Wooden Slat Acoustic Panel

Wooden Slat Acoustic Panel

Wooden Slat Acoustic Panel

Acoustic slat wood wall panels offer style, functionality, and versatility. Pine slat walls are ideal for those seeking a rustic look, while ash and maple wood slats deliver premium aesthetics. The grey-backed and mineral wool-backed options feature class-A sound absorption.

Identifying the existing design elements in your space is essential when choosing wood slat acoustic panel. This will help you determine which woods to select for your feature wall.


Wooden slat acoustic panels are becoming a popular choice for modern office designs because of their aesthetic appeal and sound-absorbing properties. They’re a perfect solution for creating a comfortable and productive work environment in an open office setting, where noise pollution can be a serious problem. By reducing noise and eliminating echos, acoustic panels can improve communication and enhance speech intelligibility.

Acoustic wall panels made from wood slats add a unique touch to any room, and they’re available in a wide range of colors and finishes. They can be paired with existing Wooden Slat Acoustic Panel wall decor to create a cohesive look that matches your personal style. Wooden acoustic wall panels are also made from environmentally friendly materials, such as recycled wood and eco-friendly felt. The acoustic felt absorbs the sound waves that hit it, while the wooden slats reduce echo and reverberation in the space.

The acoustic wood slats have an impressive noise reduction coefficient, and they’re a good option for offices, cafes, music studios, living rooms, and other spaces where acoustics are important. They’re also a great choice for home theaters, as they can help enhance the audio quality of movies and TV shows.

If you’re looking for a stylish and versatile solution for your space, consider wood slat acoustic paneling from MuffleTimber. These wall panels are visually appealing and easy to install, making them the ideal choice for any space.

Sound Absorption

Acoustic wood slat wall panels are a popular addition to modern offices. Not only do they offer a clean, natural aesthetic, but they also improve office acoustics by reducing noise pollution and enhancing speech intelligibility. In contrast to conventional sound-absorption methods, which include expensive and invasive amendments to walls, these decorative wooden panels are an affordable solution that provides both functional and aesthetic benefits.

These acoustic wall and ceiling panels feature wood veneer slats on an eco-friendly acoustic felt backing. They are designed for a simple installation process and can be screwed directly into walls or ceilings through the acoustic backing. Additional acoustic insulation can be added to the panels for class A sound absorption (optional).

Slat Wood Panels are available in a wide range of natural wood finishes, from a light oak to a deep walnut. They can be curated to match existing office decor and create a beautiful accent wall in your space.

Slat panel walls have a gap between each slat that adds to the aesthetic. They are also made of high-quality timber and are durable. They are an ideal solution for any room in the house, including media rooms and living spaces, as well as offices and commercial premises. The gaps in the slats also reduce reverberation and improve audio quality. The acoustic panels are also designed to be versatile, with different drilling patterns to provide different levels of sound absorption.


These wood wall panels offer both aesthetics and functionality, making them an excellent option for any space. They can create a beautiful accent wall and help reduce the noise in your space. They are also easier to install than solid wood panels.

Slat wood acoustic wall panels are available in different sizes and colors to suit any space. Some slat wood panel designs are made from one piece of wood, while others feature a pattern of slats that form a unique design. In addition, slat wood wall panels are very easy to clean and do not require any special cleaning products.

The wood slats of these panels are attached to an acoustic felt backing. This allows the panels to be easily cut on site, allowing for unique combinations and total customization. In addition, the slats can be arranged in different patterns to match Wooden Slat Acoustic Panel any decor style. In addition, slat wood panels are made of high-quality materials that can last for several years if they are properly maintained.

These wood wall panels are a popular addition to modern offices. They reduce the amount of noise pollution in the office and create a more comfortable working environment for employees. This is important because acoustic issues can be a major distraction and hinder productivity. The slat wood wall panels also make it easier for employees to communicate with each other and collaborate.


Wooden acoustic wall panels add a natural feel to a room, and they work to absorb noise and reduce echo and reverberation. They can be paired with soft furnishings and other interior decor to create a calm and comfortable environment for work and relaxation.

The slats in our wood acoustic panels are made from sustainable materials and feature a durable surface that requires minimal maintenance. The surface is sealed, preventing dust and other contaminants from settling on the panel and creating a build-up that affects its performance. A regular dusting or wipe-down is enough to keep the acoustic panel looking pristine.

In addition, the acoustic wall panels have a layer of recycled PET felt that further enhances their acoustic performance. PET is resistant to abrasion and dirt accumulation, making it easy to keep clean. Adding an extra layer of protection to the slats ensures that they can be used in high-traffic areas without deterioration or damage.

These wood acoustic panels are easy to install and don’t require any fancy tools. Make sure that the wall or ceiling is clean and free of screws and obstacles, then mount the panels in a pattern that suits your space. When you’re ready to install the final panel, cut the protruding edge of felt off with a sharp knife to finish the job.

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