Men’s Cardigan

Mens Cardigan

Men’s Cardigan

Cardigans have long suffered a square, milquetoast reputation but they can be a great way to dress up a men’s polo shirt and jeans. Pair it with a pair of chinos and you’ve got a look that’s both casual and smart.

A cardigan can be worn open for a casual look or buttoned to the top to replace a suit jacket. It’s also a good layering piece for in-between weather when a blazer might look too formal.

It’s Versatile

Men’s cardigans are the perfect go-to for any wardrobe. They’re versatile enough to be worn with a pair of jeans and a T-shirt, and they work just as well when you need something to dress down a smart shirt or suit. This versatility makes them a great choice for casual occasions or for dressing up more formal outfits for the office.

Despite being associated with grandpas and their pipe, cardigans have moved on from retirement home to closet essential. In fact, it’s easy to see why they haven’t been out of fashion for too long. They add a bit of maturity to your look, while projecting stability and an unflappable sense of calm. They can even be a good way to convey your creative side, as they can be paired with ripped denim and workwear boots for a rock ‘n’ roll aesthetic.

While you can’t go wrong with a plain, solid color cardigan, it’s also worth trying out bolder shades and patterned designs. These are the ones that will really push the cardi out of the realm of dad-style weekend wear and into the modern world of menswear. A textured or patterned cardigan is also a great option for smarter casual outfits, as it can be worn with a plain tee and a pair of jeans, or a blazer with chinos or trousers.

It’s Comfortable

Cardigans have risen from the grave of fashion fads to occupy the role as the true phoenix of men’s outerwear. They’re comfortable and forgiving to wrinkles, big enough to wear over a polo or dress shirt and small enough to layer under a sports jacket or suit coat.

A quality men’s cardigan has a bit of a taper to flatter your silhouette, narrowing at the rib cage and widening back out down at the waist, just like a suit jacket. When worn open, the top button can be left undone for a casual style that doesn’t resemble a sweatshirt, and it adds visual texture to your Men’s Cardigan look. Buttoning it all the way up can be done if you prefer, but leaving it unbuttonered when sitting down offers more comfort and allows you to show off your leather belt for a little contrast.

If you’re looking for a men’s cardigan to pair with a nicer tee or a button-down shirt, henley or polo, check out our selection from Buck Mason. Their shawl collar designs evoke the timeless style of Steve McQueen, and their rugged ribbed knit makes them ideal for wearing with Buck Mason denim. They’re also great to wear zipped open over a graphic tee for a breezy oceanfront dinner date, or as a warm layering piece over your dress shirts and long-sleeve tees at work.

It’s Warm

The cardigan is the unsung hero of layered outfits, sitting quietly in the background and rarely getting any attention. But with the right wool blend, this sweater is an essential piece of outerwear for fall and winter. Layer it over a crew neck tee and tailored pants or with jeans and lace-up brogues for an everyday look that won’t feel too sloppy or unstudied. If you want to keep it extra warm, you can even slip a jacket over your shoulders.

While some people might think the cardigan isn’t manly, this classic sweater has a long history as a masculine style. You just need to know how to wear it properly and choose the right material.

Unlike a hoodie, men’s cardigans typically open down the front and are buttoned all the way through, with some using toggles or a zipper for variety. If you choose a quality knit like this fine-knit cashmere Men’s Cardigan option from Amazon Essentials, you can expect it to fit well. It should be narrowest under the rib cage and widen down around the waist, giving you a flattering shape that’s softer than the sharp lines of a suit jacket. You can also opt for a cardigan with sleeves that extend all the way to your elbows, allowing you to cover your hands as well.

It’s Easy to Worry About

A well-made cardigan is a good investment. It will hold up to repeated wearing and washing and keep its shape. Look for the right fit — not too baggy, but not clingy or “second skin” tight.

The sleeves should cover your belt or waistband and end just past the tops of your back pockets. The neckline should sit close enough to your chest that the v-neck doesn’t gape open when you lean over or lie down. It should also be long enough to cover your chest when you wear a button-down shirt, but not so long that it looks feminine or like you borrowed a grandpa sweater from a younger sibling.

Men’s cardigans can add a touch of formality to any outfit and even up the style points of casual pants and shirts. They’re a great option for work-casual events and locations, date nights and casual workplaces.

This crochet cardigan pattern is a simple design with a fun tweed look. It uses Lion Brand Scarfie yarn and front post and back post crochet stitches for the ribbing around the buttons. You can use any yarn with a similar bulky weight. Try it out and see how you feel about this stylish knitted sweater.

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