Upgrade Your Car’s Headlights With a Bi Xenon Projector Lens

Upgrade Your Car’s Headlights With a Bi Xenon Projector Lens

The Royalin mini h1 projector lens has an affordable price and great lighting beam. It fits most cars and can be easily installed. This is a new generation of bi-xenon projector lens.

It is important to use the right bulbs and ballasts when upgrading your headlights to xenon. Otherwise, the light won’t converge properly. This is dangerous for you and other road users.

1. Brighter than LED Headlights

If you are considering a headlight upgrade, the most popular option is a xenon projector lens. These lenses are a great way to improve your car’s lighting and provide a safer driving experience for you and other road users. They are also much brighter than LED headlights and come in a variety of colors to suit your vehicle’s design.

LED lights use electricity to function, while xenon bulbs use a halogen gas to produce an intense white or bluish light. This is the reason a xenon headlight is much brighter than an LED. Moreover, the light they emit is not as harsh on other drivers as an LED. This is due to the fact that the halogen bulb’s beam pattern does not converge on other vehicles and creates a glare for other people driving behind you.

Hence, a bi-xenon projector is an excellent choice for your vehicle. It is also a cost-effective option. It is important to note that a bi-xenon lens can be used with either halogen or HID bulbs. However, if your vehicle uses an HID high beam and you want to use the same bulb for both low and high beams, it is recommended that you purchase a splitter to activate both the projector and the halogen bulb at the same time. There are many different kinds of xenon projector lens available in the market. For example, Royalin mini h1 projector lens is very small and easy to install into the original headlight chrome reflector bowl. This lens can be used with Kioto Q5, Hella G5 and Evox-R projector bulbs.

2. Suitable for Most Vehicles

Besides the fact that bi xenon projector lenses are brighter, they also look much more stylish and cool. They have the appearance of a sphere with two side of the surface that are curved outwards. This design can help to control the light beam and distribute it evenly. This is a good advantage for your car because it will make the lighting beam more unified and soft to vehicles and passers-by.

Without proper projector lens, a halogen bulb can produce a harsh and dark glare that is a danger to other road users. The problem is that the original headlight chrome reflector is designed for halogen bulbs, and it can’t withstand the high temperature of the xenon bulb. It will degrade the original headlight chrome reflector very fast and affect the lighting quality of your car light.

The advantage of a bi-xenon projector lens is that it can offer both the high and low beam pattern. It consists of the lens, cutoff shield, solenoid and reflector bowl. When the light comes out from the xenon bulbs it will be reflected by the chrome bowl and then it bi xenon projector lens will contact with the solenoid to push or pull the cutoff shield down and create the high beam pattern. Then when the solenoid is not working it will return to the normal low beam pattern. This is the reason why bi xenon projector lens is a great choice for people who want to upgrade their car lights.

3. Easy to Install

If you are looking for a great way to update your car’s headlights, consider installing a bi-xenon projector lens. These lenses can be installed in bi xenon projector lens place of the original headlight reflectors, and will produce a much brighter and more focused light beam. They also come in a variety of modes, and can be used with different bulbs to provide high/low beam function.

The installation process is fairly simple, and the only real requirement is a wiring harness that connects to the headlight ballast. Once the wires are connected, the projector lens can be easily mounted into the headlight housings. The original reflectors will need to be cut to allow the larger projector to fit inside, and then the rear covers will need to be modified.

There are many different types of bi xenon projector lenses available, so it’s important to choose one that fits your vehicle. Royalin mini h1 is a perfect choice for many cars, and can be fitted directly into the chrome bowl of your headlight. It comes with a clear glass lens, and can be used with different types of h1 xenon bulbs. This includes Kioto Q5 h7, Hella G5 and Evox-R H7. It can also be used with halogen bulbs to give you the best of both worlds. Royalin’s projector lens are also affordable, and you can get a great quality product at an amazing price.

4. Different Modes of Shrouds

A bi xenon projector can achieve both high and low beam in a single headlight. This is achieved by adding a shield to the projector to stop a part of the light from passing through the lens in the low-beam pattern. The shield can be pulled down or up by the solenoid to switch between high and low beams. This is an easy way to upgrade your car.

The shroud segments are asymmetrical in shape to minimize the effect of the bending stress on them by distributing it over a greater area. The segments are also of reduced thickness in the vicinity of their front and rear edges, thereby reducing the extent of bending at these locations. In addition, the presence of lugs near the front and rear edges of each shroud segment makes it much stiffer and less susceptible to deformation from bending stresses.

In the present design, it is also important to seal between the carrier ring and the shroud segments. For this purpose, springy strips 49 of a suitable metallic alloy, conforming to the shape of the outer surface of each shroud segment, are fixed by brazing or welding on one side of each pair of adjacent shroud segments and extend across the clearances 51 (FIG. 2) between the segments.

Royalin offers different kinds of h1 projector lens for your vehicle. The smallest size is 1.8 inch, which fits into most headlight housings like Hella G5 or Kioto Q5. Royalin mini h1 can also be used with the large headlight to make your car out of the ordinary.

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