Metal Business Cards Manufacturer

metal business cards manufacturer

Metal Business Cards Manufacturer

Metal business cards are an innovation in the industry and a great way to stand out from the competition. They are typically engraved by hand or laser, and they can also be acid-etched.

They convey an air of exclusivity that encourages conversation and makes potential clients feel valued. They’re also highly durable and better for the environment than paper cards.


Metal business cards are a powerful tool to promote your brand. They are durable, sleek, and a great way to impress your clients. You can choose from a variety of designs to find the perfect one for your needs. The key to finding a good design is to keep trying different ideas until you find the one that suits your needs.

Unlike stamped cards, the metal used for metal business cards is etched rather than cut. This process makes it easy to add logos and other graphics to your card. It also allows for precise cuts and rounded corners. The process is also environmentally responsible.

In addition to etching, metal cards can be painted or even laminated. This allows them to add a more vibrant color to your card. However, it’s important to note that paint will fade over time. In addition, it may damage the edges of your card, which can make them difficult to read.

The best metal business cards are made from a high-quality material and have an oleophobic finish that protects the card from water and oils. They also offer a range of customization options, including spot-coloring and pressure cutting, which allow you to create unique settings for your card. They are metal business cards manufacturer a new innovation in the business world and can help you stand out from your competitors.


If you’re a business owner, you know that your business cards are an important marketing tool. They help your clients remember you and make it easy for them to contact you in the future. Choosing the right card material is important to ensure durability and longevity. Black metal business cards are a great option for this purpose, as they’re durable and sturdy. Black metal business cards also provide a premium look and feel that will impress your clients.

To create a metal business card, you can choose from several different printing options, such as spot color or embossing. Spot color is a solid color that works well with etching, while embossing is a type of raised design that creates an impression in the paper. In addition, you can also use die cutting to create unique shapes for your business cards.

To order a metal business card, visit the company’s website and select your desired type of card. You can upload your own artwork or request their in-house design service. They’ll turn your design into a vector file and set up dies for the printing process. Then, you can place your order and pay online using their safe PayPal payment system. Once your order has been processed, you’ll receive a digital proof to review and confirm before it goes into production.


Metal business cards are a great way to convey your personality and brand, and can be printed in a variety of ways. They also make a memorable impression on potential clients, and can be used to promote metal business cards manufacturer your company in a professional manner. Metal card makers often provide a wide range of services, including design, printing, and finishing. They also offer a variety of different styles and finishes for their cards, making it easy to find the right one for you.

The brushed metal finish is a popular choice for many customers, as it provides an interesting texture to the card’s surface. Its distinctive look is created by small unidirectional scratches that create a pattern of unequal reflective properties along different axes. These scratches can add a depth to the card’s color, and can highlight specific aspects of its design. They are an excellent choice for a business that requires unique details to be displayed on each individual card, such as membership numbers and membership cards.

Another option is to choose a matte metal business card, which has a smooth and elegant finish. This type of card is more durable than glossy cards, and it won’t give off glare or be marked by fingerprints. It’s a good choice for a business that wants to convey a sense of luxury and extravagance.


Unlike paper business cards, metal ones are long-lasting and durable. They are also great for a sleek, high-end look that can help you make a good impression on new and potential clients. These cards are a great way to give out information and can be customized with your name or contact information. They also come with a digital profile that allows you to track who you have given your card to.

Vivipins offers several different styles of metal business cards, including a variety of custom shapes and finishes. They also offer design services, and they can turn your logo into a vector image that will work for any type of card. They have an in-house team of designers, and they will help you create a unique design for your business cards.

They use only the highest-quality materials, and they inspect each order by hand before shipping it to customers. They can provide you with a mockup of your design, which will allow you to see the final product before ordering. They can also add effects like etching and laser cutting to your business cards.

They are the best place to get a custom-made metal business card, and their prices are competitive. The company’s staff is experienced and friendly, and they are able to handle all your requests.

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