Sensor Accessories for Automation and Processing Environments

Sensor Accessories

Sensor Accessories for Automation and Processing Environments

Sensor accessories help to mount, fasten or otherwise support sensor modules in automation environments. These include sensor brackets, adjustable sensor mounts and sensor clamps.

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Sensors can detect many different types of environmental input and generate output. They can measure motion, light, temperature, moisture, pressure and other phenomena. They are used in automation and processing environments, such as robot-assisted manufacturing, pipelines, scientific measurement stations, and more.

Some sensors require an external power source to function. These accessories provide a consistent supply of power to the sensors and help prevent power-related issues. They are available in a wide range of sizes and lengths to meet the needs of various applications.

Other sensor accessories help mount and position sensors or connect them to other equipment. These include sensor mounts, sensor cables and sensor adapters. Sensor mounts can be used to hold sensors on a variety of surfaces, from horizontal mounting brackets to adjustable sensor mounts that accommodate a wide range of positions. Sensor cables can help provide connections between mounted sensors and other data gathering or control equipment, or they can run to remote locations for data collection. Some of these cables are designed to withstand harsh cold temperatures.

Sensor adapters allow sensors to be used in a wide range of environments, from non-hazardous to hazardous locations. They often feature special features that ensure safety and security in harsh or uncontrolled environments. For example, a sensor adapter may be a simple extension cord with a locking connector that helps prevent accidental disconnection. A sensor adapter may also be a heat-resistant cable that can be used to monitor temperature in a non-hazardous environment.


Sensors must be properly mounted and secured in order to perform correctly. Mounting accessories help install sensors in a variety of positions, with options available for horizontal and vertical applications as well as metric and imperial measurements. Many of these accessories are made from durable materials like stainless steel, offering resistance to environmental factors.

The mounting method used to attach vibration sensors can affect their high frequency response. This is particularly important for accelerometers used in predictive maintenance applications. There are Microwave Sensor Supplier four main methods of mounting accelerometers to machinery: stud mounted, adhesive mounted, probe tips or stingers, and magnetically mounted. Stud mounting is generally preferred, as it provides the best high frequency response. It is important that machine surfaces being used for stud mounting are as flat and clean as possible, free of debris, and perpendicular to the mounting holes. It is also beneficial to use a lubricant on the surface of the machine before mounting accelerometers.

WireGuard extends the life of digital sensor cables by preventing them from kinking, coiling, bending or being compressed. This simple-to-use accessory wraps around any cable in minutes and stays in place for the life of the sensor. It is especially useful in busy dental offices, where wires may be set or rolled over repeatedly by patients, staff and equipment. It is even suitable for X-Ray sensors and pulse oximeters.


Sensor adapters connect and support sensor modules in automation environments. They enable accurate operation and help prevent power-related issues that can cause downtime. Adapters also facilitate the transfer of data and provide extra features that improve overall performance.

Adapters help simplify installation and operation of industrial sensors by connecting to existing equipment, converting signal formats or expanding their capabilities. They include a wide range of sizes and materials to meet the requirements of any application. They can be used to mount sensors, provide a flexible connection or protect the sensor from environmental hazards.

For example, a current input Sensor Accessories adapter converts standard 4-20 mA output signals into digital, compatible with Dewesoft host signal amplifiers and provides IEPE, charge, thermocouple, or shunt voltage input. Another example is a waterproof DSIw-20mA current input adapter, which provides 50 ohm internal shunt for 0.01% accuracy when calibrated and provides double DSUB9 adapter hood to IP67 specifications.

A sensor port plug allows users to create a watertight seal around unused X2 data logger ports or free ends of T-Node FR/TS210 temperature strings during deployments. A mooring clamp can be used to prevent cable chafing along mooring lines in buoy-based applications, and a receptacle cap is ideal for ensuring a watertight connection on cables with UW plug connectors. Other receptacle caps can be used to provide a watertight seal on MCIL or MCBH male cable connectors for connecting YSI EXO water quality sondes to NexSens SDL or UW underwater cable assemblies.


Sensor accessories help hold, fasten, clamp, or support sensors in automation environments. These devices are designed to ensure a secure placement of sensors and provide a connection to sensors for data collection. They are essential for ensuring accuracy in the industrial processing and manufacturing process.

For example, sensor adapters allow you to use different types of sensors in the same system, such as a pulse oximeter to measure heart rate and oxygen levels. They also help connect third-party sensors to your existing device. This is important for utilizing advanced sensor technologies in medical settings to enhance patient care and research.

Cables for sensors are designed specifically to transfer information from your sensor to a computer or system. They are often heated to withstand cold temperatures and feature various insulation materials depending on the environment they will be used in. They are available in a range of lengths to meet your specific needs, including open ends for connection to the sensor and field connectors for connection to your device.

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