Boost Your Productivity With an LED Flat Panel Light

Boost Your Productivity With an LED Flat Panel Light

Boost your productivity with an LED panel light. These fixtures sit flush with a drywall ceiling or can be surface mounted using a mounting kit.

Unlike fluorescent bulbs, LED lights last longer and consume less energy – saving you money and reducing your environmental footprint. This makes them a smart choice for commercial applications.

High Light Output

When it comes to LED lighting, flat panels have a unique advantage. They are able to produce more power and have higher lumen outputs tube light than traditional troffers. This makes them perfect for applications where you need maximum light output, such as offices and warehouses.

They can be installed in several ways, depending on your requirements. Many of them are designed to fit into existing grid ceilings, and they can be recessed or surface mounted. Some of them can also be suspended by cables. This option can be a great way to save money, but it is important to note that the cable-suspended LED flat panel lights must be UL listed and will require the services of a licensed electrician to install.

Another advantage of flat panels is that they don’t emit a lot of heat, so they are ideal for plenum spaces and other confined areas. They are also able to accommodate ductwork and other restrictions that would be impractical with other fixtures. Additionally, they can be installed without a ballast, which can reduce your upfront costs and installation time.

These ultra-thin, sleek fixtures are a great choice for any space that needs bright and beautiful looking light. They can replace fluorescent lay-ins and are a perfect solution for office buildings, schools, retail stores, restaurants and hospitals. They have a lifetime of 50,000 hours and provide an excellent, bright light that can improve the quality of life in any space.

Low Energy Consumption

The LED bulbs used in these fixtures consume significantly less power than traditional fluorescent tubes. This translates to lower energy bills for the facility and a reduced environmental footprint. They also last longer, which reduces maintenance costs. Additionally, some models feature a digital display that makes changing the lighting ambiance a breeze.

The thin design of these flat panels also means they don’t need to be recessed like other recessed fixtures. This opens up a lot of possibilities for the types of rooms and spaces they can be installed in. This makes them an excellent option for replacing old fluorescent fixtures in rooms with T-bar grid ceilings.

LED light panels also have a more diffused look that is easier on the eyes than the harsh light emitted by traditional fluorescents. This can help reduce common ailments that employees working under fluorescent lights tend to experience, including headaches, eye strain, and neck pains.

Because of their soft, even light distribution and low energy consumption, LED flat panel lights are ideal for commercial facilities. This includes offices, schools, hotels, restaurants, and healthcare facilities. These types of spaces can benefit from the increased productivity that comes with better lighting, which can improve employee morale and satisfaction. Additionally, retail stores can benefit from the improved visual appeal of their products thanks to LED panel lighting.

Long Lifespan

While many light bulbs will wear down over time due to normal use, LED flat panel lights can last up to 100,000 hours. This is significantly longer than traditional fluorescent tubes which only last for about 20,000 hours before starting to fade and require replacement. This impressive lifespan means that businesses will be able to save money on energy bills as well as maintenance costs.

Another benefit of these flat panels is that they don’t contain any mercury. This makes them a safer option for businesses that have employees or customers who are sensitive to fluorescent lighting. Similarly, they won’t produce any flickering which can lead to headaches and eye strain.

LED flat panel lights come in a range of sizes, wattages, and color temperatures to suit different needs. They’re also designed to fit in existing drop grid ceilings, making them easy to install in commercial and industrial settings.

There are also a number of different ways to mount these lights, including recessed, suspended, and wall-mounted. If you’re unsure about how to install these fixtures, we recommend consulting an experienced electrician. They can provide you led flat panel light with the proper wiring and installation steps for your space. In addition, they can help you find the best LEDs for your needs and ensure that you have the proper amount of light to illuminate your space.

Easy Installation

LED flat panel lights are easy to install. They can be recessed or surface mounted to a ceiling and come with mounting brackets, safety earthquake clips and an access plate that allows for wiring. Most are dimmable and offer several power options to suit the space’s light requirements. They can also be used to replace existing fluorescent troffers. They are versatile and can be used in hotel lobbies, office buildings, retail spaces and hospitals.

Depending on your application, you can choose from two types of flat panels: edge lit or backlit. Edge-lit panels have LED chips on the edges that project light forward while back-lit panels have LEDs behind a diffuser lens that projects downward. Both are designed to be aesthetically pleasing and have a low profile that is ideal for drop ceilings, and both offer significant energy savings, 80% or more.

To install a drop-in ceiling LED flat panel, first, remove the splice box cover and one conduit knockout from the driver for wiring. Connect the incoming wires to the driver using the provided wire nuts, following PCB markings for AC-L (Black), AC-N (White) and ground (Green). Then, slide the drivers into the access plate, reinstall the ceiling tile and then turn on the power. To avoid injuries, it is best to have a certified electrician wire and install the fixture.

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