How to Install a High Bay Sensor in Your High Bay Lights

High Bay Sensor

How to Install a High Bay Sensor in Your High Bay Lights

High Bay Sensor mounts directly into industrial lighting fixtures and turns lights on and off based on occupancy in the detection zone. This is ideal for warehouses and other high ceiling spaces.

To meet certification requirements, each AOA vane must be impermeable to contaminants like rain and ice. This requires a system of bearings that can resist penetration from these materials.


High Bay Sensors are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit different types of facilities. They can be used for large areas with high ceilings and are often used in warehouses, gymnasiums, department stores, and industrial areas. They offer several benefits to businesses, including energy efficiency and improved safety and security.

Energy Efficiency

One of the biggest benefits of a motion sensor for a high bay light is its energy efficiency. It uses less electricity than traditional lights and turns off automatically when no movement is detected. This can help save money on utility bills and reduce maintenance costs.

Enhanced Convenience

Motion sensors for high bay lights are designed to make it easier for employees to work in dark areas. The sensor is mounted on the ceiling and turns on when it detects motion. This eliminates the need for employees to manually turn on the lights and can save them time and hassle.

Some high bay lights also come with a daylight harvesting sensor that monitors the amount of natural light in an Intelligent power supply area. The sensor determines how much natural light is available and adjusts the lighting accordingly. This can increase employee productivity and improve the overall look of a facility.


Installing a multifunction motion sensor in your high bay lights could seem like a difficult task due to their size and industrial looks however it can actually be very easy. For example if you are using Radar Series or Tale Series of high bay lights, all you would need to do is screw-in the Motion Sensor – Radar Series or the Motion Sensor – Tale Series accessory at the bottom-center of your fixture and that’s it. The lights will then turn on automatically when someone (or anything) is within the sensor detection range. After the living thing has vacated the area, the lights will automatically turn off within the set time delay.

Cooper Lighting Solutions OEF High Bay Occupancy Sensor mounts High Bay Sensor directly to a fixture or junction box. It uses passive infrared to sense sources of heat such as people or animals entering the monitored space. It can be programmed to operate at a minimum dim level for a predetermined amount of time known as the Partial Off Time or to remain ON until the scheduled time delay expires.

This sensor includes a power module with a built-in relay and a lens designed for a variety of mounting heights. A visor is included to help deflect ambient light and reduce false triggers. The power module and the lens can be removed for maintenance or replacement without removing the luminaire.


If you’ve ever experienced an annoying delay before the lights turn on when you enter a large warehouse space or other industrial space, it’s likely because you haven’t added a motion sensor to your lighting system. Adding this simple feature to your fixtures makes it possible to turn on lights only when people are in the area, and switch them off again once they’re no longer needed.

The 05-FL-OSFHU-RG mounts directly to the fixture’s 1/2 inch knockout and comes with a choice of 180deg or 360deg lenses for general area or aisle way coverage. It is a self-contained sensor with relay that turns on individual luminaires or groups of luminaires when occupied, and switches them off again after a preset time delay (factory set at 15 seconds).

This PIR motion sensor uses passive infrared technology to sense movement and provides daylighting control based on the amount of natural light in a room. It can also be upgraded to a fully networked Daintree ONE or Daintree Wireless control for full building scheduling and energy monitoring.

The OSFHU-ITW mounts to the end of a fixture through an extended 0.5 in chase nipple or a standard 4.00 in x 4.00 in junction box, and is rated for wet locations. It can be programmed to your needs by adjusting the length of time delays, light level sensitivity, sensor range and more using the BubblyNet app.

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