Trimless Downlight

Trimless Downlight

Trimless Downlight

Trimless downlights create a cleaner aesthetic in a room by hiding the light source. They are designed to be plastered into a ceiling and they can be used to highlight artwork or architectural features in a space.

They are favored by designers who seek to have the overall design stand out. They are also ideal for places like hotels or restaurants where the first impression can make or break a clientele.


Trimless downlights allow the lights to become part of the wall or ceiling. This allows for a clean, seamless appearance and is popular with designers and perfectionists who want to give the clientele an immediate impression of quality and seamless design.

They can be installed in a variety of ways, with some requiring a hole to be cut in the ceiling and plastered over as part of first fix electrics. Others can be installed in a new build as part of second fix, and then ‘feathered’ into place with a fine plaster to create a seamless finish. Those that can be plastered over as part of first fix can also be used in retrofit applications by simply adding a trim kit for the desired look.

Many of our recessed downlights can be used as trimless multiples by adding the relevant multiple lighting manufacturer rings, giving you a number of options for the lighting design of your room or project. There are also a range of different sizes, power outputs and finishes to suit a wide variety of needs. There are even smart versions available that can be dimmed via app and switched to any of the colours of the rainbow if required.

The 5″/6″ LED Recessed Ceiling Light from EarthTronics is a perfect example of this kind of fixture. It is a damp location rated fixture that can be used for commercial, residential retrofit and new construction projects. The fixture can be field selectable from 2700K, 3000K, 4000K and 5000K at the time of installation for the preferred color temperature.


Trimless downlights are a minimalistic lighting solution that elevates any contemporary space. They are an ideal choice for both residential and commercial settings, blending aesthetics with functionality. These sleek downlights are also durable and easy to maintain, ensuring they continue to perform optimally while maintaining an appealing aesthetic.

Unlike traditional downlights that have an exposed flange, trimless designs are fully integrated into the ceiling surface with no visible frame. They are a popular design feature in hotels, restaurants and fashionable clubs where the lighting itself plays a prominent role in the décor. The recessed nature of these fixtures also minimises glare by focusing light downwards and away from the eye.

Most trimless downlights are designed to be plastered into place at the first fix electrics stage, ensuring that they become an architecturally integrated part of the ceiling. This flush solution is also a good choice for renovation projects. However, some varieties are also able to be feather plastered in at the second fix stage.

If you’re looking for a trimless downlight that can be fitted into a pre-plastered surface, then you should consider one of our plaster trimless downlights, such as the Borgo, Leros or Olympus. These downlights are a perfect option for replacing old halogen downlights or installing new lighting into a modern property. They are a great way to achieve the flawless designer look that is so highly desirable in today’s interior design.

Energy Efficiency

A modern and upscale indoor decoration option, trimless downlights help create a seamless integration with the ceiling by omitting a visible front plate. They have no visible outer bezels or trims, unlike traditional recessed lighting fixtures that feature a visible frame and often interfere with the clean lines of the ceiling surface.

They also allow the light to become a more architecturally integrated element without any distractions, so you can focus on other elements of your design. This makes them a designer and perfectionist’s choice because it allows the fixture to play a supporting role rather than a dominant one.

You can use them to light up the ceiling itself or they can be used to highlight objects or specific areas of the room, like artwork, furniture or architecture. You can choose between different beam angles and luminous flux (measured in lumens) to ensure the proper amount of light is emitted. For general room lighting, you should go for an 800 lumen light or higher. Anything less may be too moody or bright for practical purposes. For accent lighting, a gimbal fixture can provide better control over the direction of the beam of light and help eliminate shadows.

Moreover, the dimmable light in an integrated fixture is highly desirable for commercial environments, like restaurants and hotels, as it can create a mood-enhancing atmosphere to impress customers or guests and enhance their overall experience.


Aesthetically trimless downlights are sleek and contemporary, and are a popular choice for designers who want their lighting to play a leading role in the overall design of a room. The frame of the light is not visible and is plastered into place at the stage of first fix electrics – meaning that when you Trimless Downlight come to second fix, it is just the internal fittings that are needed. This makes them an architecturally integrated product, and one that can help accentuate artwork or features of a ceiling.

There are also some products that can be ‘feathered’ into place at 2nd fix and therefore eliminate the need for extra plastering at this stage – but always check carefully to ensure you are using a high quality product.

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