Moving Head Light Supplier

Moving Head Light Supplier

A Moving head light supplier provides a variety of lighting effects that are used to enhance and embellish live performances. These lights are able to perform multiple functions at once, and they can be controlled in a number of ways.

The main types of moving head now are the beam, spot and wash type. All of these contain a gobo wheel and a colour wheel and some include a CMY colour wheel too.


Moving head lights have largely replaced the need for multiple traditional non-moving lights to create Special Effects. They are highly versatile and can perform a variety of functions at once, which means that they can be used LED Strobe Mobile Light in any lighting rig or effects system. They can be controlled in a number of ways, including an Ethernet control (which is relatively new), an analogue controller, or DMX.

Spot and wash moving head lights generate narrow beams and broad washes of light, respectively. Some models offer a choice of open and dynamic gobo patterns, allowing for a range of different effects. Others include a selectable frost filter that acts to soften the edges of beams and spots for easier blending.

LEDs are the main technology employed by moving head lights, offering a vast colour range and customizable effects. They also consume less energy than their older counterparts and have a longer lifespan. In addition, they produce a brighter, more uniform light and can be used in high places without suffering from heat issues. A LED moving head light is a great choice for your next event, whether it’s a wedding reception or a concert.


A moving head light is a versatile lighting fixture that can be used in many venues and situations. It can be tethered or mounted to the floor and has a variety of functions, including color, pattern, and zoom. It is also designed to be waterproof and can be operated in an indoor or outdoor environment.

These lights come with gobos that can display creative patterns, and they can be adjusted using a dimmer or shutter. They also generate less heat than other types of lights, and they can be used for thousands of hours without any problems. They also require very little maintenance.

The LED moving head light has a light module with an integrated LED array, which may be a single-color assembly or a multi-color assembly with red, green, and blue (CMY) additive color mixing. The light module can be mounted to a metal core printed circuit board (MCPCB) or Stage Lighting Supplier a ceramic substrate. The electronics system includes a central processing unit (CPU), memory, control signal transmitters and receivers, and digital-to-analog converters. The CPU decodes the control signal input, performs arithmetic operations, and executes instructions to control the output light and motor movements.


Moving head lights are an essential tool in the arsenal of lighting designers and professionals. They help them create captivating visual experiences for audiences, taking their entertainment to the next level. They are available in a wide variety of different fixture types, with each offering its own unique set of applications and features. Whether you’re looking for a powerful beam light or a versatile wash light, there’s a model to meet your needs.

One of the most popular uses for Hybrid Moving Head Lights is in nightclubs and bars. They can be programmed to sync with the music, creating a visually stunning display that enhances the beats and rhythms of the dance floor.

These lights can be used to project gobos onto the floor and walls, or to swoop and fade across the entire room. They also offer multiple strobe effects and can be controlled using a DMX system. In addition, they are energy efficient, so you can save money on electricity bills while still getting the high-quality performance you need for your event or venue.


Moving head lights come with a wide range of built-in effects to make your lighting displays unique and engaging. Use prisms to multiply beams, vary strobe speeds for energy changes, and mix colors to create an immersive environment. You can also synchronize your lights with the beat and rhythm of the music for a cohesive effect. If possible, rehearse with your performers to see how your light effects interact with their performances.

Most moving head lights are controlled using a DMX controller, which is used to write programs and control the LED projectors. Using a DMX controller, you can define a conductor lyre ahead of time and the rest of your LED projectors will articulate collectively for a personalized result. Alternatively, you can use a master / slave feature to control your LED projectors individually.


Moving head lights are among the most popular lighting fixtures in the entertainment industry, used by theater productions and concerts, as well as for indoor and outdoor events. They are also used for architectural lighting, transforming buildings and landmarks into stunning canvases of light and color. In addition to their versatility, they are cost-effective and can produce a wide range of effects.

LED moving heads are more energy-efficient than old-fashioned lamps, consuming less power and producing lower levels of heat. Their lifespan is also significantly longer, reducing maintenance costs. Moreover, they are lighter, making them easier to install and carry. They also feature instant start-up, allowing you to use them immediately without waiting for warm-up periods.

Leading brands of LED moving head light include ADJ and Elation Professional. The latter offers a versatile range of LED moving head lights that are known for their high-quality optics and durable mechanical construction. Many of their models are also designed with wireless connectivity and advanced control options.

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