7-Inch Round LED Headlight

Round LED Headlight

7-Inch Round LED Headlight

Illuminate the road with these 7-inch Round LED Headlight. This new technology is brighter, more efficient and longer-lasting than a standard sealed beam light.

Designed to replace factory headlights, these lights fit in most vehicles and have low/high beam and DRL function. They are DOT compliant so you can hit the road worry-free.


A bright LED headlight can make your car look unique and improve its visibility on the road. This type of light also has a longer lifespan than traditional bulbs, and it looks closer to natural sunlight. It can also illuminate a wider area of the road, which makes it easier to detect hazards and avoid collisions.

These headlights can be installed in vehicles with 7-inch round factory headlight buckets, and they provide high Round LED Headlight and low beams as well as a daytime running lamp and turn signal function. They are DOT compliant, so you can drive with confidence and safety. They are also a great upgrade for Jeeps, classic cars and motorcycles.

This 7-inch round LED headlight offers 32,000CD (low) and 53,000CD (high) output, which is significantly brighter than traditional sealed beam headlights. It has a classic, retro design that blends modern LED technology with a classic sealed beam look. It also has a shallow profile that fits easily into vintage car headlight buckets (1950-1980) without modification. It is customizable, too, with choices of a warm-white or pure white LED illumination and a yellow lens conversion. It is durable and serviceable, featuring Philips-Lumileds LEDs and UV-coated polycarbonate lenses.

Its patented adaptive lighting system calculates bank angles on a real-time basis, directing the light array up or down to fill in gaps in your field of view as you lean the bike. This technology is designed to reduce eye fatigue and increase driver comfort and safety. It also comes with a warranty to protect your investment and give you peace of mind.


Unlike halogen bulbs that use a filament to produce light, LED lights generate it by passing current through a semiconductor. This advanced technological design means that LED headlights are incredibly efficient at turning electricity into light, producing little waste and requiring less energy to operate. They also produce close to no heat, which makes them safer for your car and easier on the eyes.

Compared to their halogen counterparts, LEDs are much brighter, last longer and have a whiter color. They are also more eco-friendly, consuming about 85% less energy and emitting less heat. As a result, they are more cost-effective over time than halogens, which need to be replaced every 6 months.

While many manufacturers provide estimated lifespans directly on the packaging of their LED headlights, it is important to keep in mind that these estimates are based on general usage under similar circumstances. Different factors can dramatically impact the lifespan of an LED bulb, such as exposure to intense heat or excessive frequency of use.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your original 5.75 in Round headlights or you want to add a new set of LED sealed beams to a classic truck, Holley RetroBright LED Sealed Beam Headlights are the perfect choice. Designed to fit the shallow buckets found on old sealed beam heads, these headlights are a simple, plug-and-play upgrade that provides increased visibility and safety without sacrificing period-correct style. They are rated to produce 18,000CD for low beam and 37,000CD for high beam function, giving you the range you need to stay safe on the road at night.

Energy Efficiency

LEDs are more energy efficient than traditional headlight bulbs, consuming up to 75% less power. This Led wash lights helps reduce energy costs and emissions, contributing to a sustainable future. The longer lifespan of LED headlights also helps vehicle owners save money on replacements.

Brightness: LED headlights have a higher peak brightness than halogen bulbs, allowing drivers to see further down the road at night. They also have a brighter and more natural-looking white color that is easier on the eyes than yellowish halogen bulbs.

Light Beam Pattern: LED headlights can produce a wide flood-pattern low beam and a concentrated spot-beam for improved visibility around corners and curves. This is important for safety, as it allows other drivers to see you, even in the case of a collision.

Color: LEDs come in a variety of colors, from ocean blue to pure white. Blue LEDs have the lowest light output, but are ideal for those who want to balance improved visibility with a stylish look. White LEDs have the highest light output and are more like the color of daylight.

If you’re upgrading from HID lights, be sure to find a kit that matches the size and connector type of your vehicle. Some kits are ready-to-install and include a built-in wiring harness that connects directly to your OEM electrical socket. These kits are easy to install and require no special tools or modifications.


Light-emitting diode-based headlights use semiconductors to emit brighter, whiter, and more energy-efficient light than traditional halogen or HID bulbs. This technology is still fairly new, and there are some concerns about its impact on night-time driving safety. While LED lights are more efficient and consume less power than traditional headlights, they may blind other drivers on the road if they are too bright or have an improper beam pattern.

The shape and arrangement of the LED chip in a headlight bulb determines not only the brightness but also the light beam pattern. The resulting light distribution is crucial to driver safety, as it helps them see the road ahead while avoiding blinding other drivers. The best LED headlights have a narrow footprint of LED lamp beads and a focused light beam pattern that produces a distinct cut-off line on low beams while providing clear visibility without glaring.

The Holley RetroBright LED Sealed Beam Headlights are the ideal solution for classic car enthusiasts who want to improve their night-time visibility. The bulbs feature high-quality LEDs from Philips-Lumileds and UV-coated polycarbonate lenses that will stand up to decades of use on the street. They are available with a choice of warm-white or pure white LED illumination and offer an ultra-shallow profile that will fit in the original sealed-beam headlight housing.

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