Using Kitchen Track Lighting to Elevate Your Home Decor

kitchen track lighting

Using Kitchen Track Lighting to Elevate Your Home Decor

Track lighting provides a unique lighting option for the kitchen. With a variety of head sizes, beam spreads and light temperature options available, these systems are quite flexible and versatile.

Line-voltage track lights run directly off of your home’s existing electrical circuit. Low-voltage track heads include a built-in transformer to step down voltage.


When you choose to install track lighting in your kitchen, you have the flexibility to create many different lighting effects. This is especially true if you go with LED or halogen systems. You can also purchase kits that include everything you need for a DIY project or buy individual fixtures to customize your system.

Unlike other types of ceiling lights, track lighting can easily be adjusted by simply re-angling the lighting LED Downlight heads. This makes it easy to illuminate any area of the kitchen or change the look of your space without having to hire an electrician.

You can also use your track lighting to highlight a piece of artwork or an interesting architectural feature. Track lighting can also be used to provide reading light in living spaces and dining rooms. This type of lighting is ideal for homes with high ceilings.

One disadvantage of track lighting is that it can be expensive to replace the bulbs. This is particularly the case with halogen bulbs, which can cost nearly as much as the fixture itself. This can be mitigated by choosing energy-efficient LED bulbs that will save money in the long run.

You can also opt for dimmable track lighting, which will allow you to reap the benefits of bright lights while cooking and then lower the wattage for more relaxed evenings. This is a great option for open plan kitchens, where you need to have bright illumination while cooking but will be using the space for dining and relaxing in the same room.


Unlike ceiling-mount fixtures, which offer a wide spread of illumination, track lighting allows you to focus directional light on particular features. This is ideal for showcasing your favorite framed art on gallery walls, or even just highlighting the unique architectural points in your kitchen. If you’re looking for a simple way to elevate your home decor, kitchen track lighting is an easy solution that doesn’t require much in the way of alteration to your ceiling and drywall.

Additionally, many of the options for kitchen track lights feature dimming capabilities. This allows you to use bright bulbs to illuminate work surfaces or bar stools, but lower them for dining areas, where the brightness of standard kitchen track lighting spotlights would be overwhelming. This versatility gives you more control over the overall effect of your kitchen track lighting, which is perfect for open plan spaces that serve multiple functions throughout the day.

Moreover, track lighting comes in a variety of designs that make it possible to complement nearly any style of decor. For example, curved tracks that follow the contours of ceiling beams can give your space an artistic accent. And you can also choose between warm and cool lighting options, based on your preference for a certain color temperature. Warmer bulbs are typically reddish or yellow, and can help create a cozy atmosphere. Cooler bulbs are typically bluer, and can give your space an energetic feel.

Energy Efficiency

Track lighting is more energy efficient than halogen bulbs and offers a variety of options for your kitchen. You can select lamps that suit your individual style preferences and home decor, ensuring that the fixtures blend in with the space. For instance, you can choose a matte black color for your track lights to contrast against a white kitchen or use them to complement a dark wooden dining room table.

Moreover, kitchen track lights provide uniform illumination that eliminates dark corners of the room. The fixtures also offer different light settings, allowing you to adjust the ambiance with the switch of a button or dimmer. You can also add or subtract track lighting fixtures to fit your living space needs, as long as you do not exceed the maximum wattage limit for the fixture.

In addition, you can also install kitchen track lighting to highlight highlights of the space such as a unique countertop or framed artwork. By doing so, you can increase the visual appeal of the room and transform it into a functional workspace. However, you should regularly check the connections between the tracks and the lights to ensure that they are secure. Besides, you should replace the bulbs as needed to maintain optimal performance.


Unlike the clunky track lights of the past, today’s homeowners can choose from a variety of sleek designs to suit their kitchen style. These fixtures come in multiple finishes and shapes and have beam-spread options ranging from a wide flood to a narrow spotlight. They can be used on their own or with dangle pendants to create an elegant and functional design.

Because of its utilitarian nature, this type of lighting goes best with contemporary aesthetics and simple home decor, like a black wood island and delicate bar stools. In the space above from filesof5, a simple monorail fixture illuminates the dark ceiling and helps to brighten up the wooden peninsula.

If your kitchen is filled with artful displays or framed photos, you can use this type of lighting to highlight them. By using a directional fixture and choosing ones with a bold appearance, these elements can be the focal point in your kitchen rather than the countertop or other furniture.

It’s important to turn off the power before beginning any electrical work, so be sure to locate your breaker box and make note of which switches control each section of the room. Then, purchase the necessary components to get started—a power source, track pieces, connectors and light fixtures. Once you’ve finished the installation, enjoy your beautifully-lit kitchen!

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