Bionic Flood Light From Bell+Howell

bionic flood light

Bionic Flood Light From Bell+Howell

Solar powered and motion activated, the bionic flood light from Bell+Howell is easy to install with no wiring necessary. It is also water and frost resistant and can be used all year round.

108 Industrial-grade LED bulbs line and power this super bright outdoor security light. Featuring 3 adjustable panels, you can orient the lighting to focus on a preferred area around your home or on a corner in your yard in seconds.

Solar Powered

Unlike other outdoor lighting, solar-powered lights do not use electricity or batteries. They come with a built-in solar panel that absorbs solar energy during the day, and the light turns on when motion is detected. The light will shut off after a few seconds when the motion stops or it is outside of the sensor range. This means you can save on your electricity bill and help protect the environment.


Illuminate a dim garage or dark outdoor area with this Bell and Howell solar LED floodlight. It features one-touch or motion-sensing activation, a convenient remote control, a strobe function, and enough power to illuminate up to 1,000 square feet.

Adjustable panels and 108 high-intensity LED bulbs make this floodlight super bright. The swiveling panels can be adjusted to focus light where you want it. It can be staked in the ground or mounted to vertical surfaces like walls. It is waterproof and heatproof so you can use it all-year round.

Solar-powered lights are a great option for homeowners who want to be environmentally friendly. They are also more cost-effective than other lighting options because they led panel light don’t require any batteries or electricity. Plus, they are easy to install and maintenance-free. They are also durable and weather-resistant, making them ideal for any outdoor space.

Motion Activated

A solar powered motion activated flood light is a great way to illuminate your outdoor space without the need for wiring or hiring a contractor. Designed to be water and frost-resistant this outdoor security light from Bell+Howell can withstand the elements so it is ready for all seasons. It is wireless and can be staked into the ground or mounted on vertical surfaces using the included hardware.

108 LED bulbs are powered by 3 adjustable panels that can be oriented to focus light where it is needed the most. The built in motion sensor detects nearby movement and triggers the lights to turn on and then automatically shut off after a few seconds of no motion detected. A strobe mode can also be engaged which will scare away any unwanted nocturnal intruders or small animals like racoons or opossums messing with your trash bin.

The outdoor solar lights come with a remote control for easy operation and to control the motion sensor function and strobe mode. Each panel on the outdoor security light can be angled 90deg in either direction and each swivels 360deg independently of one another so you can direct light to any spot. This light has over 1,000 square feet coverage and is perfect for lighting up a porch, deck or yard.

Adjustable Panels

This solar powered outdoor light from Bell+Howell is a motion-activated floodlight that uses clean energy. It absorbs the sun all day through its on-board solar panel so that at night it can shower a span of light across your backyard. It is wireless and requires no complicated installations and comes ready to use right out of the box.

108 high intensity LED bulbs are activated by nearby movement to emit powerful bright light and shut off when motion ceases. This is a good feature because it saves the bionic flood light battery life of your lights and also prevents the wasting of solar power that occurs when the light is left on for extended periods of time.

The 3 adjustable panels of this light allow you to focus the area that it illuminates in a specific direction without causing other areas to be overly lit or having dark corners that aren’t getting any illumination. It also comes with a remote control that makes it easy to change the sensor mode and turn the strobe function on or off if you need to.

Remote Control

A motion-sensing solar LED flood light is a great way to illuminate your garage or dark outdoor space without using electricity. These lights turn on when motion is detected and can even help deter trespassers from stealing your stuff in the middle of the night! Unlike conventional lights that waste energy by keeping them on all the time, these solar-powered security lights use the sun to charge their batteries during the day and will automatically shut off at dawn or dusk. This helps prevent wasting your precious solar-charged battery reserves and can save you money in the long run.

The Bell and Howell solar LED floodlight features one-touch or motion-sensing activation, a convenient remote control and a strobe function. It’s also designed to withstand extreme conditions and the 4 seasons so you can use it all year round.

Super Bright and Economical with Adjustable Panels

The 108 industrial-grade LED bulbs in this solar lighting system are powered by a 3.6 watt solar panel that absorbs sunlight all day and turns it into a powerful nighttime floodlight. The 3 adjustable panels can be oriented to point in any direction and allow you to focus your light output on a particular area of your home or backyard.

The remote control allows you to choose between a motion sensor or strobe mode and the light can be mounted on a wall, post or a stake in the ground. This outdoor security lighting requires no wiring and is easy to install and operate.

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