Forklift Tricolor Rear Light

Forklift Tricolor Rear Light

Forklift Tricolor Rear Light

Safety lights on forklifts play a crucial role in improving visibility during operation. There are several types of optional safety lights that you can install on a lift truck, including strobe lights, blue pedestrian spotlights and red side pedestrian lights. These optional pieces of equipment are not required by OSHA but can enhance safety in certain work environments.

Tail/Brake Lights

Located on the back, front, and sides of the forklift, these optional safety lights indicate that a forklift is in operation. They may also help alert those behind the lift truck to slow speed and sudden stops. Forklift headlights and tail lights are typically required for most operations, but other optional lights such as strobe lights, blue pedestrian spotlights and red side pedestrian lights may improve safety in some environments. It is important to carefully assess your work environment before adding these optional lights, and to perform a daily check of these lights to ensure they are functioning properly.

Blue pedestrian spotlights and red side pedestrian lights emit two red beams on each side of the forklift to illuminate lines that pedestrians should stay behind when approaching the forklift’s sides. This helps to reduce the chance of pedestrians being hit by the rear end swing of a turning forklift.

Strobe Lights

Strobe lights flash intermittently and are useful in forklift operations where there is a high volume of vehicle and pedestrian traffic. They help to alert those behind the lift truck of any slowing speed or abrupt stops made by the forklift.

There are several types of strobe safety lights available including blue, red, and white. The color of the strobe light is determined by the type of operation and the specific working environment. While they are not required by OSHA, these forklift safety lights can enhance safety in various operations.

A forklift blue pedestrian spotlight is mounted on the forklift’s overhead guard and shines a bright blue light on the floor, warning pedestrians that the forklift is nearby. These safety lights are more effective than Forklift Tricolor Rear Light warning alarms, which can blend in with the noise of a busy warehouse and fail to indicate the forklift’s precise location as it moves through the workplace.

There are also forklift red side pedestrian lights which project two red beams on each side of the forklift to illuminate lines that pedestrians must stay behind when they are in close proximity to the forklift’s sides. While they are not essential for all operations, these forklift safety lights can reduce the risk of pedestrians getting hit by the rear end swing of the lift truck during turns.

Blue Spotter Lights

Designed specifically for forklifts, these lights project a blue light on the floor to warn pedestrians that there is a lift truck nearby. These lights help to reduce accidents by providing a visual Forklift Tricolor Rear Light warning instead of a loud alarm. This is important because many of these accidents occur in tight spaces with low visibility. Pedestrians often do not hear an alarm in these environments and may be confused by other noises that blend into the environment. Adding forklift safety lights to the mix gives these inattentive employees a clear signal to take action and move away from the area.

Blue safety lights have become a favorite forklift accessory for both operators and pedestrians for their unobtrusive nature and effectiveness. These lights are also more effective than warning alarms in warehouses because they can show the precise location of another forklift. They are a must-have for any facility that uses multiple forklifts in a small area because they can help to prevent collisions between the machines.

When choosing a blue spotter light, look for one that is UL listed and has a durable exterior coating to resist damage. This will ensure that the light lasts a long time and continues to perform well, even in rough conditions. It is also a good idea to test the light before purchasing to make sure that it reaches the ground and projects a clear blue light far enough ahead of your forklift. This will ensure that pedestrians have plenty of time to react if they encounter the truck in an intersection.

Red Side Lights

There are various safety lights designed for the back, front and sides of a lift truck that can be useful in a wide variety of operations. These forklift safety lights are not required by OSHA, but they can help support good forklift operating practices in some environments. Generally, they serve as an approach or warning light.

A bright blue spotlight on the forklift projects a visible light 10-20 feet ahead, alerting pedestrians of an oncoming lift truck in noisy or cluttered environments. This can help prevent lift truck-pedestrian collisions especially in intersections. Blue spotlights are also helpful for operators working in rough terrain or with blind corners.

Red side pedestrian lights (also known as HALO zone or NO GO zones) display a bright red area around the forklift that clearly shows the safe distance pedestrians must stay behind the equipment. This helps prevent foot injuries and rear end swing accidents and can be adjusted to the company’s desired distance.

Whether your forklift is used primarily indoors or outdoors, you can mount these safety lights to the forklift without modifying any parts. A qualified maintenance person can install them in a matter of minutes. They should remain on all the time the forklift is on and turn off when the forklift shuts down. If wired into electric forklifts with regenerative braking, make sure the lights are protected from high power surges that could damage them.

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