What Is a Metal Card?

Metal Card

What Is a Metal Card?

Metal Card is a credit card that features a durable metal body. These cards can offer a more premium look and feel to your wallet while also offering practical travel rewards and lifestyle perks.

However, these cards typically require good to excellent credit for approval and carry high annual fees. Interested in learning more about Metal Card?


The heft and weight of metal cards gives them a sense of luxury. Whether they’re made of stainless steel, aluminum or a mix of materials, they’re typically marketed as a higher-end option than plastic cards. However, in terms of functionality, they operate exactly the same way as other credit card options.

Credit card issuers are increasingly focusing on the design of their cards to attract new customers, especially millennials. The popularity of metal cards shows how much consumers value a sleek, stylish design. These cards look different than their plastic counterparts, but they still offer contactless payment and EMV chip capabilities.

Most metal credit cards require good to excellent credit and may have a high annual fee. However, some also offer welcome bonuses and other perks that can offset the cost. For example, the X1 card takes your income into account when determining eligibility and offers higher reward rates than other cards.

Representing the rugged nature of their business, Bare Knuckle Fighting needed a custom metal card that stood up to tough use. Our Black Metal finish with a custom chain link fence cutout pattern was the perfect fit for their brand. Adding silver laser etching and gold spot color accents, the final result is sleek and attention-grabbing. The symmetry of the design is a nod to the symmetrical style of the fighting sport.


While some consumers see metal credit cards as a status symbol or conversation piece, others Metal Card find them less than ideal. For example, some merchants may not be equipped to handle the thickness of metal cards and they can also be harder to swipe than plastic cards. Additionally, many metal credit cards carry hefty annual fees and require exceptional credit to qualify for.

In the past, only a handful of metal credit cards were available in Canada. Most were premium cards reserved for the rich and famous, but now there are a number of options for average consumer. Some cards are made with a metal-plastic hybrid and some are solid metal plates. There are even cards that have a diamond-encrusted design for those who want to really show off their wealth.

However, a metal card is sturdier than most other types of credit cards and can be more difficult to dispose of upon expiration or closing an account. Most metal credit cards do not come with a pre-paid envelope that makes it easy to return them to the issuer for destruction, and you may have to work with your provider to have an old card destroyed or stored away safely.

While a metal credit card can add to your sense of luxury and style, it is important to consider other factors like rewards rates, benefits and fees before choosing one. Check out NerdWallet’s best metal credit cards for Canadians and select the option that works best with your spending habits and financial goals.


Unlike plastic credit cards, metal ones are not easily destroyed. They can’t be cut with scissors or bent back and forth until they break, which makes them a better deterrent against fraudsters who attempt to swipe your card information through stolen swipers. That’s why most metal credit cards are accompanied by “don’t shred” warnings. They are also heavier and sturdier, which means they can be harder to slide in and out of your wallet.

Besides being durable, metal credit cards often feature innovative security features. Some of these include contactless technology and a unique design that enhances user experiences. They can also be accompanied by a range of rewards and perks, such as airport lounge access and free services or amenities.

These perks can help offset the higher annual fees that many metal credit cards charge. They can also give the cardholder a sense of prestige and exclusivity. Some metal cards are available only to a select group of people, such as high-net-worth individuals or elite members of certain organizations.

If you’re considering getting a metal credit card, it’s important to do your research before making a decision. You should consider the card’s security features, its rewards and perks, and the cost of the card’s annual fee. You should also consider how the card will be used and whether it’s a good fit for your lifestyle. Finally, you should make sure to store your metal card safely so that it doesn’t get lost or stolen.


If you’re in the market for a metal credit card, it’s important to understand that the cards typically carry higher annual fees than plastic ones. However, it’s also worth remembering that the cards may offer additional perks that make them worth the cost.

The most well-known metal credit card is the Centurion Card from American Express, commonly referred to as the Black Card. This exclusive card first debuted in 1999 and remains a status symbol among the ultra-wealthy. Despite the high annual fee, the card offers opulent rewards options and lounge access.

Another popular option is the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card, which is a top travel credit card that offers an exceptional rewards rate and premium benefits. The card earns 5X points on travel and dining purchases, 3X points on select streaming services and online grocery purchases, Metal Card and 2X on all other eligible purchases. The card also comes with travel and purchase coverage protections as well as access to one of the best redemption portals.

While metal cards may be a fun status symbol for some, it’s important to choose a credit card that fits your spending habits and budget. Ultimately, the look and feel of the card is secondary to its overall value, so it’s best to compare the welcome bonuses and other rewards offerings before making a decision.

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