LED Wash Lights

Led wash lights

LED Wash Lights

Led wash lights can be a great addition to your stage or venue. They provide a bright display of color and help to highlight other features of your setup.

But, like other LED lighting solutions, the new lights can create light pollution. Directing the light beams downward can eliminate this issue, but it’s important to be careful about using them in public spaces.

DMX Control

DMX is a data communication protocol that allows you to control your LED wall washer lights by using a lighting controller. It generates serial signals in a format known as DMX512 (I’ll use the term DMX for ease of reading throughout this blog post) that are transmitted over a data cable and decoded by each DMX-capable light fixture.

A DMX LED wash light can be controlled through a programmable DMX controller, allowing you to create mesmerizing lighting scenes and change the brightness of your LED color changing wall washer lights. Each DMX controller has a specific DMX address (usually referred moving head beam to as “channels”), and each fixture has its own DMX output and DMX input. The DMX OUT goes into the DMX IN of the first fixture, and a DMX OUT from the second fixture is connected to DMX IN of the third fixture.

You can control up to 170 RGB lights or 512 single-color LEDs in a single DMX universe, depending on the model you choose for your system. The DMX controller has a maximum wattage that it can handle, so you need to use a DMX terminator on the last fixture to stop a signal called a “shadow” from moving backwards through the chain and harming your lights.

Once your lights are hooked up to the DMX controller, you can select and play lighting scenes in real time, or save them for later use. Each scene can have different DMX channels, and you can even set your LED color changer to run automated or sound activated programs.


The lighting you use to accentuate your landscape designs should be durable enough to withstand the elements and provide a long service life. Weatherproof LED wash lights are an excellent choice for this purpose. They offer the reliability of a professional light while providing your clients with a beautiful piece of landscape art that they will be proud to showcase for years to come.

Whether you need to illuminate a single dance floor or an entire room, there are many different kinds of wash lights available to suit your needs. Some are circular, like a PAR light, while others have a linear design and can create various angled effects. Those that connect to a DMX control system can be set to run an auto preset or to operate in sound-to-light mode.

One of the most versatile options is a programmable LED wash light. These have a built-in motor in the base that allows them to rotate on a 360-degree axis and move up or down as desired. This makes them an excellent choice for a wide range of events, from weddings to parties and more. Some can even be programmed to follow the music as it plays, which is a fantastic feature for those who enjoy creating a dazzling visual display that will wow the crowd. They can also be used in a combination with a traditional color changing light to add a dramatic, eye-catching effect to your show.

Wireless Uplighters

A popular option among our LED uplighters, wireless units offer the ultimate in flexibility when it comes to event lighting. Battery-powered, they require no external power source and can be easily controlled with an IR remote or a DMX controller. This allows them to be positioned and hidden away in almost any venue, creating a stunning effect that is sure to impress.

Our wireless uplighters come in a range of colours and sizes, with some offering a more subtle finish so they can be used to highlight architectural features of your event space. Others are more vibrant and can be used to create a dance floor or stage lighting effect. All are completely wireless, making them easy to move around and allowing for a quick setup without the need for tripping over wires.

Most of our LED wash lights have DMX connections, meaning they can be connected to a larger lighting rig and programmed to produce certain effects and colours at specific times. This is particularly useful for larger stage performances as it ensures all the lights are synchronised, producing a professional-looking wall of colour that conveys the theme of the show.

Having the ability to set each individual light with its own color can make all the difference when it comes to your event’s visual impact. Our rental lights feature a digital display that makes this process super easy and ensures each unit will remember its colour even when it’s unplugged.


Whether you’re a musician, DJ, or house of worship, you don’t need to spend a fortune to get great LED wash lights. Our budget range of On-Stage fixtures provide standard DMX inputs and outputs to allow you to link multiple units together for customisable colour control, while using less power than traditional CYC fixtures. They’re also fanless and completely LED, allowing you to ditch gels that burn out after a few uses.

For more advanced wash lighting, there are several multifunction fixtures that combine a few different types of light into one unit. These can make it much easier to create that wall of light effect, with a single fixture performing chases, colour changes, and a number of pre-programmed effects. For example, our popular Swarm Wash FX is a 4-in-1 LED effect fixture that Outdoor Wall Washer includes an RGBAW rotating derby, RGB+UV wash, red/green laser, and a ring of white SMD strobes.

Many of these fixtures can be used in master/slave mode as well, meaning that you can set one unit to perform a certain effect or colour and then connect’slave’ units so they all do the same thing at the same time, resulting in a professional-looking synchronised lighting display. This is ideal for stage performances where it can help convey the theme of a performance or song.

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