How to Control a Coin Operated Claw Machine

How to Control a Coin Operated Claw Machine

Claw machines are a popular draw in arcades, and it’s no wonder. They’re cute and stuffed with toys that beckon to be taken home.

State regulations typically focus on keeping the value of prizes low so that the machines aren’t rigged too unfairly against players. However, there aren’t many regulations on how strong the claw is.

Battery-powered or wall plug-in

A children’s claw machine is a great addition to any business that wants to offer its guests a fun moment of entertainment. Its success depends on three primary factors: it must appeal to children, be easily accessible, and feature prizes that are desirable to adults as well. A successful claw machine will have people coming back for more, and word-of-mouth advertising will help the business build its reputation.

The mini claw machines available on the market today come in a variety of colors and designs to suit different tastes. Some machines are themed after your child’s favorite movie or video game, while others might be circus-themed. Many of these machines also have internal LED lights to make playing the game more exciting. These lights are controlled by a TIP120, and can be switched on or off using logic to indicate when the machine is ready to play.

Regardless of the type of mini claw machine you choose, it is important to make sure that you have a high-profile location for it. You should place it in a prominent area, which will tempt your customers to become players. You should also coin operated claw machine be prepared to stock it with a variety of toys and prizes, and service the machine regularly to ensure that it stays in good condition. Most locations can easily clean, inspect, and restock their claw machines about once per week, and they will earn profits and branding goodwill in the process.

Joystick control

The most common way to control a claw machine is via a joystick. This allows the player to manipulate the controls to move the claw forward, backward, left and right. The controls then drop a claw which can pick up prize merchandise if skillfully and properly manipulated. The claw is then moved to a prize delivery shoot and the prize is dropped if the claw catches it. The controls can also be used to change the claw grip strength, allowing the game operator to adjust the win ratio of the machine for maximum profitability.

In prior art configurations, the claw-gripping force is controlled by a relay and power potentiometer. The value read by the potentiometer is used to pulse width modulate the solenoid driver, and a microcomputer enables the timer circuit at the appropriate time. This configuration is susceptible to undesirable variations in claw-gripping force caused by fluctuations of line voltage V2 and power supply load changes (from motor operation, etc).

In the preferred embodiment, a value read by a potentiometer is used to precisely control the current in a solenoid driver. The microcomputer then outputs a signal to the solenoid driver 104 which enables it to generate an electrical current directly proportional to the desired claw-gripping force. This eliminates the need to control system voltage line V2 or power supply load, and makes this method more stable than previous approaches.


Claw machines, also known as crane claw or redemption prize machines, offer prizes like plush toys and other items in exchange for the winnings of a skill game. These machines are popular in arcades, amusement parks, laundromats and restaurants. Prizes are often displayed in front of the machine, and players use a joystick to position the claw to line up with the desired item and then press a button to drop the claw. The winnings are then deposited into the prize box.

While most machines leave the factory set to a 1-8 win ratio, this can be changed by the owner/operator of the machine. A “win-every-time” machine will likely have cheaper items or candy while a skill play mode is typically used for premium plush prizes.

If you’re looking for a claw machine to add to your arcade or laundromat, you’ll need plenty of small plush and other prizes and novelties to keep the gamers coming back. Shop for claw machine kits, knobby balls and capsule kits to ensure you have a full supply of items for your prize games. These products are designed for performance and durability so that they’ll stand up to repeated gameplays. Some even have built-in drop sensors to let you know when a prize is won.

Overall rating

A claw machine is a fun way to win prizes. Its size and design make it ideal for arcades, restaurants, laundromats, and even home game rooms. Unlike slot machines, claw vending machines don’t require a gambling license. However, they do need to comply with state regulations.

These laws are designed to keep the prize values low and make them safer for children. State regulations typically focus on how much a claw machine can earn in a certain period, but they don’t regulate how strong the claw is. This means that you can’t know how strong a claw machine is before you try it out.

The machine is equipped with three joysticks that allow for easy control of the claw’s movement. It also features an adjustable claw strength, which allows the operator to change the claw’s grip for a percentage of each turn. You can also choose between skill play and win-every-time gameplay modes.

This mini claw machine is a great choice for small children. Its simple, retro design is both fun and nostalgic. It features lights and traditional arcade sounds, which will take kids back in time. Adults will also enjoy operating this machine, but it may not be as exciting for them as younger players. The machine is also easy to set up coin operated claw machine and maintain. Changing the prizes is a snap, and you can refill it with new items quickly.

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