Hotel Door Lock System

hotel door lock system

Hotel Door Lock System

Hotel door lock system must reliably account for guests’ privacy, as well as safeguard sensitive spaces like servers and maintenance areas. To meet modern customer expectations, credentials must also be easily managed.

Larger hotels may prefer an RFID commercial hotel lock system that can be remotely viewed and adjusted, although smaller bed and breakfasts or motels might opt for a PIN or key fob lock system.


A keypad lock works by allowing guests to open hotel door lock system the door with a correct sequence of digits, entered on an input field. This type of hotel lock is a great option for hotels with limited space or in need of a simple, easy-to-use solution. It also allows for quick check-in and check-out, without the need for a physical key or access card.

Most keypad locks are equipped with a built-in lock cylinder that prevents unauthorized opening of the door. These locks are available in a range of finishes, including stainless steel. They also feature a high-security design that deactivates after five failed attempts.

Electric locks with sensors and chip cards are extremely popular with hoteliers due to their many benefits. For example, they offer a higher level of security and can be reprogrammed easily. They also ensure that guests can evacuate quickly during emergency situations like fires or disturbances.

Magstripe locks require the use of magnetic keycards that contain a special information that verifies the guest’s identity. However, they are prone to wear and tear, as well as being vulnerable to electronic devices such as smartphones. Moreover, guests often lose or misplace their keys and have to return to the front desk to reactivate their cards.

Salto’s OS SLIM is a modern and compact lock that has an elegant, narrow escutcheon and can be opened via Bluetooth, Mifare proximity card and remotely online through Gateway. This lock is ideal for those who want to upgrade their current magstripe locks and requires a minimal modification of the existing door hardware.


A keypad lock is an easy-to-install and cost-effective solution for hotel rooms. It does not require any additional hardware or software and can be programmed with the guest’s room number to open the door. It can also be locked from the inside with a key fob or card. It is a great option for hotels that want to add value to their guests’ stay without increasing costs.

A key card lock works with a magnetic stripe encoded with the room number. Guests can simply insert the card into the lock to enter their room and other guest areas. This type of lock is secure, and you can reprogram each card for every guest.

Another option is a code lock, which uses a number sequence to unlock the door. It is similar to a touch pad, but it has more security features and is less vulnerable to hacking. These locks are available in a wide variety of styles and finishes, and can be customized with a range of options. Some even work with a smartphone app, which is useful for mobile check-in.

Dormakaba has a range of smart hotel door locks that are ideal for modern properties. They use RFID technology, are ADA-compliant, and can be easily updated and managed via a smartphone. They are also slim and can fit on narrower doors.

Electric locks with sensors and chip cards

Hotel owners are often able to choose from a range of robust, digital locks that fully integrate with online or offline access control systems. This allows them to give guests and staff contactless room access, boosting guest satisfaction and placing less pressure on security teams.

For example, the 790/RT RFID model from Saflok works with Ambiance Access Management Software and legacy Front Desk Units to provide superior control and monitoring. This rugged full-body electronic lock features a programmable keycard slot that works with various keycard options and offers flexible locking and unlocking solutions for hotels of all sizes.

Another option is Bluetooth low energy locks that are powered by mobile credentials. Guests are sent their unique credentials through an app on their smartphones that connects to a door-mounted reader. When they hold their phone up to the sensor, it verifies the information and grants them entry. When they check out, the access permissions are automatically canceled.

This type of commercial lock system is relatively new and can be a great choice for boutique hotels with modern amenities. Guests will need to be familiar with the technology in order to use it, but many hospitality spaces find that it’s a popular amenity due to convenience and ease of use. In addition, it may allow them to avoid lining up at the Front Desk and save them time in the morning.

Smartphone app control

Smart locks with smartphone app control allow guests to unlock their room’s hotel door lock system door using a mobile phone or similar device. They’re popular because they’re easy to use and allow staff to monitor, adjust and revoke permissions remotely. They’re also more secure than traditional magstripe, PIN code and key card locks because they don’t require a swiping motion to operate.

The most popular type of hotel lock system with an app is BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) locks. These locks work by sending an encrypted “message” to the guest’s smartphone, granting access only to those with the correct credentials. The lock can also be opened manually by entering a sequence of digits or setting up voice commands.

These types of locks are also often used in vacation rental homes and can be synchronized with other smart devices. They can automatically turn on lights and heating or shut them off when the tenant checks out. They can also notify the tenant if someone tries to open the door without authorization. This feature is particularly useful for property managers as it can help them fight chargebacks from tenants who claim they never stayed at the short term rental.

When choosing the best hotel lock system for your business, consider your goals and priorities. Do you prefer a stylish look or do you want your guests to be able to use a PIN code, key card, smartphone or another option? Consider the size of your installation, whether you’ll be integrating with other systems and the cost of the hardware. Salto has a range of commercial locks that can be customized online to fit your specific needs, from finish and technology to handle style and more.

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