Exterior Wall Lights Make Your Yard More Visible at Night

exterior wall lights

Exterior Wall Lights Make Your Yard More Visible at Night

A well-lit exterior makes a home feel safe and welcoming at night. Plus, strategically placed fixtures like outdoor sconces can help deter crime by making your yard more visible.

We carry a variety of exterior wall lights and sconces to complement any decor. From lantern looks to inventive contemporary designs, you’ll find the perfect lighting for your space.

Task Lighting

When lighting up areas around high-activity spots in your outdoor living space, you want to be sure that you’re using a mix of task, accent and ambient lighting. This ensures that people can move in and out of these spaces safely.

A great way to do this is by illuminating pathways or LED Wall Light entryways with wall-mounted fixtures like sconces. This can help guests find their way on a dark night or illuminate a set of steps to avoid any tripping hazards.

These types of fixtures can also work in gazebos or other roofed structures where people might gather in the evening to grill, play cards or relax. It’s important to consider the style of your home or business when selecting a fixture for task lighting though. Many lights are now available in a variety of styles designed to uplift the look of these features, while still performing their function.

Energy efficiency is an important factor when choosing a light for any outdoor spaces as well. Look for ENERGY STAR certified fixtures to reduce energy consumption and help the environment. For example, motion sensors and timers can be used to automatically turn the lights off in lower-trafficked areas while photosensors and reflectors can help reduce unnecessary lighting pollution. These features will make it more cost effective and easier to maintain your lighting over the years.

Ambient Lighting

Often used as the first layer of lighting, ambient light creates a soft glow that helps to illuminate a space. This type of lighting can reduce shadows on faces and generally doesn’t make rooms look overly bright, which helps to avoid eye strain. It’s also great for illuminating hallways, stairs and other areas where people move through frequently at night.

Chandeliers, pendants, recessed lights and track lighting can all work as ambient lighting sources. They typically come exterior wall lights in a variety of finishes to match any color scheme and can cast a soothing glow for an entire room.

Wall-mounted fixtures, like flush mounts, can also serve as ambient lighting. They can be mounted directly up against the walls for a minimal silhouette that looks sleek against your siding, or installed higher to add height to a design. They can also be fitted with dusk to dawn or motion sensor features, which can help you save energy by avoiding having to manually turn your lights on and off at the end of each day.

For a more dramatic effect, consider adding some outdoor accent lights as well. These will help to draw attention to your favorite flower beds, seating arrangements or other exterior decorations that you want to highlight at night. You can find plenty of options, including LED spotlights that drench a single spot with a focused beam of light.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting highlights elements of the landscape or structure of a home or business after dark. It can make a garden more visually interesting, add an inviting vibe to a patio area and give homeowners and designers the chance to showcase a unique water feature. With modern LED and Bluetooth enabled lights, you can even choose to change colors and create a truly personalized nighttime setting for your yard or building.

A common type of accent lighting is wall sconces, which provide a brighter light and can be used to highlight a specific element like a sculpture or architectural details. Some outdoor lighting systems also incorporate up lighting that focuses a beam on tall trees or structures in the landscape to make them stand out against the sky and create drama.

Other forms of accent lighting include deck and step lights, which can be installed into a hardscape feature like a walkway or stairway to light up those spaces at night for safety and visual interest. This style of accent lighting is very versatile and can fit with any type of architecture or landscape design. It’s important to note that the type of accent lighting you select can have a large impact on how your space looks at night, so it’s worth taking the time to plan for your needs carefully.

Security Lighting

Having proper security lighting is important in any outdoor space to deter criminals from targeting a property. We have several options that will help keep your home safe even after the sun goes down, including motion sensor lights that are activated by movement, and flood light fixtures designed to illuminate a wide area. Our LED landscape lighting also has a high lumen output so it can provide a lot of illumination, helping to deter criminals from sneaking up on your home or a yard without being detected.

Exterior sconces add an elegant look to front porches, illuminating a warm welcome for family and friends after dark. We have sconces in a range of styles to match any design, from traditional to modern. We offer black sconces that look great with any color palette, and brass and copper wall lights complement rich reds, blues and greens.

Other outdoor wall lights are available to illuminate pathways and walkways, so people can safely navigate them at night. For this, we have flush mount options that mount recessed into the wall for a minimalist silhouette or pole-mounted fixtures that provide a more prominent appearance. We also have a selection of dusk to dawn wall lights that automatically turn on after sunset, so you don’t have to remember to switch them on and off.

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