Led Wash Lights – Create a Rockin’ Night With LED Wash Lights

Led wash lights

Led Wash Lights – Create a Rockin’ Night With LED Wash Lights

Led wash lights help to create a beautiful backdrop for a performance. They have the ability to display a wide variety of colors, and can be used for a number of different applications.

LED lighting catches customers’ attention from the street, ushers them into clean and easy-to-navigate experiences, and builds their trust in your brand.

Color Change

Whether you are a mobile DJ, club owner, or someone who throws epic parties at home, you can set the stage for a rockin’ night by adding wash lights and color changers to your lighting system. Both are great for creating a light mood and illuminating your audience without overwhelming them with too much brightness.

The ZENIT W600 LED Wash Light offers a range of control options, including standalone, DMX, and master/slave operation. Its powerful PWM technology delivers smooth full-range dimming with 16-bit resolution and 4 selectable curves – linear, exponential, logarithmic, and S-curve. It also features selectable strobe and CCT tuning modes for ultimate flexibility in design.

With 19 RGBW (Red, Green, Blue & White) LEDs, the wash light is capable of producing millions of colors and shades to suit your needs. Each LED can adjust from 0% to 100%, providing a wide range of brightness levels for each individual color. This allows for a more precise calibration of your light.

The cyc light is designed to be set up in rows and evenly wash large objects, like backdrops, walls, and other structures. It can be gelled or colored in different colors and uses the aluminum reflector to disperse the light evenly over a larger area. It also has a number of other features that allow it to be used in more situations than traditional cyc lights, including built-in dimmer and shutter controls.

Master/Slave Synchronisation

For a truly professional lighting setup, the ability to sync up your wash lights is crucial. That’s where the master/slave synchronisation capabilities of a LED wash light come in handy. The idea is simple: the fixture you set as the master controls other compatible fixtures as slaves. The rest of the devices simply daisy-chain together with DMX cables, and each Moving head light supplier light takes its commands from the next in the chain. So if one light has an automated program built into it, the others in the chain will follow along without any issues.

If you’re a DJ looking to create a rockin’ atmosphere at your club or party, it’s a good idea to add some wash lighting. It helps to illuminate the crowd, and it looks much more professional than just using standard DJ lighting. Many of our wash lights have built-in automated programs, and you can use a DMX controller or lighting remote to change them from the DJ booth.

We also offer LED wash lights with a built-in 2.4 GHz W-DMX transceiver for wireless master/slave synchronisation. This allows you to connect up to 32 fixtures and create synchronized light shows in automated and master/slave modes. This enables you to control the entire chain of fixtures with just one DMX controller or lighting remote, making it easy to build complex, high-quality lighting designs.


Depending on where you intend to use your wash lights, you may need to ensure they are weatherproof. If you are able to find one with this feature, you can rest assured that they will be able to withstand the elements and last longer than traditional fixtures.

Unlike traditional wash lights, which only allowed one color at a time, the latest models offer a full range of popular colors with no need for separate filters or gels. This allows you to create a whole spectrum of different effects, and it also means you don’t need to worry about changing your color settings for each event you host.

The majority of our LED wash lights have DMX functionality, which makes them compatible with your other lighting fixtures. This is especially important for larger stage productions, as it gives you the ability to set up a wall of light effect that’s more professional.

If you’re looking for a great choice of wash lights, look no further than Sweetwater. We have a 5 in 1 spotlight huge selection of brands, styles, and price points so you can find the perfect light for your needs.

A high-quality wash light can make all the difference in your stage performance. You can use it to highlight specific areas or to give your audience a sense of movement. It can even be used to create a dreamy atmosphere on the stage!

Battery Operated

For lighting professionals who need to set up and move wash lights around a venue often without access to a power outlet, the battery operated capabilities of these lights can be invaluable. Using LED wash lights as a base layer of color to fill a space and add some texture to the room can then be followed up with other layers like strobes or lasers for extra impact.

The CHAUVET DJ EZwedge Tri is a good example of a battery-powered wash light that offers bright and smooth color mixing. It’s shaped to fit inside triangle-style truss systems and produces wash effects with RGB LEDs that can be controlled wirelessly via a DMX system. It also includes a battery life indicator so you can check its status at all times.

Choosing the right type of wash light is important to ensure you get the most from your investment. The most common type is the par light which can be circular or linear and offer a narrower coverage area than other types of wash lights but are still very bright.

Other types of wash lights include the LED “panel” type lights which have an angled beam and can produce a wide range of colors without needing filters or gels over the lens. These are ideal for setting up in a venue or for use as backlights on stage.

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