Merrytek Intelligent Sensor

Merrytek Intelligent Sensor

Merrytek Intelligent sensor combines cutting-edge technology with advanced control options. Featuring features like built-in daylight harvesting, it is ideal for your workplace and helps you save energy costs.

Easily adjust settings like detection area, time delay and daylight threshold. Link multiple sensors to control more luminaires with a single remote.

Motion Detection

Merrytek sensors have a very long detection range (up to 20m) and use Doppler effect and 5.8GHz microwave technology. This ensures that they can detect movement even through glass, plastic or thin non-metallic surfaces.

The sensor uses smart ZigBee technology to connect with your home. It works with voice assistants, integrates into your security system, can be paired with a siren and controls lights or other smart products if desired. It has a sleek design in a small footprint and can be mounted anywhere to get the best coverage of your space. You can mount it in a stairwell, for example, to turn on the LED backlight when someone steps up or put it by your door to activate your alarm.

It can also be paired with a 1-10V dimmable LED driver to control any fixture. It has a variety of settings, including hold time, daylight threshold, detection area and standby period. This allows you to save energy and power consumption by turning your lights on and off at the right times of day.

Founded in 2011, Merrytek is an innovative lighting control manufacturer that focuses on intelligent motion sensing and integrated LED dimmable drivers. They have over 75 R&D members and ISO9001:2008 outdoor flood lights qualified production lines. They produce the most advanced microprocessor-based sensor products with international patented technologies.

Occupancy Detection

Typically, occupancy sensors work by using PIR (passive infrared) technology to detect motion, relying on heat differences that human body heat creates as it moves through an environment. These devices are a handy resource for enterprises looking to conserve energy, align with green goals, or provide security benefits in large spaces.

Unfortunately, these sensor solutions can be unreliable due to environmental conditions, such as abrupt temperature changes, steam or dense fog, that trigger or hinder detections. These types of factors can also make them difficult to calibrate, requiring timers and sensitivity settings that are often a delicate balance.

When this happens, they can result in inaccurate data that can wreak havoc on operations. For example, when a queue management system relays incorrect wait times to passengers at an airport, it can lead to frustration and erode trust.

Fortunately, there is an alternative to these outdated sensor technologies. AI-powered solutions are a much more sophisticated solution to traditional movement and occupancy sensing. Using video analytics to identify people or groups of people, these systems can be used for more than just occupancy detection. They can count and differentiate between staff and visitors, determine patterns of movement, and track dwell times to provide valuable insights into business operations. For example, an AI-powered solution can help an enterprise understand the flow of employees in conference rooms or the movements of customers in retail zones to improve their in-person experience.

Daylight Harvesting

Merrytek’s intelligent sensors provide occupancy and daylight harvesting capabilities, working with a variety of control platforms. The smart sensor works over a two-way digital network to enable on/off and dimming functionality, occupancy sensing, and multi-zone daylight harvesting. It communicates with Hubbell Control Solutions’ EcoSystem platform (Quantum, Energi Savr Node, and Energi TriPak) using the ZigBee Home Automation communication protocol.

For systems that don’t require a complete lighting management system, a standard 1-10V interface is available. This enables the sensor to control 1-10V dimmable LED drivers or ballasts directly, allowing lights to be turned on and off manually and/or at pre-set times, regardless of whether the fixture is in the ON state.

The MC003V has built in motion and daylight sensor, with automatic on-off and dimming funciton. It can be operated with Merrytek Intelligent sensor infrared remote control MH02 or by dip switch settings. Detection area, time delay and daylight threshold can be precisely set via DIP switches. Suitable for ceiling mount.

The MS01 daylight sensor provides an energy efficient way of controlling the light output acoording to the nature sunlight. It connects to the 1-10V interface and measures the ambient lux level of light in a space, then converts this demand into a 1-10V signal to send to any connected 1-10V dimmable LED driver or ballast. The LED or fluorescent luminaires will then adjust their light output to match the natural daylight level.

Energy Efficiency

Merrytek microwave sensors have a variety of built-in energy efficiency capabilities, including Daylight Harvesting and Auto Dimming. This helps to improve the user experience while providing significant cost savings, both when used on its own or paired with a compatible industrial hood and 1-10V sensor.

The ability to intelligently manage lighting and HVAC systems based on occupancy enables substantial energy savings in various public indoor spaces, such as offices, educational institutions, retail stores, and healthcare facilities. The reduction of energy waste results in lower utility bills and operating costs, and aligns organizations with their sustainability goals.

In addition to energy savings, the smart control and automation provided by occupancy sensors enhances the user experience and creates a more productive and comfortable environment. These benefits make them an ideal solution for a wide range of applications, from office space to classrooms to hallways.

Whether paired with a compatible Merrytek LED driver/sensor or standalone, the MC054V offers hands-free operation by sensing only the slightest movement. Its settings can be easily adjusted using the included remote and include detection area, daylight threshold and a standby period. This makes it perfect for controlling LED hoods and other light fixtures. In addition, the MC054V is compatible with the infrared-based MH10 remote, allowing for even greater functionality and flexibility.

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