Outdoor Flood Lights – Brighten Up Your Property With Smart LEDs

Outdoor Flood Lights – Brighten Up Your Property With Smart LEDs

Illuminate your property with smart outdoor flood lights that include cameras, motion sensors and automated features. They’re also available in a range of wattages and beam spreads.

Connect this pick to your Wi-Fi and control it with the Google Home app or via voice commands with Alexa. It has a lot of cool features, including facial recognition and a remote control with adjustable heads to direct illumination where needed.


Whether you have an expansive backyard or a small walkway, there are flood lights that can brighten up the space and make it more inviting. These fixtures often use LEDs and come in a range of versatile finishes. They also have adjustable heads that let you direct the light and adjust its brightness. They’re easy to install and can be hardwired directly to a junction box or an exterior wall.

Some models have built-in motion sensors to help ward off unwanted intruders. Others have a dusk-to-dawn function that turns the light on automatically when it gets dark outside. They also have a switch that lets you control the light and choose your preferred time for automatic shut-off. Some are even capable of wirelessly connecting to your home’s Wi-Fi and can be controlled via an app on a phone or tablet.

The wattage of a floodlight determines its intensity and how far the light can project. Higher wattage bulbs tend to be brighter and produce more intense lighting, but they can also run up your electricity bill. The beam angle of a floodlight also determines how much coverage it will have. A wider beam angle will spread the light over a larger area and may appear less intense. Conversely, a narrower beam angle can focus the light more intensely on one area and is ideal for security lighting.

Adjustable Heads

Choosing a flood light that has adjustable heads is an excellent way to ensure that you get the brightest illumination possible for your home. This is because you can direct the light as needed, ensuring that you aren’t using more power than necessary. Some lights also have adjustable wattage, which allows you to select the appropriate amount of brightness for your needs.

Another important feature to consider when selecting a flood light is the color temperature. This refers to the color appearance of the light, and it can influence the ambiance of the illuminated area. For example, panel lighting warmer colors can create a more relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, while cooler colors can provide a more alert and focused feel.

There are a number of different types of outdoor flood lights on the market, including wall-mounted and ground-mounted models. Whether you choose a wall-mounted or ground-mounted model will depend on the space where the light is going to be installed and your preference.

If you’re looking for a flood light that’s easy to install and use, this Lithonia model is an excellent choice. It’s incredibly affordable, resists rust and weather damage, and has a dawn-to-dusk sensor. Its 210 LEDs provide plenty of illumination, and its adjustable head lets you focus the light where you need it most. It operates on solar-charged batteries, so you don’t have to worry about plugging it in.

IP65 Spot

These outdoor flood lights use a wide angle to cast illumination over large areas, making them ideal for lighting parking lots and sports fields. They’re available in multiple wattages and beam spreads to match any application. These models feature a durable die cast aluminum housing and a powerful LED that delivers up to 38,000 lumens.

They’re also designed to be energy-efficient, with a high CRI rating that helps accurately reveal the colors of objects. Some models even come with a built-in motion sensor to help you customize when and how long they stay on.

Many models can be used as a dusk to dawn light, turning on automatically when it gets outdoor flood lights dark outside. These features help reduce the guesswork involved in setting a timer for your outdoor lighting and can save you money on electricity costs over the long term.

Some models also include a photocell for added convenience, allowing you to avoid the hassle of manually changing the settings on your outdoor lighting every time the sun rises and sets. Check the spec sheets for your favorite model to see if it offers this functionality. These features make it easy to turn your flood lights on and off, without worrying about adjusting the timer when the seasons change. They can also help you save energy by keeping your lights on for a longer period of time before turning them off.

Energy Efficiency

The best outdoor flood lights feature a high lumen to watt ratio. They also produce less heat than traditional bulbs, so they are more energy efficient. This means you’ll save money on your energy bill, and you won’t have to worry about a fire hazard. They also have an ETL logo which certifies that the device meets electrical safety standards.

They provide enough light to deter intruders and ward off crime at night. They also help keep family members and guests safe by reducing the risk of falls or trips over things left out in the yard. They can even brighten the driveway or walkway so you don’t have to walk in the dark after dark.

For businesses, they can illuminate large areas to improve security and visibility for workers and customers. They can also deter crime by making it more difficult for criminals to navigate around buildings or parking lots. These lights can also be used to highlight landscaping features and add a stylish touch to your building’s exterior at night.

They’re easy to install and require little maintenance. They can be mounted on a variety of surfaces, including concrete, asphalt, and wood. They also come in a wide range of styles, so you can find the perfect one for your needs. Some models have a knuckle mount, which wraps around the base of the fixture to secure it in place. Others have a trunnion mount, which clips over the top of the fixture to hold it in place.

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