Merrytek Intelligent Sensor

Merrytek Intelligent Sensor

Merrytek Intelligent sensor provides lighting control with advanced features including daylight harvesting and customizable dimming. These sensors can help ensure that lights are only on when necessary, helping to reduce energy waste.

Integrated with a 1-10V dimmable driver, the sensor could be configured via DIP switches such as detection area, hold time and standby lux level. This allows the sensor to automatically switch off luminaires if no movement is detected during its hold-time.


MC054V RC A is an innovative active motion sensor with outdoor flood lights HF system 5.8GHz, which can detect motion through plastic, glass and thin non-metal materials. The patented low-impedance antenna design helps to effectively resist 5G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless signals, which ensures that only human movements are detected and controlled.

It is designed to work in combination with 1-10V dimmable LED drivers, providing on/off and corridor function control. Its detection area, hold time and daylight threshold can be adjusted by DIP switches. Its UL-Listed and IP65 rated housing is suitable for indoor use.

The daylight harvesting function allows energy saving without compromising comfort. It automatically dims down or up the lighting according to ambient light level. Moreover, it can also be remotely controlled via the optional remote MH01.

Its 0-10V interface in the sensor can match up with Merrytek stand-alone daylight sensor MS01 (Buy Separately) to implement daylight harvesting, which means that the lighting system has automated controls that either turn off or dim artificial light depending on the available natural daylight in a space. A potentiometer is emplyed for endusers to set the desired brightness level, which is then used as a reference signal to read the available natural light in a space, and to send a 1-10V dimming demand signal to the 1-10V dimmable ballast/driver. This intelligent sensor is ideal for lighting & electrical manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, retrofit projects and professional lighting chain stores.


The MC601V is an intelligent sensor that allows automatic switching or dimming of lights based on ambient brightness. It can be programmed via DIP switches to set at which ambient brightness the light should turn off and to switch on. It can also be connected with Merrytek stand-alone daylight sensor MS01 to implement daylight harvesting, which automatically controls artificial lights based on the amount of available natural light.

Using the third generation 5.8GHz microwave detection technology, this product has high detection range and mounting height up to 15m. The detection area, time delay and daylight threshold can be precisely set via DIP switch. Its compact size makes it easy to fix within luminaires. The sensor can be used with standard 1-10V dimmable LED drivers or ballasts. It can also be matched with Merrytek daylight harvesting LED driver MLC40C-PA to achieve a 3-step dimming function. Typical applications include corridor, stairwell and warehouse.


The MC602V is an innovative motion detector that uses 5.8GHz microwave license-free ISM wave band to sense the motion of plastic and glass. Its compact size allows it to be built-in into most light fixtures. The MC602V also features an easy-to-operate DIP switch to allow the user to conveniently set the detection area, Merrytek Intelligent sensor hold time and daylight sensor. Moreover, it can be used in conjunction with 1-10V dimmable LED drivers or ballasts to achieve daylight harvesting. It has low stand-by power consumption and provides high current transmission with a peak current of 150A. It is a great choice for commercial and industrial lighting applications.


The MC603V is an intelligent sensor that combines advanced technology with a convenient and user friendly design. It is perfect for use in systems with minimal control interface requirements, such as data acquisition and RFID applications. The MC603V features a built-in display that eliminates the need for an external monitor, saving both space and money. It also allows for quick and easy troubleshooting by displaying critical metrics on-screen.

The sensor is powered by a microprocessor, which reduces the number of components needed for operation and improves performance. It also offers a range of standard functions, including a daylight threshold, time delay, and detection area. In addition, the sensor can be used in combination with a 1-10V dimmable LED driver or ballast to achieve daylight harvesting. Its compact size makes it ideal for fixture mounting.

The MC605V-D is an innovative motion detector that uses the 5.8GHz HF system to detect motion through plastic, glass, and thin non-metal materials. It is suitable for use in both commercial and residential applications. Its advanced technology allows the sensor to detect a wider range of movement, making it suitable for larger applications. Its compact size and simple controls make it an excellent option for luminaire mounting. It is also compatible with the Merrytek stand-alone daylight sensor MS01 to provide a complete solution for daylight harvesting.

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