48v LifePo4 Stacked Battery

48v LifePo4 Stacked Battery

Designed to work with solar systems, this 48v lifepo4 stacked battery offers backup power for your home or business. With its high-efficiency and performance, it can efficiently convert and utilize energy, ensuring a reliable power supply.

This lithium battery helps you join the green energy movement by reducing your reliance on the grid. Its long lifespan and low maintenance requirements also contribute to cost savings.

Superior Energy Storage Capacity

Designed to be the game-changing energy solution for those who demand unmatched efficiency, durability, and scalability, this 48v lifepo4 stacked battery is the powerhouse your home solar system needs. Featuring a robust 7.6kW output and a substantial 150Ah capacity, this energy storage solution is perfect for backup systems, renewable energy solutions, and off-grid living, providing reliable power in any situation.

The advanced Lithium Iron Phosphate chemistry ensures efficient power conversion and delivery, optimizing energy utilization and minimizing waste. Featuring a stacked design, this battery offers a compact installation, ideal for homes with limited space availability. Plus, the built-in BMS protects against multiple risks, ensuring safe and reliable operation for your home energy storage system.

With a longer cycle life and a low self-discharge rate, this battery offers up to 15 times the lifespan of traditional lead-acid batteries. And with a faster charge time and greater efficiency, this lithium battery can be charged up to 80% in just over an hour.

This battery’s scalability also means that it can grow with your energy needs, offering the flexibility to expand your power system without costly upgrades or modifications. Simply add another unit to your system in parallel for increased capacity without compromising on performance or safety. Invest in this high-performance solar energy storage solution today and enjoy reliable and consistent power for years to come.

Enhanced Safety

LiFePO4 batteries, commonly referred to as lifepo4 batteries, have become a popular choice among home energy storage system users due to their superior performance and safety features. Compared to traditional lithium batteries, these rechargeable batteries are more stable and less prone to thermal runaway.

These advanced energy storage batteries also feature a high level of efficiency and scalability, allowing homeowners to expand their power capacity as their needs evolve. As such, they’re an excellent option for boosting the efficiency of renewable solar systems and optimizing energy usage.

The 48v lifepo4 stacked battery uses a safe and proven lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) chemistry, which is characterized by its stability and low 48v lifepo4 stacked battery risk of thermal runaway. Moreover, it’s free of rare metals and heavy metals, making it non-toxic, environment-friendly, and completely green.

This enables the battery to have a high powerwall cycle lifespan, which is important for renewable energy applications. It also has a low self-discharge rate, which increases its durability and reliability.

Lastly, the battery is equipped with advanced communication systems and functions, which help ensure seamless energy management. These include remote monitoring, data logging, and real-time status reporting. This enables users to detect faults quickly and optimize energy utilization in accordance with dynamic demands. It also facilitates load balancing and temperature management to further enhance the security of the system.

Exceptional Longevity

Harveypower’s 48v lifepo4 stacked battery offers superior energy density and cycle life compared to lead-acid batteries. This is due to their unique cell structure and materials. Unlike lithium-ion batteries, lifepo4 batteries do not degrade as quickly with repeated charging and discharging cycles. However, their lifespan is still influenced by various factors such as temperature and charge/discharge protocols.

The UL listed 48V 400Ah lifepo4 stackable battery uses 16 prismatic LiFePO4 cells in series for a 20kWh capacity. This configuration provides a high power capacity that can be utilized in a variety of solar off-grid applications. Furthermore, this battery’s internal BMS ensures optimal performance and safety, preventing overcharging or deep discharging.

Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries are a safe and environmentally friendly alternative to other lithium-ion chemistries, making them an excellent choice for a wide range of energy storage applications. They provide greater cycling capacity than other lithium-ion batteries and can withstand up to 80% depth of discharge without affecting their lifespan.

Additionally, this energy storage system is compatible with industry-leading standard solar charge controllers and inverters. This allows for seamless communication between the batteries and the inverter, maximizing energy efficiency and system performance. The stackable design of this battery also enables for easy capacity expansion to match future energy demands. This feature is ideal for residential energy storage applications that require a cost-effective and scalable power solution.

Stackable Design

The 48v lifepo4 stacked battery is an energy storage solution that provides power backup for your solar system. It’s designed to unlock the true potential of your solar system, providing your home with reliable power while reducing your reliance on the grid and promoting sustainability.

With a high level of safety and versatility, this lithium battery will enhance the performance and longevity of your solar system. This stackable lithium battery is capable of achieving up to 100% discharge efficiency and features an intelligent integrated design. It is also compatible with most mainstream inverters, making it easy to install.

This EV lithium battery features a powerful 48V cell, allowing it to deliver up to 20kWh of clean solar energy in a single unit. This is enough to provide your home with continuous power for a whole day, even if you produce the most solar electricity during peak production hours.

This EV battery uses the latest in LiFePO4 technology to ensure long-lasting performance. It is an ideal alternative to lead-acid batteries, offering superior safety and efficiency while reducing maintenance costs. It’s also equipped with a comprehensive range of protection features to safeguard against damage, making it an excellent choice for a variety of applications. The EV battery is available in multiple capacity options to accommodate your unique energy needs.

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