Tension Fabric LED Display

Tension Fabric LED Display

Tension fabric displays are the newest trend in portable trade show booths. They use an aluminum scissor truss frame that snap together, and pillowcase-like graphics slide over and secure at the bottom. They come in a variety of sizes and include LED ladder lights that illuminate the graphic.

To assemble your display, begin by connecting all of the poles. Each pole has a numbered sticker that matches up with another, labeled pole part.

Easy to assemble

Tension fabric displays are a versatile display that can be used for trade shows, conventions, weddings, photoshoots, and more. They are easy to assemble and can be made in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are also lightweight and portable, making them ideal for traveling. They are available in both straight and curved models and come with LED lights included.

The aluminum tension frame is designed to hold a backlit fabric SEG graphics and comes with bungee cords for easy connection of the LED ladder lights. The lights are installed at the top and bottom of the backlit fabric graphic, allowing them to illuminate evenly on both sides of the display. The Embrace is available in single- or double-sided use, and the graphics are easily changed by simply flipping the graphic over.

This 20ft tension fabric display includes a monitor mount and is a great choice for attracting attention at your next event. It is easy to assemble and includes the hardware, a custom printed fabric graphics and LED lights. The graphics are a premium, wrinkle-resistant fabric with a zippered bottom to secure them on the aluminum hardware.

To assemble the tension fabric display, first lay out the poles on the floor in the basic shape of your booth. Each pole is labeled with a number to show which one matches with another. Next, connect the poles with a bungee cord and then slide the pillow-case-like fabric over the poles and velcro the bottom closed for a smooth and wrinkle-free display.

Easy to transport

Unlike magnetic frames, this premium tension fabric trade show display is lightweight and easy to transport. Its aluminum frame connects with push-button locks and requires no tools. It can be easily rolled up in a wheeled carry bag for transport or storage. The graphics are printed with dye sublimation, which allows a full range of vibrant colors tension fabric led display and photographic potential. The frame is available in both curved and straight configurations, as well as with or without end caps.

The Embrace tension fabric popup is an innovative combination of convenience and looks. It features an anodized aluminum tube scissor truss popup frame with silicone edge graphic (SEG) channel bars that hold the stretch fabric graphics offered in a variety of options. The Embrace system also includes back and end cap graphics for complete branding.

This premium backlit tension fabric led display is easy to assemble. Its lightweight, modular aluminum frame comes with labels and bungee cords that connect the aluminum poles for quick assembly. The backlit fabric graphic mural panel is dye sublimated in full color, which creates a seamless, wrinkle-free image. The panel stretches over the frame like a pillowcase and zips closed at the bottom for a tight, secure fit. The display is a great choice for photography backdrops and event booth displays. It can also be used as a backdrop for presentations or media interviews.

Easy to set up

Tension fabric displays are easy to set up and configure for use at events, trade shows, weddings, photoshoots, or any other professional setting. The custom printed fabric is sewn into a tube-shaped “sleeve” that slides over the frame and zips closed, providing a smooth seamless graphic. The sleeve can be printed on one or both sides to maximize brand visibility. It is easily removed and replaced when it’s time to update the communication message.

The aluminum frame and hardware of the tension fabric display is lightweight and can be assembled in minutes without any tools. The fabric stretches taut across the frame and is secured with velcro to keep it wrinkle-free while being displayed. The entire frame and fabric weighs less than 20 lbs, making it easy to transport and set up.

There are two types of tension fabric displays: curved and straight. Each has three different sizes to choose from. The curved version is ideal for backdrops or tabletop displays while the straight option works best for floor standing exhibition booths.

Both types are made from high-quality polyester fabric that is dye sublimated to produce a tension fabric led display vibrant full color print. They are also very durable and washable. Unlike standard polyester, the material used in tension fabric displays is elastic and can be stretched tight over a frame to create a large display.

Easy to customize

Backlit fabric displays are becoming increasingly popular trade show display solutions for their ease of use. They consist of a lightweight aluminum frame that snaps together and pillowcase-style graphics that slide over and zip down the bottom for a seamless, wrinkle free look. They are available in a variety of sizes, including 10 foot x 10 foot and 20 foot x 20 foot, and can be used as a single or back-to-back configuration. They include LED lights, which create a consistent glow and draw more attention to the graphics.

These displays are available in a range of colors and designs to fit your brand. The fabric is dye sublimated in full color and the design can be printed on one or both sides of the banner. The stretch polyester material is also washable, so you can keep your graphic looking fresh and clean throughout the duration of your event.

These backlit fabric displays are a great choice for events, corporate and trade show environments for illuminated branding. They feature durable 100mm aluminum extrusion frames with SEG push-fit graphics and LED edge lighting that can be attached to the frame for a quick set up. They are lightweight and come in a wheeled hard molded case for easy transport and storage. They are available in 6ft curved and straight models.

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