MOTOTRBO DP4400e – Empower Your Workforce With Digital Two-Way Radios


MOTOTRBO DP4400e – Empower Your Workforce With Digital Two-Way Radios

The Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO DP4400e series of digital two-way radios work harder for you than you think. Bluetooth audio lets you talk without wires, and indoor/outdoor location tracking increases the visibility of your workforce.

Safety features such as the orange emergency button and Transmit Interrupt help to keep your people safe. Integrated GPS makes it easy to locate mobile work teams, and advanced data integrations allow for a range of business applications.

Built-in Bluetooth

The Motorola DP4400e is part of a series of ETSI DMR Standards compliant digital radios that deliver operations-critical voice and data communications. With Bluetooth audio that lets you talk without wires, integrated Wi-Fi for remote software upgrades and indoor and outdoor location tracking capabilities for total visibility of your team, these devices have the ability to empower your workforce like never before.

With its 32 channels and large push-to-talk button, the DP4400e is easy to use. It is also compatible with legacy analogue technology for those slowly migrating to digital and boasts a variety of clever features, including an emergency button, programmable buttons, Transmit Interrupt and more.

With built-in Bluetooth you can connect with a variety of other accessories such as headsets and speakers. Plus, its noise cancellation and acoustic feedback suppression technologies will ensure that your conversations remain clear even in the noisiest of environments. And its GPS feature can help you locate staff quickly and efficiently in the event of an emergency, while data capability allows for text messaging when a voice call is not appropriate.


The Motorola DP4400e is part of the MOTOTRBO E-Series that delivers operations critical voice and data integrations. Bluetooth audio lets workers talk wirelessly, integrated Wi-Fi allows for remote software upgrades TWO-WAY RADIO DP4400e and indoor/outdoor location tracking boosts productivity and worker safety.

From the factory employee making components to the road crew doing repairs, MOTOTRBO (DP4400e series) digital radios empower employees like never before. Best-in-class audio and enhanced data capabilities transform your business, make you smarter and safer, and provide a competitive advantage.

Packed with clever features, DP4400e hand portables have built in bluetooth (see the DP4401e), a dust tight IP68 rating for submersibility, up to 28 hours of battery life and an improved receiver that boosts range by 8% over previous models. There’s also an easily accessible emergency button that can summon help with a single press, a Transmit Interrupt feature to clear a channel for urgent transmissions and an accelerometer that senses if the handset is dropped and sends a signal to alert others.

A variety of programming options are available based on your requirements. The simplest method of programming is using MOTOTRBO 2.0 CPS and the radios can also be programmed in batches with Motorola Solutions MOTOTRBO Radio Management Software.

Text Messaging

The DP4400e is revolutionizing two-way radio communication by providing users with an easy to use, secure and effective communication system. Its wide range of features includes text messaging and Work Order Ticketing, making it the perfect solution for businesses in need of a powerful, reliable communication system.

Featuring the latest IMPRES powerful audio amplifier technology, these digital hand portables provide loud and clear speech with industry-leading noise cancellation. The DP4400e series also provides an improved receiver that boosts the radio’s range by up to 8% compared to previous models.

The DP4400e series is built tough to handle day-to-day wear and tear. A dedicated emergency button allows you to summon help in an instant, and an integrated accelerometer senses if you’ve fallen. This feature, along with its IP68 rating for dust and water resistance, makes it a hard-working radio that won’t let you down. Safety is also a priority for the DP4400e series, which comes with a variety of features designed to protect your staff. These include location tracking, man down, and a host of other safety options.

Work Order Ticketing

The built-in Work Order Ticketing feature of the DP4400e digital two-way radio series allows users to create and track work requests. This process helps to streamline the ticketing life cycle and increases efficiency in maintenance operations. It also ensures that tickets are handled appropriately based on their status and provides a full record of the asset’s history.

With this feature, requesting users can submit their repair requests by creating a ticket through the system and attaching a service request template. The request is then elevated to active status and becomes a work order in the system. Once the ticket is an actual work order, the original requester may no longer edit it unless they have privileges to do so.

Depending on the nature of a work order, it can be assigned to a specific staff member or team to respond to. Additionally, the system can set up service level agreements for support to ensure that your customers receive quick and efficient responses from your team. This will help to meet your customers’ expectations and improve customer satisfaction.

Lone Worker Feature

Millions of workers within the UK are classed as lone workers and businesses must ensure that safety procedures are in place to protect them. The DP4400e features a lone worker function which alerts team members when a user fails to check in at regular intervals. The radio will also use an accelerometer to detect if the user has fallen and will call for help TWO-WAY RADIO DP4400e automatically. This feature can be managed via the CP200 radio programmer or the MOTOTRBO solution management software enabling you to monitor all of your lone worker devices and set alarms if needed.

The Motorola DP4400e is a digital radio that can operate on both UHF and VHF frequencies. It has a suite of safety and security features that make it perfect for high-risk environments.

The DP4400e offers superior audio quality, extended battery life and a host of advanced data integrations. It is designed for skilled professionals that refuse to compromise. Enhanced security and safety features include dedicated emergency buttons, transmit interrupt options, Man Down and lone worker functions. It is also built to withstand tough working environments and meets military standards for durability.

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