Remote Control Spotlight For Truck

remote control spotlight for truck

Remote Control Spotlight For Truck

A remote control spotlight for your truck can help you improve visibility in tough weather conditions. Choose from halogen, HID and LED models with watts, voltage, amps and candle power options to fit your needs. Some have wireless remote controls while others come with hard wired dash control.

Meet Arges, Whelen’s new remote control spotlight designed with first responder safety in mind.

Product Description

A remote control spotlight mounts to a vehicle to help provide additional light for increased visibility. Spotlights help you locate items in low-light or dark conditions remote control spotlight for truck or reveal hazards on the road. They are available in halogen, HID, and LED types with various watts, voltage, amps, and candle power options to suit your needs. These lights are rated to perform in harsh environments and come in an impact-resistant case. They can be used on marine applications, security vehicles, or work trucks. Some are compatible with CenCom Core and WeCanX. Backed by a 3-year limited warranty.

Meet Arges, Whelen’s new revolutionary remote spotlight built with first responder safety in mind. It’s loaded with the latest technology, delivering the control and performance you expect.

Product Specifications

The VantagePoint Remote Control LED Spotlight is designed to be the ultimate work light for commercial vehicles. This rugged light features a powerful Cr5 Pentabeam technology lamp rated at 400,000 candle power and an impact resistant poly-carbonate lens that is sealed against harsh environments and weather conditions. The remote controls all functions of the Golight, including pan and tilt, as well as a flashing alert that warns on-coming traffic and pedestrians of a vehicle in an active work area. The remote also includes a customer set code so one golight does not interfere with another. This remote control spotlight for truck is also available in a variety of watts, voltages, amps and candle power options to suit any application.

Meet Arges, Whelen’s revolutionary new spotlight built with first responder safety in mind. This powerful LED searchlight delivers all the quality and reliability you expect from Whelen in an innovative design that redefines what a vehicle spotlight can do.

Product Features

Remote control spotlights allow for a wide range of visibility options to help illuminate an area for protection, guidance, or warning. Choose from a variety of wattages, voltages, amps, and candle power for a light that is ideal for your specific vehicle or application. Some models offer a remote-control function that allows the operator to operate the entire complement of features up to 130 feet away.

LED lights are able to deliver superior performance in harsh environments. They are designed for use in law enforcement vehicles, work trucks, sportsmen’s vehicles, and utility applications. These lights are able to withstand extreme weather conditions, including heavy rain and snow. They can also withstand abrasions and impact from rough terrain or debris.

Meet Arges, Whelen’s new remote spotlight that is engineered with first responder safety in mind. It features revolutionary control with a 360° continuous rotation and 180° tilt range. It works seamlessly with CenCom Core and WeCanX, enhancing officer safety with advanced automation. It installs quickly and easily without A-pillar drilling or airbag interference. Its durable black finish is compatible with surface mounting installations. It is compatible with 9-42V DC for operation. Select models feature S.O.S code signaling for emergency communication.

Product Warranty

Designed with first responder safety in mind, this remote control spotlight helps illuminate remote control spotlight for truck areas of concern or warn of danger. It mounts on the outside of vehicles to help improve visibility in low-light or dark conditions. These lights can be operated using a handheld remote that offers a full complement of features, and are backed by a 3-year manufacturer warranty.

This remote control searchlight uses a powerful Cr5 Pentabeam technology lamp rated for 400,000 candle power. It comes with a magnetic mount base and a 15ft power cord. This work light is designed for commercial vehicles, such as utilities and emergency response vehicles. It is backed by Strands Lighting Division’s market-leading 3-year function warranty. A remote with two super alkaline batteries is included. This work light is UL-Listed and E-Mark certified.

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