Choosing the Right Stage Light Manufacturer

Choosing the Right Stage Light Manufacturer

Choosing the right stage light manufacturer is crucial for creating stunning lighting setups. Whether you are looking for innovative LED fixtures, advanced control systems, or top-notch customer support, it is important to understand the top choices in the market.

CHAUVET Professional is one of the leading stage light manufacturers, but their products are not always affordable and their customer service can be slow to respond. Other options include ADJ lighting, Elation Professional, and Blizzard Lighting.


Chauvet offers a wide variety of lighting products for any event. Their range includes professional moving heads, DMX lighting control software, and all-in-one light bars. They also offer a variety of effects, including strobes and wash lights.

They have a state-of-the-art Experience Center where they invite lighting designers to test and try their products. They also provide free technical support and a two-year warranty on their products.

CHAUVET Professional has facilities in the USA where product design, marketing, sales, customer service, sourcing, quality control and warehousing are all done. They strive to meet the needs of customers with forward-thinking, competitive solutions. Their products are designed to enhance human experiences and prioritize user safety and energy efficiency.


VSHOW is an industry-leading manufacturer of stage lighting and effects, offering a wide range of innovative products for use at concerts, parties, corporate events, theater productions, and more. The company’s line of moving head light, LED Studio Light, Par Light, Bar Light, Strobe Light, and Effect Light is crafted from top-grade materials and undergoes strict manufacturing processes and quality inspections to ensure exceptional performance and durability. VSHOW also offers close customer support and expertise to help customers find the perfect lighting solution for their needs. International orders may require customs duties and fees, which are the responsibility of the recipient upon arrival.


A Lawrence, Kansas native, Chandler has lit stages for artists such as Sunsquabi, The Floozies, Manic Focus, and Buku. His work has also appeared at music festivals and venues around the country.

The company offers a wide range of products for the stage and entertainment industry. Their lighting solutions are designed to illuminate performances with brilliance and precision. TS is dedicated to pushing Moving head light supplier the boundaries of lighting technology, offering innovative solutions for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Thomann is a wholesaler within the Wholesale of games, toys and musical instruments industry and was founded in 2007. Its headquarters are located at Hans-Thomann-Strasse 1 Burgebrach 96138 BAMBERG Germany. View their full credit report for free today!

ADJ Lighting

ADJ Lighting offers a comprehensive selection of intelligent DMX moving heads, sound-activated club effects, LED lighting and gobo projectors. In addition, the company provides lighting controllers and control software.

One of the most significant developments in lighting over the past decade has been LED technology, which uses less power and generates less excess heat than discharge lamps. The newest LEDs are multi-color and produce more light for the same amount of energy.

Known for its reliable equipment and technical innovation, ADJ also pioneered several market-leading IP65-rated lighting solutions. The company offers a full line of wash, spot, beam, hybrid and profile luminaires utilizing LED light engines. In addition, its Hydro Series offers a robust selection of weatherproof fixtures for outdoor applications.

Elation Professional

Elation offers a variety of lighting fixtures that are designed to meet the needs of professional lighting designers. Their products are reliable and durable, making them an excellent choice for a wide range of applications. They also provide a variety of options for control systems.

The KL Profile FC RGBMA LED Zooming Ellipsoidal fixture features a high-brightness homogenized LED color array with a wide SpectraColor gamut. It also features a quiet cooling system and enhanced fan controls.

CHAUVET has been an industry leader in rigging equipment and stage lights for decades. Their innovative solutions are used worldwide by production companies and rental houses. Their products are trusted by professionals everywhere to help them achieve their creative vision and complete jobs on time and within budget.

Blizzard Lighting

Blizzard Lighting offers a variety of LED Video & Effects fixtures that work great with any professional rig. From a small LED 2 Inch Led Work Light effects light to full-featured ellipsoidals and everything in between, they have a product that fits every need.

For example, their Snowball is a powerful, easy-to-use DMX-controlled effect light that delivers room-filling coverage. It’s loaded with 19 built-in programs plus sound active in standalone and DMX mode.

Another fixture is the SPOTMAN, an affordable, lightweight LED spot that has hypnotic rings to transfix your audience. This slick spot has 9/11-channels of DMX control, with half colors and rainbow flow effects, 7 gobos + open with shake, and more.

Philips Selecon

Philips Selecon offers a range of LED luminaires for stage and set lighting. Their PL Series Mark II LED luminaires offer superior color consistency from fixture-to-fixture to breathe new life into your designs. These lamps are available in Profile, Fresnel, and Cyc models.

Using Philips Selecon Studio Panels, PLcyc1 and SPX Zoomspot luminaires, South African TV studio Red Pepper revolutionised their set design and optimised their LED lighting rig for three new prime time game shows. Their Wing LED Wall Washer luminaires provide a glare-free beam for exhibits and art work with no radiated heat to damage sensitive materials. They also feature a passive cooling system and precision pan/tilt controls.


Vari-Lite is one of the world’s leading lighting brands. It offers products designed to enhance and expand the possibilities of live performance spaces in schools. The company’s powerful automated luminaires and easy-to-use control systems help students build confidence on stage and behind it.

The VL5 responded to calls from entertainment lighting designers for lighter, simpler and (above all) cheaper moving light technology that did not require a proprietary console to operate. It used standard, stage lighting dimmer technology and was built around an updated Philips mains voltage tungsten lamp.

The VL5 could be controlled using either Series 200 or DMX data. It also had a range of cue methods including Chase and Matrix.

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