Truck Lights Suppliers

Truck Lights Suppliers

Truck lights suppliers help you improve the safety of your vehicle. They offer a wide range of LED light options housed in high-impact resistance casings.

Many budget truck lights produce lumens of up to 10,000. However, they can have serious drawbacks including durability, power consumption and mounting. To avoid these drawbacks, consider choosing the Rigid Industries Adapt E-Series.

LED Commercial Truck Lighting

Truck lights are one of the most popular accessories for truckers and commercial fleets. The range of options includes LED lights for the rear of your rig, bumpers, mirrors, cab guards, ID bars, reflectors, and domes. They install easily and can make your rig look more attractive or increase its visibility on the road. You can find a wide variety of lighting products online, but you should only buy high-quality, long-lasting products that are designed for the job they’re intended to do.

When choosing LED lights, you should start with determining the type of truck you’re operating. A light duty truck will have different lighting requirements than a heavy duty truck. Heavy duty trucks are often used to haul large, oversized loads. They are also frequently referred to as tractor-trailer trucks, and they include Class 7 and Class 8 trucks like the Freightliner Cascadia, Kenworth T680, and Peterbilt 389.

The benefits of using LED lights for a commercial truck are numerous. They are brighter, less expensive to operate, and have a longer lifespan than traditional bulbs. Additionally, they do not contain harmful substances like mercury, making them eco-friendly. Lastly, they turn on instantly and don’t require any warm-up time, which can be crucial in emergencies where fast response is needed. LED lights are also available in many colors, shapes and sizes, giving commercial fleets the option to create a unique look for their vehicles and reinforcing brand identity.

Flood Lights

Flood lights are powerful artificial lights designed to illuminate a wide area with high-intensity illumination, as compared to spot lights that produce a narrower beam. They are commonly used to light up outdoor areas such as stadiums, parking lots and building facades or for Round LED Headlight security lighting. They can also be used for highlighting specific objects or features.

There are many different types of flood lights on the market today including metal-halide, sodium-vapor and LED. LEDs tend to be more energy efficient, with a higher lumen-to-wattage ratio than their traditional counterparts. They are also much longer-lasting and offer more color options than traditional bulbs.

When selecting a floodlight for your truck, you’ll want to consider its wattage, bulb type and the illumination area that it will cover. Choosing a higher-wattage bulb will result in more intense light, but may also increase your energy costs. The bulb’s color temperature can also have a significant impact on the ambiance and mood of the space it’s illuminating, with warmer colors creating a more relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

Whether you’re using your truck to transport goods or equipment or for personal use, the right lighting can make your life easier and safer. By choosing the best flood lights for your needs, you can improve visibility, deter crime and create a more visually comfortable environment.

Dash Lights

A dash light is an easy way to alert drivers on the road that you’re a vehicle in the area. They’re especially useful for emergency response vehicles – they help other drivers see you coming and going so that they can take the proper action to avoid an accident or collision.

They’re also helpful for police officers who are on the go in unmarked vehicles – they’ll let everyone know what kind of vehicle is coming and will keep people from passing by too quickly. They can be a great way to increase visibility in dangerous or exceptionally busy areas, as well.

LED dash lights come with multiple mounting options, ranging from suction cups to permanent installation. Many feature a variety of flash patterns, so that operators can tailor the brightness level and pattern to suit their needs and operational requirements.

Some of these dash lights are also triggered by specific sensors in the vehicle. For instance, a red dashboard warning light that looks like a passenger balancing a beach ball on their lap indicates that one of your airbags is out of commission and may fail to inflate during an accident, which could lead to injuries or even death. If you see this warning light illuminate, bring your truck into a shop as soon as possible for a free warning light code scan and affordable diagnosis.

Marker Lights

The requirement that commercial trucks must be equipped with lights is not only for the safety of the driver and those around them but also to meet lighting regulations. To ensure your vehicle is fully equipped, you can find a large selection of truck lights to choose from. These include work lights, warning lights and marker lights. Work lights are designed to light up areas of the truck where functional work is often performed and make it easier for drivers to safely perform their tasks. Marker lights are designed to provide visibility on the sides of your truck and alert other motorists that a truck is traveling in a particular direction.

Whether you need lights for your work or leisure vehicles, you can find a large selection truck lights suppliers of brand name lights from suppliers including Phoenix USA, Century, Buyers Product Co., Trucklite and Whelen Engineering. These lights are available in a variety of models, wattage, voltage and current draw and lifetimes. They are also insensitive to vibration and will not dim when driving on rough roads, allowing for increased visibility at all times.

Besides providing high quality lighting products, these suppliers offer many other truck and trailer accessories and parts. These include electrical supplies and harnesses, light mounting hardware and seals, turn signal switches, reflectors, mirrors and reflective tapes. They also have a wide range of rotator motors and strobe modules for warning and directional lighting.

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