How to Choose a 20inch LED Light Bar

20inch led light bar

How to Choose a 20inch LED Light Bar

If you are looking for a 20inch led light bar, you will want to look for several factors like lumens count, beam pattern, and warranty. You will also need to check for weather resistance and adjustability.

This sleek LED light bar’s black panel design offers jaw-dropping good looks that complement any vehicle with black accents and accessories (grilles, wheels, bull bars). It also features a durable die-cast aluminum housing and premium flat wound wiring harness that’s waterproof against all climate conditions.


A 20 inch LED light bar is a powerful way to illuminate any dark area on your vehicle. It is able to reach wider areas than an individual light bulb, giving you a more powerful and useful beam pattern. Its power also means that it consumes less electricity, allowing you to save money on your fuel bill.

The housing on a 20 inch led light bar is typically made of heavy-gauge aluminum, which provides a strong, durable and weatherproof housing for your LED lights. The aluminum can be painted to match your vehicle aesthetic, and the material is odorless and nontoxic. It also has a high tensile strength, so it is able to handle the stresses of a rough ride without damaging your lights or the mounting bracket.

Some LED Light bars also come with hard mounts that secure the bar firmly to its mounting location. These can be bracket clamps, surface mounts or internal mounts that are screwed or clamped into a platform. These can be difficult to install and may require professional installation, but they offer a degree of stability and durability that you may not find with soft mounts.


The most important factor to consider when purchasing an LED Light Bar is the quality of its constituent components. These include both the chassis and housing, 20inch led light bar which must be robust enough to prevent damage from debris or extreme weather conditions. Aluminum is the most common material chosen for this purpose, as it offers a sleek aesthetic and can be painted to theme it with your vehicle. Polycarbonate plastics are also a great choice, as they provide an impact-resistant layer that ensures that all of your LED Light Bar’s constituent components remain intact when faced with serious collisions.

A 20 inch led light bar should be able to easily resist corrosion and water damage. Some manufacturers offer hard mounts that will guarantee further stability, especially when mounted to a flat surface such as the roof of your car. These types of mounts can be clamped, screwed or hooked into a particular platform, making them easier to install and giving the bar added security. Additionally, some manufacturers will include over voltage protection that prevents premature circuit board failure due to accidental current fluctuations.

Color Temperature

A 20inch led light bar can be a great way to upgrade the lighting on your off-road vehicle. It can illuminate the trail ahead of you, allowing you to see obstacles and dangers easily. It also allows you to spot other vehicles on the road. However, you should choose a light that is durable enough to withstand the elements and other harsh conditions.

The RIGID Rugged Ridge 20” LED Light Bar features a combination of flood and spot reflectors for maximum visibility. It is made of a durable aluminum housing with an anti-scratch polycarbonate lens and forged iron brackets. It comes with a mounting kit and step-by-step installation manual for an at-home install.

Lightfox’s advanced dual row CREE LED design delivers 10,800 raw lumens. The lights are optically upgraded with Vision Drive tech that integrates curved and metalized reflectors for optimal light harvesting and focused beam shaping. They have a 5,500K CCT for a warmer, yet still crisp white light that is easy on the eyes. They also come with side and bottom mounting options to allow for versatile use on your off-road rig.

Beam Patterns

A 20inch led light bar is equipped with an array of beam patterns to illuminate your surroundings. These include auxiliary high-beam SAE581, auxiliary fog lights SAE583, and warning strobe SAE845. The housing is constructed of a sturdy aluminum alloy and a UV & Scratch resistant GE Lexan lens. These features make this LED light bar suitable for any off-road adventure.

The DV8 Offroad Elite Series 20-inch LED Light Bar is built with the best components to provide maximum durability and performance. Its bezel-less design has a sleek appearance without the traditional screws on the front frame and is designed to resist dust, dirt, mud, snow, and ice. Its OSRAM LEDs deliver a powerful 8,800 lumens of lighting to brighten the trail or woods around you.

The Adapt LED light bar is equipped with 8 selectable beam patterns and accent lighting that can be programmed to display any color in the spectrum. The molded dash mounted RIGID controller has intuitive controls that let you easily choose the perfect beam pattern for your drive. Salt and 20inch led light bar Fog testing ensures that the LED light bar can withstand harsh weather conditions.


If your LED Light Bar isn’t working correctly or isn’t as bright as it should be, there may be an issue with the battery, the input voltage, or the wiring. Check to see if there is a problem with any of these before calling for a warranty repair. If you know a bit about electrical wiring, this could save you time and money in the long run.

Many of these lights are hard mounted to the vehicle and can be difficult to remove by anyone with negative intentions. This provides a great amount of peace of mind for those who use their light bars for daily practical purposes.

These LED light bars are designed to be durable and long lasting, allowing them to be used in rugged environments. They have been torture-tested and feature a durable polycarbonate lens that is scratch resistant and weatherproof. They have also been salt and fog tested to ensure that they can withstand harsh conditions. These light bars are a must-have for any off road adventurer. They will illuminate the path ahead and help you navigate your way through obstacles and terrain with ease.

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