6Inch Led Work Light by Quake LED

6Inch Led Work Light by Quake LED

Designed for distance and width, this 6Inch Led Work Light is ideal to brighten up your off-road experience. It features a 30deg spot beam and 60deg flood beam. It is also waterproof.

With a powder coated aluminum housing, virtually indestructible hardened PC lens and steel mounting brackets, this LED work light is built to defy any brutal conditions. It is resistant to vibration, moisture, impact, wide temperatures and even the insidious hydrochloric acid!

Defend Indust LED Work Light

Investing in LED work lights offers improved energy efficiency, reliability and longevity compared to traditional lighting 6Inch Led Work Light options. These devices come in both corded and cordless variants to cater to different workspace setups and mobility requirements. Choose a model with an IP rating that safeguards against dust and water, as well as one that has a USB power outlet for added convenience. You can also opt for a rechargeable battery model that eliminates the need for additional purchases and allows you to continue working even after the charge runs out.

This heavy duty LED work light comes with a 6-watt OSRAM chip to deliver a high lumen output and superior color rendering. Its rugged build quality and virtually indestructible hardened PC lens are designed to withstand harsh environments. It features a unique grid layout that distributes the flood beam evenly for better visibility and reduced shadowing. It is also waterproof and resists oil, spray, washdown, and many chemicals.

This light bar is equipped with a highly efficient heat sink that delivers faster thermal dissipation and longer lifespan than other models on the market. It is a great choice for mining, construction, emergency, agriculture, off-road, and utility vehicles. Moreover, it is E-Mark certified for visibility and durability. Additionally, this light bar is designed with a breather to prevent condensation.

Quake Magnitude Series LED Work Light

Illuminate your work area all night long with this 60 Watt Flood/Spot Magnitude Series LED Work Light by Quake LED. Constructed in a durable die-cast aluminum housing, this powerful lighting machine is built to withstand vibration, moisture, impact, wide temperatures, and the test of time. Our Arctic Cat Experts are standing by to go into further detail led work lamp on the features and benefits of this product, help you explore similar or complementary products and confirm vehicle fitment.

UTE Series LED Pod Light

Pod lights are useful additions to any off-road vehicle or outdoor adventure, providing bright, powerful beams of light to improve visibility and safety. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and configurations, and some even offer color-changing capabilities. Choosing the right pod light for your needs will ensure that it fits your vehicle and suits your aesthetic preferences.

The UTE Series LED pod lights feature heavy-duty construction and classic lens design to provide uniform illumination. Available in a variety of wattage options with both spot and flood beams, they’re perfect for use on off-road vehicles, work trucks, utility and emergency vehicles, or any other application that requires high-intensity illumination. Designed for durability, these lights are waterproof and shock resistant and include a durable aluminum housing and an adjustable stainless steel mounting bracket.

Choose from a 30deg spot or 60deg flood beam pattern to create a balance of long-range illumination and area coverage. A durable, waterproof aluminum housing and integrated LED-cooling heat sink keep internal components safe from dust, debris, and overheating.

The SS5 CrossLink kit features patent-pending technology that allows you to connect up to eight pods in a single lightbar. It offers the highest output intensity of any 5-inch pod on the market, thanks to patented technology and custom-engineered TIR optics. Easily control the output intensity from low to high with eight color settings.

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