Upgrade Your John Deere With an LED Work Light Package

John Deere LED Work Light

Upgrade Your John Deere With an LED Work Light Package

Easily supercharge your John Deere Tractor with this LED Light Package. These LED lights mount in place of cab lights on premium John Deere tractor models while maintaining original appearance.

They are easy to install with a plug-and-play design that mounts like-for-like with existing halogen bulbs. Plus, they draw less current, making them easier on the machine’s electrical system.

Easy to Install

Upgrade your John Deere Gator with powerful LED work lights. LED technology is up to 330 percent brighter than halogen, making it easier for you to see down the field and around corners, so you can complete your nighttime tasks. Plus, LEDs draw less electrical power than halogen lights, so you can use your tractor and agricultural equipment longer without worrying about the battery and alternator. With our easy-to-install, plug-and-play design, you can add these powerful tractor lights to your John Deere without cutting or splicing any original wiring. The swivel base allows you to direct the powerful spread of light where you need it most – so you can finish your farm work at any hour. Designed, engineered and assembled in the U.S.

Longer Lifespan

Unlike HID and halogen lights that require frequent replacement, LED work lights will save operators time and money on maintenance costs. Because they consume less electricity and are John Deere LED Work Light not subject to the same intense heat that halogen bulbs experience, they also last longer than traditional lights. These durable lights are designed to withstand harsh environments and repeated use, making them an excellent investment for any Gator owner.

The LED work light provides a brighter and more efficient way to illuminate cab areas without creating distracting glare, which helps reduce eye strain for the operator. This allows them to remain focused on the task at hand instead of having to constantly reposition or adjust their lighting. This added benefit will allow operators to complete their work with less interruption and in a more productive manner than they would be able to do if working under regular halogen or HID lights.

LED work lights are an easy and cost-efficient upgrade for any John Deere Gator. These durable lights can be mounted on the brushguard, front roof or as a pedestal. They don’t require any modifications or alterations to the tractor, and they can be installed quickly using an included wiring harness.

Less Amp Draw

The LEDs in these lights draw far fewer amps than sealed beam bulbs. That means that your tractor battery and alternator will last much longer, saving you money in maintenance costs. Additionally, less amp draw means that your lights will be brighter for longer.

This translates into less eye strain and more work hours for you and your crew. It also cuts down on the risk of heat damage to sensitive components in the cab and body of your tractor.

Unlike sealed beam bulbs, LED work lights don’t generate heat. This reduces the need for additional power to cool cabs and other enclosures, custom off road lights which saves you even more on energy expenses.

You’ll also find that the cab lights in this LED kit mount directly into existing lamp holders, so you don’t have to worry about major modifications to your tractor. And since they’re designed for a premium John Deere, you’ll still get to maintain the original appearance of your machine.

For added convenience, some of these LED lights come with male “daisy-chaining” outlets for power. That allows you to link together multiple lights with a single extension cord, so you can cover the entire jobsite. This feature is especially helpful if you’re working on a site that requires extensive lighting, or if you frequently reconfigure your equipment.

Brighter Light

LED technology provides a brighter light up to 330 percent brighter than halogen lights for improved visibility. This allows everyone from farmers working the fields at night to UTV and ATV operators to see what is around them more easily. This helps them get the job done faster and more efficiently. The intense lighting also reduces eye strain and glare while making it easier to stay focused on the task at hand. LEDs also use less power to operate, which puts less stress on the equipment’s electrical system and battery.

The LED lights feature a wide range of light patterns to fit your application. Choose a wider flood or narrower pencil beam to better illuminate your work area. Each light is also available in an amber color for working in dusty or dirty environments, as well as a white option to provide optimal visibility under the hood.

These LED lights are a great upgrade for John Deere tractors that use the original front hood light and have the H4 connector. The LED-9306 is a left side, oval LED light that fits into the hood of premium John Deere Tractors and replaces OEM RE233263, RE181916 or AL202742. It looks like the factory light so it maintains the original appearance but supercharges the light output to make the job go faster. It comes with a factory wiring harness, making it easy to install and plug-in without cutting or splicing the original wires.

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