Smart Track Lighting

smart track lighting

Smart Track Lighting

Whether you want to highlight certain areas of your home or create mood lighting, smart track lighting can be the perfect solution. It’s a great way to make your home feel more personalized and unique.

LED magnetic track lights are versatile and adjustable, offering complete control of your lighting environment. They also use less energy than traditional bulbs.

Easy to Install

Track lighting is a specialized lighting system that features individual fixtures connected to a single power source, enabling you to illuminate spaces with varying levels of intensity. The system offers a wide range of possibilities for illuminating different areas and design elements, making it ideal for modern and contemporary homes. However, homeowners should be aware of its limitations as a general lighting option and choose it only when necessary.

Unlike recessed lighting, which must be installed into ceiling joists, smart track lighting can be mounted on existing electrical boxes. As a result, it is less expensive than many other lighting options. However, installing smart track lighting requires a qualified electrician to ensure that the system is properly wired and configured for optimal functionality.

While most people think of standard linear track lighting when they think of track lights, new technology has allowed for a variety of unique and versatile LED Track Light options to be introduced. For example, a flexrail system is an adjustable monorail that allows for different lighting options to be connected to the same power source, including directional light bulbs and pendants.

Additionally, these systems come with a Zigbee solution that makes them compatible with KOSOOM dimmer products and the TUYA app on a smartphone or Google Home and Amazon Alexa speakers through the WiFi connection and smart Zigbee Gateway(hub). In addition to this, they have a tunable color temperature feature and can be remotely controlled through the smart dimmer or the TUYA APP.

Energy Efficient

The light output of track lighting is directional, which makes it a great way to highlight art or other features in a room. Most systems also offer a range of different wattages and beam angles to choose from. Moreover, LEDs don’t emit ultraviolet or infrared radiation, which can cause fading in artwork and interior fabrics. Additionally, LED track lights are more energy efficient than their fluorescent predecessors. This means that they use less energy and will help you save money on your electricity bills each month.

If you’re thinking of using track lighting in your space, look for ENERGY STAR qualified fixtures to ensure that you get the best performance possible. This will not only make your space more visually appealing, but it will also be kinder to the environment. Additionally, opt for LEDs instead of halogen bulbs to reduce your environmental impact even further.

Smart dimmable track lighting is a great option for many retail and commercial spaces because it allows you to control the lights from anywhere. This can be done through the APP on your mobile devices. You can also control the colour temperature and brightness of your lighting. All you need is a reliable WiFi connection to get started. Moreover, you can connect multiple track lighting systems to the same hub, which will allow you to control the lighting from your smartphone or tablet.


Whether you need more light for reading or want to create a moodier space for movie night, a smart track lighting system will help you achieve your goals. In addition to a sleek design and scalable features, these lights offer the option to add more fixtures or change their placement easily. You can also adjust the brightness and color temperature of your track lights remotely.

LED track lighting is a versatile, energy-efficient solution that can transform any room in your home. Whether you want to highlight artwork or family photos, or want to create a focal point with a dramatic pendant light fixture, these lights are the perfect solution. They can be controlled with a mobile app or voice assistant and can easily adapt to your needs.

Smart track lighting is easy to install and maintain, which makes it the perfect option for hospitality applications. This type of lighting is highly customizable and can be used to highlight art or decor pieces in a hotel room or restaurant. It also allows guests to control the lighting intensity on their own, which helps create a comfortable atmosphere. The LEDs used in this type of lighting are durable and long-lasting, which helps reduce maintenance costs. They also feature a sleek aluminum housing with stoving varnish for an aesthetic appearance.


Track lighting is an easy-to-maintain system that can provide a variety of options. Some contemporary track lighting systems have extra features built in or are compatible with add-on accessories like dimmer switches and lenses that lengthen or broaden the light beam. Some also allow you to change the color of the lighting with a switch.

These track lighting systems can be used in many different ways and are a great alternative to recessed lighting. They can highlight an artwork in a gallery or restaurant, or they can be used to illuminate retail displays. They can also be used to illuminate reading areas in living rooms or kitchens. They can be angled to highlight specific points of interest or used for wall washing, a technique that highlights the texture of walls.

Smart LED track lights are very versatile and can easily be adapted to changing lighting needs. They are particularly useful in areas where the desired focal point may change frequently, such as art galleries or retail stores. They can also be used in restaurants to draw attention to a bar or table.

A downside to using track lighting is that it can be difficult to install in low-ceiling areas. This is because the tracks, rails or cables hang down into the walking area and can be a hazard for people. However, some manufacturers now offer a recessed mount track lighting solution to solve this problem.

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