NORDIC LED Lights – Heavy Duty LED Lights for Trucks and Other High-Use Vehicles

NORDIC LED Lights – Heavy Duty LED Lights for Trucks and Other High-Use Vehicles

As carbon-consumption graphs veer toward collapse, every LED that replaces an incandescent pulls that curve measurably downward. And as a result, the average American household could save about $225 per year.

LEDs emit radiant energy only in the visible light spectrum, which is far less damaging to organic materials than UV radiation. This allows them to be used in close proximity to crops without risk of light burn.


The NORDIC LED Lights Heavy Duty series helps to keep truck drivers, delivery personnel and all others working on the road safe day or night. They do this by providing a powerful and dependable LED light solution that is cost optimized for these high-use vehicles.

Our Heavy Duty LED strips use between 15 and 75 high-intensity super-bright 5050 tri-chip LEDs per foot. They have a four conductor power lead; one is for ground (black) and the remaining three are for the 3 diodes (12vdc+). Our RGB Heavy Duty strip has those three diodes colored red, green and blue and our single color version is magenta/hot purple mixed by connecting the RED + BLUE power leads together.

These lights are designed to work in a harsh environment and can sustain normal operation through extreme heat or cold; shock and vibration; dust and water from high pressure washdown bays. They are a favorite among Tug and Barge operators, Heavy Equipment Machinery and Overland enthusiasts.

Lab tests and data indicate that an LED fixture can produce far more lumens per watt than traditional fluorescent, incandescent or metal halide fixtures. But what those tests and data don’t tell you is how vulnerable lighting performance can be to a variety of operating conditions that may degrade the LED fixture’s lifespan or cause it to fail completely.


LED lights have one of the longest lifespans of any lighting technology. However, they’re not immune to problems that can lead to early failure or reduced performance. In many cases, these issues are the result of improper maintenance or installation.

Often, these issues will be minor and easy to fix. Other times, they may Heavy Duty Led Light be more serious and require significant investment to resolve. In either case, the best way to protect your lights is to keep them clean.

While LED lights do not use toxic materials, they must be handled and stored with care to ensure their long operational life spans. This will help prevent mechanical and electrical damage from dust, dirt, grit, corrosion and other environmental conditions.

For example, if you use your work lights in an extreme environment that has dusty air or abrasive elements, it can cause the components to heat up and become damaged. This can then affect the light’s efficiency and shorten its lifespan.

To avoid this, you should choose LED lights that are designed to withstand harsh environments and make sure you install them correctly. It’s also important to understand how LEDs work so that you can understand what factors may affect their longevity. For instance, it’s important to choose LEDs that are compatible with your existing electrical setup and wiring.


When it comes to outfitting vehicles with the best lights for emergency response, functionality and safety are likely your top concerns. That’s why it’s important to choose the right light bar and strobes for your truck and the type of work you do. In addition, you also need to take into account the care and maintenance needed down the line.

Choosing the right LED light will help you save money on energy costs and extend your fixtures’ lifespans. You’ll find the best options are ones that use 94% less energy Heavy Duty Led Light than traditional incandescent fixtures and provide a brighter, cooler white light that’s better for visibility.

The quality of the diodes in your Heavy Duty Led Lights is a key factor in their efficiency and longevity. Nemalux uses high-quality, CREE and Samsung diodes designed to be underpowered to reduce heat stress and prevent premature aging. These diodes are integrated with MCPCBs that are optimized to handle the increased temperatures of industrial applications.

Another way to improve the efficiency of your lights is by using a thermal grease to keep the internal drivers cool. Additionally, you can help your Heavy Duty Led Lights last longer by choosing a powder coat or anodizing option that will protect the lights from corrosion in harsh environments and act as an effective heat sink.


Heavy duty LED lights are built to withstand extreme weather conditions and elements. However, they do require a little bit of maintenance to perform at their best. First, they should be checked for loose connectors or other problems. It is also important to make sure that all connections running from and to the light system are secure. This will prevent the potential for short circuiting and other failure modes.

Another area that may need some attention is the battery that provides power to the emergency LED light. The battery should be routinely tested and maintained, ensuring that it has an appropriate charge level. Additionally, the battery should be properly ventilated to avoid excessive heat buildup.

Finally, the LED light should be cleaned regularly. This will remove debris that builds up over time and help to keep the lights working as efficiently as possible. It is important to use only cleaning solutions that are safe for plastics and other components, such as a non-abrasive cloth. Harsh chemical cleaners can compromise adhesives and cause LED components to corrode.

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