Led Follow Spot Lights

Led Follow spot lights

Led Follow Spot Lights

Led Follow spot lights are a powerful addition to any theater, film, or dance venue. They can be set up and taken down in several seconds, have great dimming and are very versatile.

ADJ’s FS600LED features a bright LED light source, adjustable iris and shutters for manual framing, DMX integration and onboard strobe effect. It also stays cool and uses a tiny 80W of power.


In a theatre, arena or concert hall the right lighting can make or break a performance. Follow spot lights are a critical part of any production and provide the follow spotlight operator with a powerful beam to highlight actors and presenters. They can also be used to paint the stage with rich saturated color or highlight a specific object, making them ideal for any stage production.

Chauvet DJ’s LED Followspot 75ST is a full-sized followspot that offers powerful LED technology in an easy to set up and use package. Designed with the needs of modern productions in mind, it’s lighter and cooler than traditional incandescent follow spots, with super smooth dimming for professional fading and a single gobo slot to project patterns onto surfaces.

The LED-powered 75ST offers a hard-edged, focused light output thanks to its 75-watt white LED source, and it’s quieter than most incandescent followspots, with a quick electronic strobe that requires no moving parts for silent operation. A mechanical iris controls the diameter of the beam, and rear panel buttons allow you to select your colors, intensity and a strobe effect – all with DMX connectivity.

The Ushio Sai-500 is a medium-throw LED follow spot that features a beautiful daylight white color, perfect for shows where costumes and backdrops need to be clearly seen. With step-less electronic dimming and a compact, lightweight design it’s easy for one person to handle.


CHAUVET LED Followspot 75ST is a portable, LED-powered followspot that casts a focused, hard-edged beam to illuminate performers from a distance. It features an electronic strobe with no moving parts for silent operation and a powerful LED dimming between 0 and 100% that makes professional fading simple. A mechanical Stage Lighting Supplier iris helps you adjust the diameter of the beam and a single gobo slot allows you to project patterns onto surfaces. With a 5800K color temperature, this spot helps you show off costumes and backdrops as they were intended to be portrayed.

Larger modern followspots use an intense type of lamp known as a discharge lamp. These lights cannot be dimmed using a standard dimmer pack, so they have a special mechanical dimming device called a chopper that closes a pair of shutters on the top and bottom of the beam of light. This reduces the intensity of the follow spot so that it can be used in large theatres where many people are being followed.

This is a very important feature for theatrical lighting, but it’s not available on every followspot. Some follow spots that are designed for smaller stages use a carbon arc that creates bright light from an electrical discharge between two carbon rods in free air. When the arc is struck, it starts to glow and can produce up to 100 watts of high-intensity light.


Follow spot lights are used to highlight actors and props that are moving on stage using a beam of light. They are available in a variety of colors and can have features like adjustable iris and shutters. They are also compatible with various dimmer controls for added versatility. Follow spots are commonly seen in theatres, schools and dance studios.

Chauvet DJ’s LED Follow Spot 75ST uses a powerful 75-watt white LED to create a hardedge, focused beam. Its built-in CTO filter lowers the color temperature to match tungsten lamps, and its manual control options allow you to easily operate it without a DMX console. The LED Follow Spot 75ST also features a mechanical iris for adjusting the size of the beam and a single gobo slot that projects crisp patterns on any surface.

The CHAUVET DJ LED Follow Spot 75ST is easy to use, durable and compact, making it an ideal choice for small clubs and venues. It comes with an included tripod, which makes set up and tear down a simple process that takes only seconds. This fixture is also equipped with an extremely fast electronic strobe for silent operation and super smooth LED dimming for professional fading. The LED Follow Spot 75ST is safe for indoor use, and its fan cooling system keeps the lamp cool.


The follow spot is one of the most important lights in any theatre LED Strobe Mobile Light show. It is used to follow a subject or performer with a hard-edged beam of light and highlight them on stage. This is done using a mechanical shutter or iris to control the diameter of the light beam. Followspots are very hot, so it’s essential to take precautions when operating them. Wear thin layers of clothing and gloves, and be sure to stay hydrated. If the shutter or iris become sticky, use graphite powder to lubricate them.

LED followspots are smaller, lighter, and cooler than incandescent units, and they require less maintenance. They can also be used for longer durations because they don’t heat up as quickly. DMX integration means you can control your follow spot’s color, intensity, and onboard strobe effect from a central dimmer, allowing your spotlight operator to focus all of their attention on tracking the subject while still delivering well-timed lighting cues.

The Drama FS-LED 900 LED follow spot is an extremely powerful fixture that can be controlled with faders on the included DMX controller. This unit includes a 5-color wheel (red, green, blue, orange and white) as well as a CTO wheel for adjusting color temperature. A built-in iris allows you to control the diameter of the beam, and a power fader allows for smooth professional fading.

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