How an Outdoor Illuminated Sign Can Double Your Visibility

outdoor illuminated sign

How an Outdoor Illuminated Sign Can Double Your Visibility

Illuminated signs work day and night to double your visibility, driving traffic to your business. These signs are an effective marketing tool that will attract customers and increase your sales in no time.

Lighted business signs come in many forms, from scrolling digital displays to lighted monument signs. But all of them have one thing in common – they make an impression on your customers.

Increased Visibility

Illuminated signs are an effective way to increase visibility and attract attention to businesses, especially in nighttime or low-light conditions. They are also highly customizable and can be updated remotely to keep up with business promotions and campaigns.

Using a vibrant color on your lighted sign can help make it stand out against the background and enhance its visibility. This can be particularly useful for attracting customers from a distance, such as those driving by in a car.

In addition to a bright, eye-catching color, lighted signage can feature text and images to convey your message to passersby. For example, a restaurant’s lighted sign could display enticing menu items or daily specials to draw in customers.

Another great use for a lighted sign is to promote a limited-time offer or sale at your business. By strategically positioning your lighted sign in a high-traffic area, you can encourage more customers to visit and spend money at your business.

A lighted monument sign can help to create a sense of height and depth for your business. This type of sign is especially effective in attracting attention to small businesses that are located in higher-profile locations, such as shopping malls. A lighted monument sign is also a great option for displaying your company’s name or logo, which helps to elevate brand recognition.

Increased Brand Awareness

Seeing your brand’s name displayed on a sign is an effective way to get the public’s attention. Whether they’re driving by during the day or at night, illuminated signs help you stand out in busy markets with a high volume of competitors.

Illuminated signs are also more noticeable than traditional non-lighted signage in gloomy weather conditions. Gray skies, winter afternoons and night-dark streets all come alive with your backlit signage, outdoor light box sign catching the eye of passersby and drawing customers into your business.

LED outdoor signs are highly customizable and easy to change with just a few keystrokes on a computer. You can update messages in real time or schedule changes based on the day of the week or time of day. This gives you the flexibility to create an engaging digital billboard that’s unique to your brand.

Lighted business signs are a great addition to any marketing strategy. Whether you choose a cabinet-styled Blade Sign like the one we created for Midici’s, or a lighted Monument Sign, you can rest assured that your business will be noticed and remembered. Moreover, with an increased level of visibility, you’ll find that your customers will visit your store or website on a more consistent basis, leading to improved metrics and customer satisfaction. This information can then be used to inform future marketing strategies.

Increased Traffic

Illuminated signs attract attention even in the dark and help businesses gain visibility beyond their typical daytime customers. This is especially important for restaurants, bars, malls, gas stations, emergency medical centers, and other businesses that operate after the sun goes down.

Lighted signs can also be used to convey timely marketing messages aimed at different segments of your target audience. For example, you can schedule a message for morning commuters, display a flash sale during community events, or post an announcement during family carpool lines to increase brand awareness and customer engagement levels.

Unlike static outdoor displays, illuminated signs are versatile and can be updated in real-time to reflect the latest promotions and special offers. This provides businesses with the flexibility to change their advertising campaigns and adapt them to specific marketing objectives without incurring additional costs.

In addition to being highly visible, illuminated signage is also durable and can withstand inclement weather conditions such as rain, fog, snow and even direct sunlight. This makes it a smart choice for areas where the local community converges, such as main streets and major intersections. For the ultimate durability retail shelf led light box and impact, choose a backlit sign that is made with high-resolution base fabrics and UV-resistant inks to ensure your business’s messaging remains visible and engaging for years to come. Investing in illuminated signage is one of the best ways to boost your business’s local visibility and build brand recognition in your city or town.

Reduced Maintenance

Illuminated signs require a little bit more maintenance than their non-lighted counterparts, but it’s well worth the extra effort to avoid the cost of costly repairs and replacement. Regular maintenance and inspections help identify issues before they develop into bigger problems, preventing them from impacting the operation or aesthetic of your sign.

Your LED display may also benefit from additional preventative measures, such as having a heat sink installed to direct excess heat away from its components. This will help extend the life of your display by ensuring that its components do not overheat.

You should also make sure that your sign installer installs ground protection for the power supply. This will help reduce the risk of damage from sudden and unexpected spikes in power, which could otherwise lead to overheating or even complete sign failure.

As with any electronic system, your illuminated sign will need to be updated regularly. Make sure that your team is on board with this responsibility by setting up a schedule for maintenance tasks and documenting it in a way that is easy to follow. This may be through a calendar or by using a digital scheduling tool to ensure that all maintenance tasks are completed on time. You should also take steps to keep unauthorized persons away from the site when disassembling and maintaining your display, to ensure that no one gets hurt by electrical components or parts that are scattered around.

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