What is a Smart WiFi Camera?

Smart WiFi Camera

What is a Smart WiFi Camera?

Like a smart video doorbell, this camera lets you remotely check in on your home from anywhere with an Internet connection. It can detect motion – including people, pets and vehicles – and send you an alert on your smartphone or tablet.

Users say it has good night vision, clear video and two-way audio. But it sometimes goes offline due to WiFi issues and lag times.

Streaming Video

Many Smart Cameras work through a home’s Wi-Fi network to receive instructions and transmit video. They can also store footage locally on a micro SD card or remotely on dedicated cloud storage systems. These features make it possible to check in on your home at any time – regardless of where you are.

Depending on the level of intelligence, some cameras will even alert you when something is happening in your home, including motion detection, two-way audio and notifications that can be sent to your smartphone. This feature can come in handy, especially if you want to be alerted when your family is at the door or if a package or vehicle is delivered.

For added convenience, some cameras integrate with Alexa or Google and allow you to watch the live feed directly on a TV screen by using a voice command. To do so, you’ll need a compatible device such as an Echo Show or Google Home, a TV with built-in Alexa or Google Assistant and a camera that supports the RTSP protocol.

Motion Detection

A Smart WiFi Camera uses your home Wi-Fi to monitor activity inside and outside the house and sends alerts to your smartphone when motion is detected. They usually connect to a free app you can use on your phone, making them easy to install and manage.

Some feature advanced technology that can recognize people and pets, limiting the number of motion detection notifications you receive by excluding them from your monitored footage. Other features include a built-in siren and flashing lights that scare off would-be intruders. Some even offer GPS and geofencing technology to turn on the camera when you leave your home, then shut off when you return.

This battery-powered smart security camera records clear Full HD video in color during the day and black and white at night, and it stores locally rather than on a cloud server. During a power outage, the device is still functional and will store recorded video on its internal memory until electricity is restored. It also has a 105-decibel siren for deterring intruders. Merkury Innovations doesn’t offer a lot of customer support options, though; the user manual lists a contact phone number and the main website has an email form for contacting the company.

Night Vision

Smart security cameras work by detecting any movement within their range. They Smart WiFi Camera then send a live stream or recording to your smartphone via an app. Some models will recognise the source of this movement and let you decide whether to receive a warning or not. Typically, these cameras use Wi-Fi to transmit this data, meaning you can check in on your property from anywhere in the world.

Some models will also allow you to record in a higher quality, such as 4K. This will result in clearer images even when the camera is recording in darkness.

If you’re concerned about hacking, Smart WiFi Camera look for a model that offers two-step login authentication and Wi-Fi security features such as WPA2 encryption. Choosing an end-to-end encrypted model will also prevent the camera company from viewing your footage without your consent.

Some smart security cameras will have their own dedicated storage space, usually an SD card that can be accessed from the app or your smartphone. You can also find models that will store video to cloud storage for up to a few months, which may be helpful if you have a spotty internet connection or want to cut down on data usage.

Two-Way Audio

For a low price, established brands like Wyze, GE and Amazon Blink offer Wi-Fi cameras with live video streaming and motion detection capabilities. Look for a password-protected app and compatibility with smart home ecosystems. Check for software updates (also known as firmware) that provide security fixes and add new features.

Two-way audio is a feature that makes some smart security cameras unique from traditional ones. It allows you to communicate with someone on your property without opening the door. It’s a great option for communicating with delivery drivers or scaring off potential burglars.

Some of the top-rated indoor and outdoor IP security cameras on the market come with two-way audio capabilities. These cameras are great for preventing break-ins by monitoring the backyard, allowing you to communicate with visitors or even sing your baby a lullaby remotely so they can sleep peacefully at night.

If you’re looking for a smart security camera with two-way audio, be sure to check the quality of the sound. You can do this by reading customer feedback or checking out the product’s specs.

Cloud Storage

Depending on the model and brand, some smart cameras offer cloud storage capabilities to allow users to download recorded footage for offline viewing. These options usually require a subscription and can lead to additional expenses on top of hardware and monthly data fees.

A high-quality smart camera can help provide peace of mind even when you’re away from home. It can record high-quality video and send alerts with motion detection, night vision, or two-way audio. Additionally, many smart cameras are simple to install and offer a wide range of features at a low cost.

While smart security cameras are great for keeping an eye on your home or business while you’re not there, they can be a target for hackers. While this is not an issue with all models, it’s important to take extra precautions to protect your camera from cyber attacks. For example, changing the default password to a unique one and connecting the camera to a secure wifi network are easy ways to prevent hacking. You can also use a VPN to ensure that your connections are protected.

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