry both audio and video signals in one cable. They are typically shielded to reduce external interference.

RG59 siamese cables are often pre-made with end connectors and come in varying lengths. Alternatively, you can buy spools of these cables and cut them to the exact length needed. Spools can be purchased in unshielded or shielded versions and some are burial rated for outdoor use.

Network Ethernet Cables, like CAT 5e or CAT 6, are also commonly used for powering cameras and transferring video data over long distances. These cables require a special kind of adapter, called baluns, to connect them to a CCTV camera system.

Keep in mind that it is best to run your cables as close to a power source as possible to minimize signal degradation due to long distances. It is also important to avoid running these cables near or under hot water pipes or building power lines. Running these cables too close to these sources will cause them to become a magnet for electrical noise and can degrade the quality of your video. Additionally, do not run these cables under or over lighting fixtures, especially florescent lights. These light bulbs generate a lot of heat and will also induce noise into your cables.


Whether you’re using CCTV cameras as part of an intruder alarm system or as a home security solution, the quality of your images is paramount. Look for a kit with high-definition security cameras, up to 4K Ultra HD resolution, for crystal clear imagery and videos. Some CCTV camera CCTV Kits systems also come equipped with smart tech that allows you to capture video recordings when it detects movement, sound or person. Others have two-way audio so you can speak to people in the room and keep an eye on pets or a home while you’re away.

The monitors in a CCTV kit range from small, low-resolution black and white units to more advanced color display panels that feature interactivity. The best kits include the monitors that are most suited to your needs, whether you’re monitoring an office building for security or looking after children while at home. Some of the most popular CCTV monitors can be viewed and controlled remotely on your smartphone or tablet via an app, or even by voice commands through Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

The recorders in a CCTV kit are the devices where the captured footage gets processed and stored for later viewing. They connect to your camera and monitors either over a wired or wireless network, depending on the type of recorder you choose. The best DVR and NVR recorders allow you to access your footage on a computer or mobile device from anywhere in the world, and many offer free local storage for life with no monthly costs.

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