6Inch LED Work Light From Defend Indust

6Inch Led Work Light

6Inch LED Work Light From Defend Indust

Black stealth slimline design in a flush mount housing. 30W’s of high output Osram LED’s are precisely aligned within unique optic drive reflectors to reduce glare and maximize performance.

Rugged, industrial strength construction, powder coated aluminum housing and virtually indestructible hardened PC lens. This heavy duty work light is sealed to IP68 rating and resistant to oil, spray wash down and chemicals such as hydrochloric acid.


The 6Inch Led Work Light are a powerful lighting machine that uses 12 5-watt high-intensity CREE LEDs to illuminate the darkest of places. This rugged LED work light has a focusable beam pattern to let you shine a spotlight where you need it or broaden its range for area illumination. It can also be set to strobe or stay on steady as white or amber, giving you the flexibility of working in a variety of conditions.

Ruggedly Built for Hardcore Use

This heavy duty LED work light is designed to withstand brutal environments and tough work. Its powder coated aluminium housing and virtually indestructible PC lens are sealed to protect against rain, spray, washdown, and even harsh chemicals such as hydrochloric acid. It is rated 3G GB/T 10485-2007 in anti-vibration and EMC Class 5 in circuit interference, making it the perfect choice for your truck or 4×4.

Its advanced heat sink design delivers improved thermal 6Inch Led Work Light performance and a long lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. The patented breathing valve ensures that condensation doesn’t build up inside the housing, keeping it working in extreme temperatures and rough terrain.

Mounting options include a flat bracket for surface mounting and a stud mount kit with stainless steel hardware. A waterproof DT wire harness is included to maintain electrical connections despite rough terrain and exposure to the elements.


Powerful enough to handle even the harshest environments, this 6 inch LED work light from Defend Indust is built to withstand any environment. It features a specialized cup design to capture and concentrate more of the LED chip’s light output and provides superior heat dissipation. This results in an amazing lifespan of 50,000 hours. It’s a great option for mining, construction, emergency, agriculture and off-road vehicles.

The powerful 6000K LED bulbs have a crisp glare-free output that is much better than the yellowish glow of traditional halogen lamps. They also have a 60-degree flood beam, making them perfect for illumination of any terrain or work area. The rugged, durable aluminum housing is a great choice for use on any vehicle or 4×4.

With its powder coated aluminum housing and virtually indestructible PC lens, this rugged work light is able to resist vibration, impact and even hydrochloric acid. The IP68 water resistance rating and dustproof seal ensures this product will withstand extreme conditions for years to come. With multiple mounting options, this LED work light can be mounted on any vehicle or trailer. The swivel mounts allow you to adjust the direction of the work light as needed. The dual button operation lets you switch between a steady white or an amber flashing strobe mode. It can also be connected to a dimmer control for more precise lighting.


This powerful 6 inch LED Work Light produces an incredible amount of raw lumens from a small, affordable package. This black flush mount work light is perfect for any application that requires a slim, low profile LED lighting upgrade. It is designed with narrow, focused 30 degree spot beams for long distance illumination and a wide 60 degree flood pattern for area lighting. It is rated to withstand extreme weather conditions and comes with a waterproof DT wiring harness that is UV, heat and corrosion resistant.

This Defend Indust Heavy Duty LED Work Light is ideal for any car, truck and 4×4 that needs extra illumination on the job site or out in the backcountry. It is engineered with 17 powerful Cree LED diodes and a crisp 6000K color temperature that emits a purer, more modern light than traditional halogen bulbs. The 60-degree flood beam pattern gives you ample coverage to illuminate the terrain ahead. The powder coated aluminum housing and virtually indestructible PC lens are sealed to an IP68 rating to withstand extreme environments and harsh conditions.

The denser aluminum heat sinks deliver faster heat dissipation, extending the lifespan of this durable work light to over 50,000 hours. 6Inch Led Work Light It features an adjustable design and can easily rotate after installation to change the direction of the beam. It also comes with a mounting bracket that allows the work light to be angled up or down to fit your vehicle’s specific requirements.


The Defend Indust 6 inch LED work light is a powerful upgrade to the illumination on your truck or 44. With 2430 lumens from the Cree LED diodes and 6000K color temperature, this work light produces a crisp white, clean light that will reduce eye strain and eliminate the yellowish tint of traditional halogen bulbs. The directional 30deg spot and 60deg flood beam pattern is perfect for illuminating the area around your vehicle.

Built for Distance and Width

The heavy-duty construction of this flush mount work light is designed to withstand general working environments. With powder coated aluminum housing, virtually indestructible PC lens and sealed to IP-68 rating against water ingress, this work light is ready to tackle any rough terrain you can throw at it.

Enhanced Heat Dissipation

The new 1070 aluminum alloy heat sink allows for faster and better heat dissipation, extending the lifespan of your LED work light beyond 50,000 hours. Additionally, a breathing valve was added to the heat sink, eliminating annoying condensation and improving overall cooling efficiency.

If you’re experiencing issues with your LED work light, be sure to check the battery, input voltage and wiring first. If the power source is not connected properly, this can cause the light to only turn on in one section or not at all. If this happens, please follow the troubleshooting steps in our warranty section above to resolve the issue quickly.

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