LED Driving Light Factory

LED Driving Light Factory

LED driving lights are an essential addition to any truck. They improve visibility and can help drivers avoid accidents. They also provide a more natural light source that doesn’t cause eye fatigue. There are a few things to consider when buying LED driving lights.

The driver is the interface between the power supply and the LED luminaire. It converts incoming AC line voltage into a constant current and regulates it.

Mean Well

Mean well is a power supply manufacturer that is one of the leading standard switching power supplies producers in the world. The company produces thousands of different models for both industrial and consumer electronics applications.

Some LED lights require a specific DC voltage to operate, and you may need a constant power driver to ensure that your lights are safe for use. These drivers take AC electricity and convert it to the low-voltage DC that LED lights use. They are also designed to protect your lights from power disturbances, such as voltage dips or power spikes.

The HLG series is the flagship line of constant current power sources from Mean Well, and they come in a wide variety of output voltages. Some can be used in a standard wall outlet, while others are hardwired into your LED system. There are even a few options that offer dimming.

These drivers take either 90305VAC or 24VAC input, and they have an output range of 12V to 54VDC. They are IP67 rated, so LED Automotive Work Lights they can be used indoors or outdoors. This makes them ideal for use with Lumilum’s low-voltage strip lights. This particular model has two on-board potentiometers for setting the input and output voltage, and it is compatible with 0-10V, PWM, or resistance dimmers. It is also UL listed for use in commercial installations.


Inventronics is one of the world’s leading LED driver manufacturers. Their mission is to build innovative, high quality long life products that are certified compliant to international safety performance standards. With offices around the globe, Inventronics is well-positioned to provide superior products and exceptional technical support.

In addition to LED drivers, Inventronics offers a range of other products that are useful in lighting systems. For example, their constant voltage drivers are designed to power a variety of sensors and controls, making them ideal for use in control panels. Additionally, they are safe for use in Class I, Division 2 hazardous locations and deliver SELV (Safety Extra Low Voltage) outputs, reducing the risk of electric shock.

Another benefit of Inventronics’s LED drivers is their high energy efficiency ratings, which help reduce operating costs. They are also environmentally friendly and backed by a five-year warranty, which is longer than the industry standard of three years. The company’s online tools allow led driving light factory users to select the right product based on the technical specifications of their luminaire project. This can save time and money while ensuring the best possible solution. Inventronics’ LED drivers are available in both constant voltage and constant current varieties. They can be configured using the LED Designer tool, which allows users to customize the LED driver based on their requirements.


uPowerTek is the leading manufacturer of high quality intelligent LED drivers. They have a wide range of products that are compliant with various international standards and approvals. Their products are also backed up by world-leading technical support. This means that if you have any questions, they will be there to answer them for you.

The company’s core team comprises senior engineers with deep experience in the lighting and power supply industry. Its products are used in various applications, including LED lighting, electrical motor systems, and power tools. Its production facility has a number of testing laboratories for environmental, energy efficiency, physical and chemical, and motor testing.

LED drivers convert AC power into DC current to drive the LED lamps. They have a variety of circuit topologies, including buck, boost, flyback, and buck-boost. These topologies are chosen based on the application’s requirements. The key factors are cost, efficiency, control, power factor, dimming, lifespan, and input/output isolation.

Another important feature of an LED driver is the ability to protect downstream equipment from high surges or lightning strikes. This is especially important for street lights, where the high pulse energy of a lightning strike can damage components and require expensive repairs. Moreover, most utility companies have regulatory requirements for the power factor and total harmonic distortion (THD) of line-powered luminaires.


The reliability of LED driving lights depends on a number of factors. In addition to manufacturing and operating conditions, the quality of the LEDs and the driver are important for longevity. The latter converts the incoming AC line voltage to a regulated DC output current. It also filters out harmonics of the alternating current. In addition, it protects against voltage spikes on the AC line within a specified design range.

The best LED lights use Cree chips for a high work lifespan and a wide variety of beam patterns, from flood to spot to combo. They feature a tough aluminum housing and come with an easy-to-use wiring harness. Some include multiple switches for a full range of functions and some even have a mount that can be rotated to accommodate different mounting positions. They are a great DIY upgrade for your truck, ATV or car.

Unlike traditional light sources, LED driving lights can be flashed without the engine running. This means they will not drain the battery and can continue to operate in poor weather conditions. They are also more energy-efficient than conventional lighting. Moreover, they have better visibility because of their longer wavelengths. This improves fog, mud, or snow visibility by diffusing the light and refracting it back toward the road. This makes them a safer alternative for vehicles with limited power and budgets.

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